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Vastu Solution for Manufacturing Industry, Factory

The principles and aspects of Vastu applies not only to our homes, also to our work spaces, Factories, Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial Complexes etc.

Manufacturing is a demanding and complex industry. Businesses need to withstand the challenges ranging from rising costs to rapid developments in technology and ever changing customer expectations to skills shortages.

If your business target is long term, then to maintain sustainable growth in its core sector, it is crucial to keep your space Vastu balanced. Vastu helps in getting genuine and timely support and also keeps the right tools and strategies in place to ensure you can seize opportunities, acheive your goals and negotiate any difficulties you might face. Depending on the product, requirements of the industry and the process involved, the manufacturing plant can be Vastu balanced without any complications to reach its goals.

Our expertise includes Manufacturing plant facility synchronisation in terms of Electrical & Utilities layout, Machines layout (considering single piece flow concept), Furnace ideal location, WIP & Finished material area allocation for best of production output, least labour issues, least breakdowns, timely completion of targets, greater sales and optimum profits.
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With the help of Non-Invasive yet powerful Vastu Balancing Techniques and inexpensive remedies to aid everything from raw material procurement, manufacturing, employee management, stock and supply chain management to business intelligence and customer relationships, your organisation can overcome challenges, reach its goals, thrive and achieve lasting success. Our core strength is to ensure:

Bringing in New Business

New business is essential fuel for the growth of any company. For your organisation to succeed in its efforts to increase the sales and expand the client base, your sales and marketing teams must receive the benefits of Water and Air elements. Water & Air Elements help us connect with the outer world and attract opportunities.

Your new business acquisition efforts can be optimised with the help of a customised Vastu Solutions. We have been using tested and proven Vastu principles relevant in current business scenerio since many years now. Results can be experienced in a short span of time by any dedicated sales and marketing management team, who has the insights required to identify new customers and manage ongoing relationships.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

While acquisition of new business is a vital function of any company but equally important is keeping existing customers happy. The key challenge in this regard is ensuring you continue to deliver the service standards and quality required to maintain client satisfaction, without losing control of costs.

Cost Optimization

Workforce Wellbeing

Manageable Growth

Business Agility

Employee Retention

Business Expansion

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With simple and cost effective techniques, even relocation of big machines can be avoided. It’s not that as per traditional Vaastu, only keeping boiler in South-East or keeping a heavy machine in SW is necessary. Even if placed at other places, we can neutralise it’s harmful effect (if any) to the business.

Finished Goods

Sales of finished goods is the key to a running bussiness. Placement of finished goods, if decided as per proper knowledge of Vastu Techniques will provide a running sale and avoid dead stock. Also managing the directions with colours, placement of objects etc can boost up the sales of goods.

Labour & Staff Area

Sometimes, when staff or labour is not able to give the desired output, it may be that they are occupying some negative areas in the factory. By assigning perfect locations to the staff, in compliance with Vaastu Principles and as per their skill, one can yield a high efficiency.

Main Entrance

The entrance to the factory or Office governs what enters and exits the business. Having an entrance in a positive location or even treating the existing one, if that’s not in a good direction shall help your business to grow exponentially.

Location Of Site Office

Even the location of Site Office inside factory, the water sources, septic tanks, colours, location of raw materials etc if decided as per Vastu Principles will help the business grow in leaps and bounds!!

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Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has one of the best Industrial Vastu consultant across the world, Acharya Chhaya Goyal. She is highly skilled & experienced in Industrial Vastu practices. She is associated with Many Business groups having resolved their concerns with her expertise arising due to Vastu imbalances in their properties. She advises simple and easy solutions, without any demolition. The Industries which are availing her services include Automobile Manufacturer, Automobile ancillary, Metal Industries, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Manufacturers & Exporters, Plywood Industries, Chemical Industry, Export oriented Garment Manufacturers, FMCG Plants and various others.


Any new small scale industry which is being run following the principles of Vastu will quickly make it's name and grip in the targetted market. Their will be smooth production flow and enough sales even with less Marketing. You can expect a faster break even milestone in less than expected time. There will be minimum attrition rate & much better circulation of funds.
South facing factory plot will prove to be absolutely good if it is developed following the Vastu Principles. Vastu compliant, South facing factories are running really well and flourishing unlike popular myth. Vastu principles when followed diligently irrespective of facing, will always be effective in establishing the harmony with nature and pave a way to unprecedented growth.
Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. It is crucial to keep the energies of our workplaces / factory pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to attract growth and prosperity. There is an endless list of advatages of following Vastu principles in Factory / Industry. It helps in better production output, increased productivity of man power, and profit margins and also helps in maintaining product quality. Factories designed as per Vastu under the guidance of an experienced Vastu expert generally make huge profits.
Yes. it is very much possible to remove Vastu Dosha without any reconstruction even from already constructed factories. Team Vastu Devayah Namah advises non-invasive, inexpensive, simple and easy to apply practical techniques. The results are usually visible in short time after implementation of VDN suggestions.
Vastu is a science as well as an art of establishing harmony of five elements, Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether in your surroundings. These five elements are base of everything we see, feel & smell. Vastu is an old Indian traditional system which have proven it's authenticity and accuracy since centuries and has become more relevant today due to constricting spaces and sedentry lifestyle.
Yes, It is very much possible that there is some Vastu imbalance if machines are having frequent breakdowns.It is important to mention here that Vastu Shastra doesn't recommend any demolition on the name of Vastu dosha removal. Vastu dosha, if any can be eliminated without any deconstruction or demolition. Simple relocations, alignments and colour thearpies and space purifying techniques can do wonderful improvement not just for machine breakdown but in overall factory processes.
Yes, a complete turn around is possible. An experienced Vastu consultant can judge the exact Vastu Doshas in the propety just by his/her questions and concerns of the factory owner. But it is important to analyse the whole factory precisely to advise effective, result giving Vastu solutions. Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has a vast experience of fetching these details precisely which makes them deliver perfect solutions to get the factory on a rising path.
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