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What’s The Best Sitting Direction In Office As Per Vastu? Find Now!

vastu for office sitting

We all want our life at home to be peaceful but often ruin it due to the stresses of the workplace. Did you know you could avoid this by simply ensuring that your sitting direction in the office is correct, as per Vastu?

Vastu tips for offices can become your savior and help you find the success you need at your workplace. But how should we start? With Vastu for office seating!

First Things First! Sitting Direction In Office Matters More Than Facing.

That’s right! Many people who are recently getting acquainted with Vastu do not want to lose the benefits it can offer in their workplace. So, they tend to ask us which way to face when sitting in the office.

The problem is – this is not the right question.

The more significant question is – which is the best office sitting direction as per Vastu?

After all, if you are not sitting in the right place, no matter where you face, you will hardly get good results.

For instance, if you work from a low-energy area like the South of the southwest, no matter how hard or smart you try to work, the negative energy of that space won’t let you flourish.

The direction you face when you sit in your office does make a difference, but not as much as the direction of your seating.

Best Direction To Sit In Office According To Vastu

The ideal way of sitting in the office as per Vastu depends on many factors. If you consult a learned expert, they will consider not only your profession but also take your astrological and numerology reports into account.

But in general, here’s how you should sit in the office.

If You Are The Owner/CEO Of The Business:

As a leader in a top position, your goal in the workplace is to generate profits and gains for the business.

Fortunately, you are at an advantage because as the leader, you have more options for seating than the average employee.

According to Vastu for office boss cabins/desks, you should be sitting on the west side of the office. This is especially necessary if you have a trading or financial company, as your business would have no legs to stand without profits.

Once you make sure you are sitting in the west, you can choose almost any direction to face. West and North facing seating might be slightly more beneficial.

If You Belong To The Marketing Team:

Those involved in sending proposals, deals in money, getting contracts signed, and sales conversion should sit in the southeast of the office. Southeast is the best direction to sit in the office as per Vastu for liquidity and cash flow.

Those involved in banking or legal work should sit in the northwest of the office. You can face the east or south according to the practicality of your space.

If You Are In The Sales Team:

The best direction for sitting in the office if you are in Sales is the North direction. When sitting here, try facing the north direction.

The positive energy of the north will help you attract customers and execute more sales of your products and services.

If You Are In The Design & Development Team:

When designing products you need to work as efficiently as you can. Your skillset matters a lot. Therefore, you should be sitting in the southwest direction – the direction of skills as per Vastu.

Once you make sure that you have found the right direction to sit in the office, face the east or north direction for best results.

Apart from making you work your best, the south direction attracts name and fame for the person using this space. So, if that’s what you want, choose the south to sit in the office.

Beware though! South also has low-energy areas, so it would be best to consult a Vastu specialist to decide the proper sitting direction in the office. They can use their experience to perform any calculations and analysis required and tell you the correct place to sit.

If You Work In The Legal / Accounts Department:

Those involved in sending proposals, deals in money, getting contracts signed, and sales conversion should sit in the southeast of the office. Southeast is the best direction to sit in the office as per Vastu for liquidity and cash flow.

Those involved in banking or legal work should sit in the northwest of the office. You can face the east or south according to the practicality of your space.

Best Facing To Sit In Office As Per Vastu

  1. For getting new sales, face north.
  2. For fame, face the south.
  3. If you want to increase gains, you should be sitting facing west in the office.
  4. For marketing, face east
  5. For improving your skills, face the southwest.
  6. For increasing cash flow, face southeast.
  7. For making legal and accounting activities smoother, face northwest.

5 Bonus Vastu Tips For Sitting In Office

  • Keep your desk clean and tidy.

  • When working in an office with several people, there’s little chance that your desk might get messy.

    But this is possible in home offices.

    Whether you work from a home office or not, keep your desk clean and clutter-free at all times. Remove dust from your desk and computer every day. Empty the trash cans. Get rid of broken electronics, filled notebooks, pens that don't work, and documents you don't need.

  • Energize your workstation.
  • You spend almost 8 to 10 hours of your day sitting at your desk. Ensuring that you apply the best Vastu for office sitting will help you accomplish your work goals. But you still need energy and motivation to make that happen.

    When you energize your workstation with positivity, you make way for that motivation.

    How to do that, you ask?

  1. Use motivational posters as your desktop wallpaper.
  2. You can add more such posters on the walls around you, especially the wall your desk is facing.
  3. Place your to-do list and goals on a paper right in front of you, so you are always reminded of it and have no opportunity to slack.
  4. Keep a water bottle on your desk, so you can always get hydrated.
  5. Keep your favorite, most inspiring books or things on the table. Make sure they are not distracting.
  6. If you don’t need your phone for work, keep it out of sight.
  • Use the right colors in the environment.
  • If you have been learning about Vastu, you might know the significance of using the right colors in the right directions.

    Whether you are sitting in the office facing west, east, north, or south, any wrong colors around you can negate the positive effect of seating arrangement as per Vastu.

    Colors can make or break the energy of your space, so it is crucial to pay attention to them.

    Now you may not have any control over the colors used in the office if you are an average employee. But if you are a leader, the owner, or have a home office, you can follow the Vastu rules.

    Try having colors as per the direction. But if that’s not possible, go with neutral colors in your space. Off-white, beige, and cream are good colors for walls, curtains, rugs, and little accessories like wall clocks. Avoid any dark shades.

  • Get closer to nature.
  • Try to have a window near your desk and keep it open, especially in the morning to bring in the healing power of the morning sun and the precious, empowering wind.

    Add plants to your table, but if you are seated in the south or west, avoid plants because they may die due to lack of sunlight.

  • Check the state of Vastu in your office.
  • Check if the northeast portion of your office is clean. See if the kitchen is in the southeast and the entrance is strictly in the right direction, according to Vastu. If you feel anything is wrong, ask your employer to get a Vastu check online at an affordable cost.

    This check might become the difference between your company’s failure and success.

Summing Up

The main thing you must understand when deciding your sitting direction in the office is that the area where your desk is placed is more important than the direction it faces.

Deciding what direction you should face when working is easy. Simply face the same way where your desk is placed. For example, if you are sitting in the north, face the north.

We understand that in some cases deciding the best side to sit in the office as per Vastu may not be very practical for you. After all, the majority of the working class works as employees.

But do as much as you can. And if you are facing any troubles in your current seat and you know that Vastu balancing can fix it, step up and talk to your employer. It might not be convenient, but they may change your seat if you request.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Which Direction To Sit As Per Office Vastu?

The best place to sit in the office as per Vastu shastra depends on many factors like astrology, numerology, and your profession. It’s different for different people.

Is South Facing Sitting In Office Good Or Bad?

Similar to south-facing offices, South facing sitting has its myths. This direction may be good or bad for you, depending on what you wish to do at your workplace. If you are working for name and fame, south-facing can be beneficial. However, you should know that what matters more is where you sit, not where you face when working.

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