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Vastu For Industries

Vastu for Manufacturing Units Factories and Industries

Manufacturing is a demanding and complex industry. Businesses need to withstand the challenges ranging from rising costs to rapid developments in technology and ever changing customer expectations to skills shortages.

If your business target is long term, then to maintain sustainable growth in its core sector, it is crucial to keep your space Vastu balanced. Vastu helps in getting genuine and timely support and also keeps the right tools and strategies in place to ensure you can seize opportunities, acheive your goals and negotiate any difficulties you might face.

Depending on the product, requirements of the industry and the process involved, the manufacturing plant can be Vastu balanced without any complications to reach its goals.

Why Vastu Shastra for Industries?

We spend most of our time not just at our homes, but also at our workplace. Our offices, industrial plants, manufacturing units, shop, showroom at some commercial complex, every space vibrates with a certain energy as per it’s Vastu Shastra. The principles and aspects of Vaastu Shastra apply to each & every space. Be it our home, shop, factory or office, Vaastu Shastra has proven to beneficial everywhere irrespective of geographical location of type of industry. The impact of Vaastu defects (imbalances), if any, are felt by everyone working there.

Depending on the product or services and the process involved in the manufacturing process, with due consideration to the requirement of the market and which industry is it catering to, the industrial plants can be balanced as per Vaastu Shastra for better productivity and higher gains. Vastu for industries has shown miraculous results with our best vastu consultants without any renovation or reconstruction.

It is always advisable to erect a completely Vastu compliant new industrial unit following all relevant Vastu principles to reap the maximum output of your efforts and resources. But sometimes due to never ending challenges, an existing plant may also need Vastu energy corrections. Experienced team of Vaastu Devayah Namah has best Vastu Experts who carry vast industrial vastu experience of working with many Multinational companies and has served industrial Vastu consutlancy for their commercial units in different countries across the globe. Needless to mention that the results have always been encouraging for the promoters.

VDN Industrial Vastu Experience

Vastu acts as a very important bridge between Wishing & Accomplishments of any Business. Assuring growth, Peace & Sustainability of the Businesses, VDN Experts help in creating successful businesses and world-renowned brands through our Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services. If there’s something we know about businesses, it’s that they are focused on Growth and growth never happens by mere chance. It’s a result of various forces working together. We make sure that along with your efforts, your space is also aligned to fulfil the purpose.

Our Best Vastu Consultants aim at spreading and serving the aura of Vaastu Shastra in the most scientific and logical manner across the globe. VDN, with its global foot prints, is engaged with several Industrial projects in more than 10 countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Dubai & Muscat. The industries which have availed our Vastu consultancy services include Automobile Industries and their ancillaries, Metal Industries, Cement plants, Steel Plants, Pharmaceutical, Garments & Cosmetic Manufacturers & Exporters, Plywood Industries, Spinning Mills,Oil & Rice Mills and many more.

Our expertise includes Manufacturing plant facility synchronisation in terms of Electrical & Utilities layout, Machines layout (considering single piece flow concept), Furnace ideal location, WIP & Finished material area allocation for best of production output, least labour issues, least breakdowns, timely completion of targets, greater sales and optimum profits.

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Our core strength is to ensure that everything from raw material procurement, manufacturing, employee management, stock and supply chain management to business intelligence and customer relationships, your organisation can reach its goals, thrive and achieve lasting success & overcome any challenges with the help of our Non-Invasive yet powerful Vastu Balancing Techniques and inexpensive remedies.

Does Vastushastra helps Industries their Purpose

Every space, building or structure is designed and built to fulfil some specific purpose. A pharmaceutical factory needs to produce medication and equipment which in turn is meant to provide healings to the ones in need, in a professional manner. The purpose of an automobile insutry is to product good quality and safe vehicles. A financial institution works on catering to the financial and wealth management. If the earth and structural energies of a particular space are not aligned with the purpose of that space, it cannot flourish in its purpose. The imbalances in those energies can be very well corrected and space can be programmed to get beautiful desired results.

Our Vastu solutions don't come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on identifying the client challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping top of mind the client’s need for minimal disruption. We make sure that along with your efforts, your space is also aligned to fulfil your goals.

Important Elements of Industrial Vastu

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It is a prerequisite for existing buildings to understand the areas of concern and then only precise solutions are derives to avoid unnecessary hassles of constructional changes. Adding few points on solution centric approach of our best Vastu experts for industries.

