Vastu for home is the practical application of proven, age old yet timeless vastu principles to align the energies of a space in harmony with nature. Living in Harmony with nature is the best and only way to ensure health, wealth and Prosperity for the occupants of the home. Vastu Devayah Namah practices are logical and scientific and we never advise any demolition or reconstruction for Vastu balancing of a home.
Following are few very impportant Vastu tips to attract Money in your home. Always keep your home and work place clean and organized. Discard what is not useful and Beautiful. Scrap away all the broken and faulty electronics. Play Gayatri Mantra Every Morning and Evening in North-East direction of your home. DO not keep anything black/blue in SOuth East Direction. Place a Brass Swastik in West direction of your home.
The Vastu direction where money plant is kept should be chosen as per Vastu Principles. This helps in fulfillment of goals. For example when placed in North, it helps attract work related opportunities if planted in water in a blue colour vase. Money Plant when kept in East it helps to enhance good social associations if planted in a green colour vase or earthen pot. Money plant in South East ensures cash flow when planted in a green colour earthen pot.
This is a myth that South entrances are universally bad. South facing homes are found to be prosperous, if all the directions are balanced as per Vastu. All the rules are same for South facing homes i.e. foloow the energy harmonizing Vastu balancing principles. If othe house is not prospering, then reason is not South entrance, it is either South East or South west entrance in additipn to other Vastu imbalances.
Keep the entrance clear of any clutter, trash or bins. Make a provision for sufficient light. Never place God idols (including Ganesha) at the entrance. Instead a Swastik can be placed above Door Frame.
The direction to face while sitting at office in order of prefernce are East, North, West, South. It is important to mention that direction should be chosen as per your work profile if an option is available. FOr example, person representing the business should face East, person responsible to generate business should face North. Similarly other cardinal and diagonal directions have their own benefits.
Yes, Online Vastu consultancy is possible if an accurate 'To the Scale' building plan and exact Northing can be made available. Results will vary for personal as well as online Vastu consultation, if these two information re not correct. Vaastu Devayah Namah experts are providing online Vastu consultancy services to it's oversees patrons since last many years making full utilisation of technology.
Vastu Principles are well thought of, researched, tested and proven to be true for many centuries now. There is not even a single exception to prove that It is not logical or effective. The way two atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen combined together will always make water, similarly Vastu principles when followed will always be effective in establishing the harmony with nature.
Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. There are absolutely no side effects of following Vastu principles. The way, the first rule to keep a healthy body is to consume healthy food, similarly it is necessary to keep the energies of our homes and workplace pure & positive to attract health. wealth and prosperity.
The vastu principles required to be followed for any place be it residential, office, commercial or industrial depends entirely on the purpose of building of that space. So, while the basic fundamentals to follow remain the same but the application may vary as per the objective.
Acharya Chhaya Goyal is the most genuine, knowledgeable and trustworthy Vastu expert in India and globally. She is known for her solution centric, result oriented approach. She's an experienced consultant who has so far extended her Vastu consultancy services to hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial spaces helping them fulfill their purpose.
Acharya Chhaya Goyal is recognised as most effective Industrial Vastu Expert as she has succesfully changed the fate of innumerable industries in her long career span. She herself is an experinced and succesful business owner having all practical knowledge of how businesses function. Additionally she holds Masters degree in Business which gives her an edge over most other advisors when it comes to understanding and resolving the hurdles of any business.
Yes. it is very much possible to remove Vastu Dosha even from already constructed building that too without any demolition or deconstruction. Vastu solutions as practiced by Team Vastu Devayah Namah, is a set of inexpensive, simple and easy to apply practical techniques. The results are usually felt in real time.
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