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Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Kitchen Interiors

Vastu, as a scientific concept, has a much more different meaning, in the present world. Let us see how the placement or direction of kitchen in our home relates to our life.

Kitchen holds a very important element of the house i.e. The Fire Element. Fire element governs many aspects in our lives like cash flow, health, safety etc. The best and most ideal direction for kitchen in our home lies between South-East and South direction (when calculated from the center of the house), as per Vastu Shastra principles for homes. This direction belongs to the fire element and when a kitchen is constructed in this direction, it ensures Vastu compliance for the kitchen as per Vastu for home, thus ensuring wealth, safety and prosperity in the lives of residents.

 kitchen colours as per vastu

Heating Devices

Now we know the ideal direction for the kitchen in the home as per Vastu. To be more precise, when we say kitchen, we actually mean the heating devices or the fire equipment only. It includes the kitchen gas stove, induction stove, Griller, Microwave, Oven etc. To ensure a Vastu compliant kitchen, we need to check if these equipments are placed in the recommended direction as per Vastu.

If kitchen is placed in any direction other than the one mentioned above, it could prove to be disastrous. Every direction in our home governs a certain aspect of our life as per Vastu. If kitchen is placed in any other direction, it affects the attributes of that particular direction.

For example – South-West direction of the house governs our relationships. If kitchen is made in the South-West direction, it implies that fire has been added to the family relationships. This ignites often-intense arguments among the family.

Another example can be having a kitchen in North-West, which generally attracts legal concerns and blocks the right support from reaching us.

Ideal Colours For Kitchen

The second most important aspect to be considered inside a kitchen is the color scheme of the kitchen as per Vastu. This is often ignored by many people which many a times ends up turning a Vastu perfect kitchen to a non-Vastu perfect kitchen. Even if you have the kitchen in the Vastu perfect direction, but the colors are not as per Vastu, all the positive aspects of the kitchen are lost.

For example, having a kitchen in the ideal direction i.e. between South-East and South direction and using a black granite marble slab below the gas stove. Black represents water element and having a black slab means adding water element below the fire element. This disturbs the cycle of five elements and we no longer are able to yield any positive of the ideal kitchen location.

We recommend neutral colors like cream, beige etc. for the walls of the kitchen. Color for kitchen slab and for other kitchen equipment are best advised after evaluation of the layout map.

If the colors are not as per Vastu, our experts can recommend balancing colors to be added in the kitchen to nullify the effect of anti-colours, without any re-construction.

Temple Inside Kitchen

It is generally not recommended to have a temple inside the kitchen premises, as per Vastu. The ideal direction for the temple is North East or West. In case your temple is placed inside the kitchen, you may consider relocating the same to ideal directions as mentioned above.

In case relocation is actually not a practical option, it is advised to place a cream cloth curtain to cover the temple.

Location of Dustbin in Kitchen

The ideal location for a dustbin in between East and South East Direction, (when calculated from the center of the house). If this direction is available inside the kitchen, dustbin can be placed there which will be perfect as per Vastu Shastra. The dustbin for the kitchen if placed in this direction should be brown in color and have a lid, which shall remain closed all the time.

Remedy for Cooking Stove

In case, the heating equipment or the kitchen is not in the recommended direction as per Vastu and is made elsewhere in the house, first we need to check if wrong placement of kitchen is actually affecting our lives. If you are feeling some kind of negativity, then it is advised to get in touch with a learned Vastu expert to verify if that is due to imbalanced Vastu or only the placement of kitchen. If relocation is possible, we recommend relocating the heating devices to the South-East and South direction as per Vastu for kitchen to yield the positive aspects of Vastu. However, In case relocation is not possible, negative effects of wrong placement of kitchen can be nullified with appropriate treatments, without any reconstruction.

Know our Vastu Expert Acharya Chhaya Goyal

The directions mentioned in the above article are calculated with precision under the guidance of able Vastu Shastra experts from the team of The usage of solutions, remedies and correctness of Vastu Shastra without guidance of any expert is not advisable.

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