vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

Most Authentic Blogs on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Blogs: Easy to do Vastu Shastra tips

Any problems regarding health, wealth, and family are an indication that you need to take Vastu guidance. A learned expert will help you balance the energies of your space. Here are some useful vastu shastra tips you need to enhance your life experiences. The right colors as per VastuShastra, correct placements, management of dark energy spots— we discuss all in following Vastu blogs.

Vastu tips for home

Vastu check points to buy a home

The main gate or main entrance of the house is the pedestal that decides or determines what kind of energies are going to penetrate into your house.

vastu tips for north east direction

North East Direction as per Vastu

The Northeast direction holds great importance in Vaastu Shastra, and if utilized properly, it can have a positive influence on our lives.

vastu tips for career growth

Vastu Shastra For Career Growth

Vastu of our home regulates our career graph curve. It drives not just career betterment, also ease of working at our work place.

vastu tips for child health

Vastu Tips for Child Health

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body, but for a body to be healthy, the house should also be healthy. Vastu Shastra is a must when is comes to health, specially for children.

Vastu tips For home office

5 Vastu Rules for Setting up Home Office

It is extremely important to plan the work desk in a favorable direction conducive for optimum output, growth & efficiency. Here are some smart tips for setting up home office.

vastu tips for colors

Importance of Colors as per Vastu Shastra

The in any building, if used as per Vastu principles can fill your home with Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Joy.

 vastu tips for kitchen

Myths about Vastu For Kitchen

Kitchen is a very important part of every household as the food cooked there provides not just physical but also mental nourishment to the occupants of the house

Vastu tips for home entrance

Vastu guidance for home entrance

The main gate or main entrance of the house is the pedestal that decides or determines what kind of energies are going to penetrate into your house.

vastu tips for kitchen color

Vastu Kitchen Colour: What You Must Know?

A house with vastu kitchen colour may promote good health, wealth, and pleasure. Continue reading if you want to find out more.

North Facing house Vastu tips

Right Vastu Direction for Sitting in Office

Having trouble at work? You may not be sitting in the right direction in our office. Find out exactly where you should be seated as per Vastu for success!

vastu tips for purify your space

Purify your space using Rock Salt

Purify your space within a couple of hours & wipe out negative energies stuck in the surroundings with this very simple process.

vastu tips for plants

Effect of Plants as per Vastu Shastra

Plants represent a natural form of growing life. They energize the space with attributes of growth and prosperity and are proven at various places.

vastu tips for new home

Vastu For New Home

Moving into a home built by own efforts is like a dream come true for everyone. Usually we get advise on importance of Vastu when a new home is being planned, from our well-wishers.

vastu tips for good health

Vastu Tips For Good Health

Healthy Space helps with Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Thoughts Are Important for Healthy Body” Disease can be understood as Dis-Ease which means when Ease is disturbed

North Facing house Vastu Plan

North Facing House Vastu Plan - Case Study

Have a north facing house. Here is the most profitable vastu plan you always wanted. Check out our client’s story to understand what to do and what not to do

vastu tips for Factory vastu layout

Factory Vastu Layout: What You Must Know?

Every manufacturer anticipates a problem-free operation of his plant. Factory vastu layout and equipment and good-skilled labour are critical considerations notwithstanding the financial commitment.

vastu tips for east facing house vastu plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan - The Case Study You Must Read

Are you lucky enough to have an east facing house? If yes, you need to know that it’s not enough! Check out the right east facing house vastu plan here.

vastu tips west facing house vastu plan

Must-Follow Principles For West Facing House Vastu

Have a west facing house? Don’t worry, you don’t need to change your house. Just take care of these 9 things to bless your health, wealth, & relationships

vastu tips for colours for bedroom

What You Must Know About Home Colours As Per Vastu?

You're in luck if you've been considering which Vastu colours might work best in your house. To know more on home colours as per vastu, keep reading

vastu colours for bedroom

A Guide to the Best Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Since you spend so much time there, both waking up and drifting off to sleep, ensuring your bedroom has a calming and inspiring atmosphere is important.

vastu tips for poojaroom color

What Is The Best Pooja Room Colour As Per Vastu?