Vastu Appropriate Location of Entrance/Gate

The entrance to the commercial premises or office governs what type of energy enters the business premises. Entrance in a positive direction attracts manifold business and growth for the business, and a negative or imbalanced entrance leads to losses or downfall for the business. In case the main gate is not as per Vastu preferred direction, our vastu experts are well equipped to provide the appropriate, non-demolition yet effective treatments to nullify the negative effects of that entrance. Having the entrance in a positive location or arranging vastu treatment if that’s not in a good direction shall help your business grow.

Placement of Machinery as Per VastuShastra

Placement of machinery is the most crucial part of any industrial establishment. In Vastu terminology, we call it the heart of the factory. Any concerns with the machinery are bound to affect the complete process line thereby relaying the suffering to the finances & growth.

  • With proper guidance of a learned and best industrial vastu consultant, one can pre-determine the correct location of machinery as per its functioning, size & shape, weight, colour etc.
  • Due consideration must be given to the process line as well so as to avoid any practical challenges. In case, the process line doesn’t allow the machinery to be placed as per Vastu preferred direction, our best vastu experts can figure out the alternatives or equally effective remedial measures.
  • For example – It is recommended to place the major fire related equipment or heating machines like a furnace or a boiler towards the South-East direction. But at times, process line doesn’t allow the ideal arrangements. In such cases when ideal direction, say south east is not available for fire related process, the placement can be planned for other directions by providing sufficient treatment to neutralise its harmful effect to the business.
  • Also, one must ensure that the colour of the machinery is compliant to the direction it is placed in. If not feasible to maintain the same due to manufacturer’s standard specifications, due consideration should be given to either relocating the equipment to the correct direction or vastu balancing be done at the existing location. For example – It is not advisable to place a blue or black coloured machinery in the fire directions as the same will interfere with fire and create disturbances.
  • In case of existing factories, where relocating or moving a machinery or any kind of renovation is a big task which may hamper the process line, best vastu experts worldwide have proven records of balancing the same with vastu treatments and removing the vastu defects from the same. With simple and easy practical techniques (No Yantra- No Tantra), relocation of big machines or reconstruction can be easily avoided.

Placement of Finished Goods & Raw Material as per Vastu Shastra

Where to place the finished goods or raw materials as per Vastu Shastra? This is important because the running of business depends on sale of goods. If goods are stuck and orders are nil, the production line comes to a stop. Thus, placement of finished goods should be decided as per proper knowledge of Vastu techniques to ensure smooth & running sale of products, thus avoiding any dead stock.

  • There are certain directions, which bear low energy vibrations and are not recommended for placement of goods. Goods, if placed there, seem to get stuck.
  • Directions from North-West to North are generally recommended as ideal directions for placement of finished goods, to boost the sales. However, this is subject to the type of product, orientation of the factory, flow of process line, colour of branding or packaging etc. This is decided post detailed vastu audit of the manufacturing facility.
  • Raw materials again hold equal importance as per Vastu Shastra. Correct placement of raw materials ensures lesser defective material and good quality manufacturing. It has been observed if raw materials are placed in the wrong direction, the wastage is more, leading to lesser efficiency of the manufacturing process.
  • Also, Vastu shastra guides with absolute precision the prime locations for placement of samples, high margin products which acts as a catalyst to sales and brand establishment.

Vastu for Office inside Industry

The location of office inside factory is important and is the driving force behind all business decisions and financial transactions. The office located in the vastu preferred direction attracts a much better business and optimises the potential of the factory. Generally, if the office is common including owner sitting, accounts, sales etc., our best vast experts recommend West direction as the ideal one. West direction is generally considered good for business purposes.

However, within the office, the sitting of employees, placement of documents, toilets, colour schemes etc. also to be duly considered. Sometimes, when staff is not able to deliver the desired output, there is a possibility that they are occupying some negative areas in the factory. By assigning appropriate energy locations to the staff as per their skill, one can yield high efficiency and optimum output from their man power.

Vastu Location of Industrial Utilities

The utilities form the core of any space, be it commercial or industrial, as per vastu shastra. These include water sources, water storage tanks, septic tanks, electrical mains, generators etc. Each of these utilities are important and relate to one of the five elements. Correct placement of the utilities as per Vastu Principles will help the business grow in leaps and bounds. The idea is to ensure the balance of five elements is well maintained in the space.

In case either of the five elements (Panchtatvas) is disturbed or imbalanced as per Vastu Shastra, it becomes clearly visible in terms of machinery breakdown, labour challenges, declining sales or falling revenue. In existing factories, a perfect balance of panchtatvas can be easily achieved through simple vastu remedial measures, under proper guidance of a learned vastu consultant.

