vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

Have A South East Entrance? Hire An Expert To Avoid This Common Mistake.

A while ago, we were contacted by someone who needed solutions for a south east entrance to their home.

We told them that it’s not wise to correct a specif ic area of the house. There are no Vastu practices that solve a problem without first completely evaluating the whole place.

Yet, the client was insisting that we work solely on the south east entrance vastu.

south east entrance

So, we asked them for their House Map (Naksha) to see if there was anything we could do.

Turns out — they didn’t need Vastu correction for a south east facing house, because there was no problem with the entrance. It was an East entrance.

There was a deviation of about 30 degrees, due to which the client thought it was south east (wrong direction for entrances).

Now a slight deviation like this may not seem significant to you but is huge in the Vastu Shastra.

You see, East is a highly positive direction for entrances. An entrance in this direction needs no correction.

However, had we made any changes in the house according to the client’s initial wishes of fixing what they thought was the south east entrance, we would have hampered the effect of positivity that’s already there in the East - all set to shower the house with its goodness.

Wondering why the client was wrong about the direction? Didn’t they use a compass?

They did.

And that’s where they were wrong — in trusting a compass and making it the basis of the Vastu in their home.

But how did we find the mistake? After all, we too use a similar compass. What made the difference?

Our Expertise!

Don’t Want To Mistake East For A South East Entrance? Hire An Expert & Get These Benefits.

Proper Calculations

Before we start finding the Vastu doshas of a place, we don’t depend solely on a compass or even our brains.

We evaluate the whole property for proper calculations. These involve detailed geometrical and mathematical procedures.

These calculations help us avoid mistakes like degree deviations - be it of as little as 10 degrees.


Thanks to our experience of over 20 years, we know how things like WiFi routers can affect the calculations.

The complete evaluation helps avoid the effects of high tension wires nearby, the use of WiFi, and even the presence of metal around the compass. These were most likely the reason for the 30-degree deviation our client’s compass had that made them believe they had a south east entrance.

Our experience also takes care of other possible mistakes because we know to never bypass the calculations.

No matter how simple the Vastu doshas of the property seem at the forefront, even if we have decades of experience, we know detailed calculations, and overall evaluation are necessary steps.

That’s what helped us find doshas that a compass and general information on the internet can’t. In this case, we found a dosha in the form of a toilet in the northeast direction, which our client thought had no issues.

Hassle-Free Harmony

Consider this! Would you do the electrical wiring of your new house yourself? No.

What about plumbing? You would hire a plumber, won’t you? You may even hire an interior designer because home decor and organization aren’t easy.

Then, why not a Vastu expert for the same level of convenience?

Vastu experts at don't only save you from the trouble of structural changes on your property. They bring you a lifetime of peace, health, and harmony in that place.

When you hire an expert to fully assess your house and fix all the doshas, you make an investment on that house. In return, you get loads of good vibes that take care of you and your loved ones.

Wrapping Up

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this case study of the south east entrance Vastu, it’s this — your research, perspective, and compass may not be enough to find and correct all the Vastu doshas on your property.

Give an expert a try, and you will know what you have been missing out on.

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