It's essential to think carefully about the colour used in each room. The temple, or Pooja Ghar, is one of the most serene areas of the home

vastu tips direction for home

Determine The Correct Vastu directions For Your Home

Modern home buyers often consult experts about house direction vastu before making a final decision.

vastu tips for south facing office

South Facing Office Vastu: What You Must Know For Maximum Growth?

Bringing harmony into the workplace is just as crucial as doing so at home, according to the principles of Vastu Shastra

Vastu tips for manufacture unit

Vastu Ideas You Must Know for Manufacturing Units Or Factories

In the adult world, work is a necessity. It provides for the needs of existence and helps individuals find their place in the world.

South West corner Vastu tips

Balancing The South West Corner With Vastu Tips From Experts

The Vastu of the South West Corner can be tough to balance, but with the right advice, it can help bring harmony to your life. Read that advice here!

Vastu for Boutique

Vastu for Boutique

Why vastu for boutique is my only option for a healthy and prosperous working environment?

Residential vastu Shastra

Residential vastu Shastra

A residential building that is supposed to provide a shelter, protection and security to multiple families.

Vastu For Agricultural Land

Vastu for Agricultural Land

manage your profits and losses in a more efficient and effective manner with vastu tips for agricultural land. Our experts bring to you, the solutions of all kinds of queries

Vastu For Happiness

Vastu For Happiness

Everyone has one or the other reasons that keeps them away from their source of happiness

Vastu For Bank

Vastu For Bank

Vastu Shastra, is an important factor, which must be considered while choosing a new property

Vastu For Hotel

Vastu For Hotel

Vastu Shastra, is an important factor, which must be considered while choosing a new property

Vastu For home plan

Vastu For Home Plan

In order to build a home of love and affection out of a mere house of bricks and pillars, follow these tips

Vastu For school

Vastu For schoool

Vastu for school is the untold secret to a successful educational institution. Follow these tips

Vastu For shop

Vastu For shop

ever thought of improving your sales and customer interaction? These tips of vastu for shop will help.

Vastu For lighting

Vastu For lighting

When all seems dark and monotonous, it is time to bring the light of your existence to life. Learn these easy tricks of vastu for lighting and benefit from it. A home is not a home until all of its elements are balanced well and good.

Vastu For cooking

Vastu For cooking

Your kitchen can now become the epicentre of your home’s peace and prosperity.

Vastu For interior

Vastu For interior

Want to learn the secret to a peaceful home? Learn these innovative and easy vastu for interior tips now.

Vastu For Exterior

Vastu For Exterior

it’s high time to blend designing and vastu altogether. Learn stylish tricks of vastu for exterior

Vastu for Peace Of Mind

Vastu for Peace Of Mind

if you want to find true happiness, satisfaction and settlement, try vastu for peace of mind

Vastu for Furniture

Vastu For Furniture

Convert the chaos into symphony as you assimilate all the energies of your house for resonating positivity.

Vastu for Multiplex

Vastu For Multiplex

If your real estate business is running low then worry not because vastu for multiplex is all the answer you need.

Vastu point for buying home

5 Vastu points to check before buying a house

Vastu Shastra, is an important factor, which must be considered while choosing a new property, be it residential or commercial.

Vastu tips for married life

Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

Plan your bedroom in the right Vastu direction South West as this direction governs the love, attractions & physical relationship with the spouse. Be cautious while choosing colours as the wrong colour schemes for the bedroom can be equally bad.

best vastu consltant for industry

Vastu For Industries

The principles and aspects of Vaastu applies to every space where we spend our significant part of the day. We do spend most of our time not just at our homes, but also at our offices and factories.

fire element and vastu

Fire Element & Vastu (Agani-Tatva)

Fire element plays a crucial part in our life as per Vastu Shastra. Fire can be present in many forms around us such as:

vastu for water element

Vastu & Water Element (Jal-Tatva)

Water, one of the prime element of the Five Elements of nature (Panchtatvas), holds much importance as per Vaastu Shastra as well. Let us explore how water relates to Vaastu Principles.