Few quick tips for location of utilities in Industrial Vastu:

  • Water bodies, water boring & underground water tanks should be best preferred in Northern or Eastern directions, as per Vastu principles.
  • Electrical transformer, mains, generator etc. are best placed from South-East to South directions.
  • Spares room should be in the North-West direction.
  • Overhead water tanks should be towards West or South-West directions.
  • Labour quarters can be placed in North-West or South-East directions.

Location of Toilets & Pantry as per Vastu

Toilets, septic tanks and sewer manholes are drainage points and serve as disposal element in any space. Their placement is extremely important because a single toilet or septic tank in prime direction can rob the factory of the business it is capable of producing. For example – a toilet block in North direction may lead to low sales and below average revenue. Vastu treatments or relocations can prove to be extremely beneficial in such cases.

Similarly, kitchen or pantry belongs to fire element and must be placed in the fire related directions only. If placed in any other direction, it may cause the imbalance in five elements, thereby affecting the positive energy flow inside the factory.

Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu experts, each direction in any factory can be used to yield its best possible attributes. We unknowingly create problems for ourselves by not following the secret principles of Vaastu Shastra that the universe has designed. Renovation or reconstruction are not always required to make a space Vaastu complaint. It is always said - work smarter, not harder. Just as a psychiatrist or a doctor tunes our brain to a positive frequency, so we feel happy and relaxed, similarly, programming the vastu of any space can solve many of the problems we think we have in life. Vastu correction techniques doesn’t need any demolition or reconstruction to get the results even when applied to existing industries. Our world renowned vastu team has revived the locked factories and programmed them to generate profits in a short span of time.

Note - Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction. The above vastu advice is given by experts at www.vaastudevayah. com and is based on experience and knowledge. It is recommended that precise calculations regarding directions are followed for the best results

Avoid any demolition or reconstruction on the name of Vaastu Shastra.

Most Experienced vastu consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Any new small scale industry which is being run following the principles of Vastu will quickly make it's name and grip in the targetted market. Their will be smooth production flow and enough sales even with less Marketing. You can expect a faster break even milestone in less than expected time. There will be minimum attrition rate & much better circulation of funds.

South facing factory plot will prove to be absolutely good if it is developed following the Vastu Principles. Vastu compliant, South facing factories are running really well and flourishing unlike popular myth. Vastu principles when followed diligently irrespective of facing, will always be effective in establishing the harmony with nature and pave a way to unprecedented growth.

Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. It is crucial to keep the energies of our workplaces / factory pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to attract growth and prosperity. There is an endless list of advatages of following Vastu principles in Factory / Industry. It helps in better production output, increased productivity of man power, and profit margins and also helps in maintaining product quality. Factories designed as per Vastu under the guidance of an experienced Vastu expert generally make huge profits.

Any facing is good for industry, if the main entrance has the correct placement in that direction. Even an east facing industry can have a negative entrance (if entrance is towards south east), and West facing factory can have a positive entrance. Since every business is different and has different process line as per Vastu, it’s best to consult a Vastu specialist and get your doubts clear. We at Vaastu Devayah Namah can help you out for getting the best vastu for industry.

A west-facing industrial plot can prove to be highly auspicious if the entrance is planned as per Vastu and the internal arrangement of the industry is Vastu compliant. Having the correct placement of machinery, finished good, utilities, office etc. in the correct direction ensures success for the industry. You can consult a Vastu advisor and see how to make it possible.

Yes. it is very much possible to remove Vastu Dosha without any reconstruction even from already constructed factories. Team Vastu Devayah Namah advises non-invasive, inexpensive, simple and easy to apply practical techniques. The results are usually visible in short time after implementation of VDN suggestions.

Yes, It is very much possible that there is some Vastu imbalance if machines are having frequent breakdowns.It is important to mention here that Vastu Shastra doesn't recommend any demolition on the name of Vastu dosha removal. Vastu dosha, if any can be eliminated without any deconstruction or demolition. Simple relocations, alignments and colour thearpies and space purifying techniques can do wonderful improvement not just for machine breakdown but in overall factory processes.

The vastu principles required to be followed for any place be it residential, office, commercial or industrial depends entirely on the purpose of building of that space. So, while the basic fundamentals to follow remain the same but the application may vary as per the objective.

Yes, a complete turn around is possible. An experienced Vastu consultant can judge the exact Vastu Doshas in the propety just by his/her questions and concerns of the factory owner. But it is important to analyse the whole factory precisely to advise effective, result giving Vastu solutions. Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has a vast experience of fetching these details precisely which makes them deliver perfect solutions to get the factory on a rising path.

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