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North Facing House Vastu Plan

north facing house vastu plan

North is such an auspicious direction that you can create a perfect north facing house vastu plan with the help of an expert. The reason it’s such an empowering direction is that it helps get the right amount of sun in the house.

If you have a north-facing house, you must have noticed that you suffer less in summer than people with houses opening in other directions because you don’t get as much sun.

Your house is cooler yet has ample sunlight because the main door opens in the north.

Technically, you get support from the water element that rules the north and helps it cool. So, peak summers are not a problem.

Here’s How The North Facing House Vastu Plan Should Be

Get windows in the east or west.

While the north is splendid to get enough sun, you need proper air circulation as well.

Air flows from east to west. Since your house doesn’t open in these directions, it’s good to have windows here.

Make sure you open these windows every morning to let the positive airflow in and detoxify your house.

Make the kitchen in the southeast.

No matter where your house opens, the kitchen should strictly be in the southeast.

It’s because the southeast is the fire direction. The kitchen stove is a cause of ‘fire’.

In a north facing house vastu plan, the kitchen can come at the back side where the family can also get a good-size utility area. That is usually not possible if the kitchen is in the front.

Also, if the fire in the house is in any other direction, it may cause mental and emotional health issues in the family, among other problems.

Even slight degree variations (for example, having a kitchen stove in the east of southeast) can cause health problems like diabetes. It can increase irritability and the argumentative behavior of the family members.

Often people in such a house focus on winning the arguments rather than understanding their loved one's point of view.


A washing machine can also be considered a cause of fire element as it is an electrical appliance and generates heat. For a vastu house plan in a north facing house, the washing machine can be in the west of northwest or east of southeast. This will help wash away all your anxieties and worries.

Pay special attention to low-energy areas.

Any low-energy areas in a north facing house vastu plan should only be used for disposal activities. For example, you can have toilets, bathrooms, trash bins, and cleaning supplies in these areas.

But for any productive and meaningful activities like sleeping, studying, working, or even talking, these areas are not a good choice.

Spending time in these directions will suck your positive energy, leading to a negative thought process and poor health.

The best way to deal with these areas is to hire a vastu expert who will use these rooms practically, according to their size, and apply some treatment if necessary.

The entrance, prayer room, and parking should be at the right degrees in the north.

Be it for a duplex or a 3 BHK north facing house plan as per vastu, the ideal entrance should be purely north or somewhere between north to east. In case that’s not possible, vastu balancing is necessary with the tips of a vastu expert.

The prayer room or mandir should be in the northeast direction. The living room can be in the east of northeast.

All this will help improve the social life of the family.

After all, in today’s world, our network decides our net worth, and connections are crucial, especially when it's about business.

The parking of the plot should be in the northwest direction.

The bedrooms should be prioritized.

Bedrooms are significant rooms of the house because it’s where the average person spends most of their time, especially the 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

So, they should be in the right direction.

According to experts, in a vastu house plan of a north facing house, bedrooms should be either in pure south, pure east, or pure west directions.

The placement of beds in these rooms should be on an axis, i.e., either in the east, west, north, or south directions.

Why You Must Hire A Vastu Expert 4 Mistakes To Avoid)

The primary reason you should hire a vastu specialist is that they know what they are doing.

Vastu experts understand the intricacies of vastu shastra.

They also take care of the rules of architecture and interior design along with astrology to ensure the homes they help build are properly vastu balanced and only bring the family success and happiness.

One of our old clients reached out to us about how despite booming health and wealth, they are troubled in their house. The trouble was in their relationships, especially involving their daughter and daughter-in-law.

Their daughter who lived abroad was facing some or the other problem whenever she wanted to come home to meet the family.

Their relationships also got rusted with jealousy and comparisons. Members of the family like to spend all their time alone even though they live in a joint family.

For instance, the daughter-in-law has a great personality and is fun-loving. But, she isn’t welcoming of the family’s daughter and likes to spend most of her time with friends.

You should know that the whole family, including the daughter-in-law, do quite well in their careers.

Yet, there’s been trouble creating quality relations.

Our team of Vastu experts went to this client's home to find out the cause of their miseries.

They found four problems:

The water direction had the fire element.

The client’s home was as per the north facing house vastu plan with a pooja room, as we had suggested before.

The prayer room was rightly placed in the northeast direction.

But they probably forgot that the northeast is the direction of the water element. The walls here should be in the soothing color of blue. But in this home, a complete wall was in saffron color because it was a prime color in their religion.

Saffron is the color of fire. When in the northeast, it gives rise to aggression, irritability, and restlessness.

The northeast direction had trash.

The north side of their house has a well-maintained lawn. But the gardener was keeping his sharp tools and the gardening trash in the northeast corner.

North-east is the brain of the house. According to the scriptures, it’s where the gods reside in your home. It is where the most progressive energy gets created.

If the northeast gets trashed or loaded with objects, especially things that don’t create positive feelings, it can program negative emotions in those who use the space regularly.

One of these negativities is the lack of clarity. With no clarity, it’s hard to maintain good relationships.

The entrance was in the northwest.

When we had the opportunity of designing their north facing house vastu plan years ago, we ensured the entrance was strictly north-facing.

However, due to building compliances, they had to shift the main door slightly to the northwest.

Unless treated with vastu remedies, a northwest entrance can create feelings of jealousy in family members, among other problems.

Family photos were in a low-energy area.

Remember, we talked about the daughter who lived abroad? The family had her photos along with other family members, placed in low-energy areas of the house.

Low-energy areas tend to spread their negativity in anything and anyone who uses their space for a long time. Similar to how we shouldn’t spend much time there to save our high energy, we should also make sure not to keep meaningful stuff in these areas.

The Treatment and Results

With our suggestions, the family changed the wall color in the northeast. They also removed trash and sharp tools that were open in the lawn and shifted the family photos to high-energy areas.

With some other treatments to reduce the negativity from the northwest entrance, their house was soon full of positivity. And that was visible with results in a couple of weeks.

The daughter was now warmly welcomed at home, while the daughter-in-law took some effort to interact with the family and enjoy it too.

Wrapping Up

A north facing house vastu plan should be given the same importance as any house with or without vastu doshas.

It’s because every plot or house is different. They have different orientations and different proportions of dimensions. So applying such generic information, while helpful, can turn out to be damaging if calculations and analysis aren't done right.

That’s why it’s crucial to at least consult a vastu expert before trying any remedies without experience.

Want to talk to a vastu specialist for your Ultra Luxury, Luxury, furnished or semi-furnished property North facing house Vastu plan. Call us today!

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