vastu for water element

Effects Of Geopathic Stress

Sharing one particular incident from my Vaastu Audits. The main concern of client was that despite of best possible efforts, monetary returns were practically non-existent & production line has high down time.

vastu for business

Vastu helps in Creating the Best Business Space

Vaastu is a divine science which works on the basic fundamentals of keeping various energies in our surroundings aligned and harmonised according to the laws of nature to create the best experiences.

vastu for positive energy

Vastu Tips for a Happy, Positive and Vibrant Home

Result oriented Vaastu practices require precision & needs to be worked upon in detail. Few quick tips and brief description of our No Demolition Vaastu Solutions.

vastu for factories

Vastu For Factories

The principles and aspects of Vaastu applies to every space where we spend our significant part of the day. We do spend most of our time not just at our homes, but also at our workplace

vastu for business growth

Vastu Tips For Growth in Business

Vastu takes a scientific approach by combining all five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether and balancing it with personal requirements, creating a harmonious layout of a factory,

vastu tips for good sleep

Vastu Balancing & Quality Sleep

Do you always find yourself struggling for a sound sleep? If Yes, Read further to program a nice peaceful sleep for yourself.

vastu solution

No Demolition Vastu Solutions

It takes a lot to build a house of your dreams. You want to do everything possible to give your loved ones a place they can call home

vastu for home decoration

Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

We all love to decorate our space with paintings and artifacts. And how can it get better than this, if each of these decorative works together in tandem to enhance the positive vibration of our space.

vastu for kitchen colour

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu, as a scientific concept, has a much more different meaning, in the present world. Let us see how the placement or direction of kitchen in our home relates to our life.

vastu tips for pooja room

Vastu Tips For Temple

We start out daily routine with worshiping the divine at our pooja place in our homes. It has a great impact on how our day will be. Here are some useful vastu tips for Place Of Worship

vastu tips to attract money

Vaastu Tips to Attract Money

A balanced space ensures harmony & positivity which creates a perfect flow of monetary gains. Follow the below advises & allow the energies to bring you abundance.

vastu for job

Vaastu Tips For Job

Vastu Shastra plays a very crucial role for people in jobs. Vastu for home is somewhere linked with our personal progress in office, support from seniors or bosses, promotion & growth, recognition, getting opportunities etc.

vastu for home

Vastu Tips For Home

It’s everyone’s dream, to build their own home. This, usually, once in a lifetime achievement, takes a lot of effort to ensure that the new home guarantees a prosperous and healthy life.

vastu for car parking

Vastu Tips for Car Parking

The right Vastu for car parking in house is essential to keep negativity away from your vehicle. Here is what can happen if you are not parking your car according to Vastu:

vastu for relation

Vastu Tips for Better Relationship

Vastu is a philosophy that teaches us to respect and value our relationships. This article discusses some Vastu principles to improve our relationships.

vastu for toilet

Effects of Toilet Seat

Toilets are a major source of negative energy and should be designed as per vaastu guidelines for Toilets, in the residences as well as Commercial & Industrial spaces.

vastu for bedroom

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Vastu of our bedroom leaves deep impression on our sub-conscious mind. Our subconscious mind decides and regulates the direction of our lives.

vastu and five element

Vastu & Five Elements (Panchtatvas)

Panchtatva word is the combination of two words “panch” that is five and “tatva” means elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (sky or space).

vastu for Ganesha Idol

Reason & Logic behind Ganesha Idol Immersion

Shri Ganesha, is the Lord of New Beginnings and remover of obstacles. Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginning of a prosperous and joyous period of festivities.

vastu compliant home

Benefits of A Vastu compliant home

Many people aren't aware of the facts and principles concerning the Vastushastra and end up building a house without observing the things that may affect their happiness and peace.

Vastu Shastra for Main Entrance

The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu, is the most important aspect, even when you are renting a property.

Effect of Mirrors as per Vastu Shastra

Mirror is a very important element to be considered while analysing the Vastu compliance of any space. It could be a full-length dressing mirror....

vastu tips for study

Easy Vastu Tips for Study

Ensure Your Child’s Excellent Performance In Studies with Simple Vastu Tips For Study Room.

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