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Vastu For Commercial Buildings

Applying Vastu principles is essential in all business spaces, including Corporate Offices, Commercial Complexes, Workplaces, Malls, Resorts, Hotels, Banquets, Business Centers, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Farmhouses, Salons, Wellness Centers, Banks, and Financial Institutions. Vastu plays a crucial role in shaping the energy of these places, influencing business outcomes. Whether it's a small shop or a large multiplex, the ultimate goal of every business is to generate profits.

Upon closer inspection, you'll often find that many successful businesses in your area have been following Vastu guidelines from the beginning, even if you weren't aware of it. The good news is that with the application of relevant Vastu energy balancing techniques, guided by an experienced and knowledgeable Vastu advisor, any business can achieve remarkable growth and success.

Commercial Vastu

Why Vastu Shastra is important for Commercial Space

In our daily lives, we spend a significant amount of time not just at home but also in our workplaces. Whether it's our corporate offices, commercial complexes, or any other work environment, each space carries a specific energy influenced by its alignment with Vastu Shastra principles. The impact of Vastu is felt in various settings, including malls, resorts, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, salons, banks, and financial institutions. Vastu plays a pivotal role in these places and can significantly influence the outcomes of your business.

The Profitable Connection: Vastu Shastra for Business Success

Regardless of whether it's a small shop or a massive multiplex, the ultimate goal of any business is to earn profits and provide quality service to customers. If you delve deeper, you'll notice that many successful businesses in your area have been following Vastu Shastra guidelines right from the start. Sometimes, we witness businesses performing exceptionally well, yet we might not realize the connection to Vastu Shastra. The exciting news is that, with the application of suitable Vastu energy balancing techniques under the guidance of an experienced Vastu advisor, any business can thrive and achieve remarkable growth.

Transforming Existing Commercial Spaces with Vastu Shastra Expertise

While it's ideal to design a Vastu-compliant commercial space from the outset, existing spaces can also benefit from Vastu Shastra balancing, especially when faced with ongoing challenges. The experienced team at Vaastu Devayah Namah includes the best Vastu consultants for commercial spaces. They bring a wealth of Vastu expertise, having worked with multinational companies worldwide, offering Vastu consultancy for their commercial units. The results have consistently been positive for business owners.

Empowering Business Success Through Authentic Vastu Shastra Services

At Vaastu Devayah Namah, our Vastu consultants are committed to providing scientific and authentic Vastu Shastra services. We know from our years of experience that Vastu Shastra acts as a bridge between aspirations and achievements for business owners. When business premises align with Vastu Shastra principles, it paves the way for growth and long-term sustainability. Our primary goal is to assist clients in establishing successful businesses and globally recognized brands through our Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services.

Fostering Business Growth through Strategic Vastu Balancing

We recognize that businesses are inherently growth-oriented. True growth doesn't occur by chance; it's the result of various factors working harmoniously. By applying our proven and tested Vastu balancing techniques to commercial spaces, we ensure that the environment is conducive to substantial and sustained growth.

Customized Vastu Solutions Aligned with Business Objectives

It's crucial to tailor Vastu solutions according to the specific purpose of your business. Each business serves a unique function and has distinct objectives. For instance, a showroom or shop focuses on selling goods or services, a hospital aims to provide healing, and a hotel or restaurant is dedicated to offering leisure and hospitality to customers. Identifying the primary purpose of the space and applying Vastu Shastra techniques that align with that purpose is essential for enhancing business growth. This strategic approach provides a competitive advantage in the business landscape.

Specialist Vastu Experts for Commercial Space Optimization

Vaastu Devayah Namah comprises a team of seasoned Vastu experts who specialize in optimizing commercial spaces. We understand the significance of aligning Vastu solutions with the unique goals and functions of businesses, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous environment.

The Pinnacle of Vastu Consultancy: Scientific, Non-destructive & Aesthetic Solutions

Our team of top-notch Vastu consultants is dedicated to providing the most scientific and logical Vastu consultancy services across the globe. What sets us apart is our commitment to achieving results without resorting to demolition or reconstruction. We specialize in delivering straightforward yet highly effective Vastu solutions that seamlessly blend with the aesthetics and ambiance of the space, ensuring a pleasing outcome.

Important Elements of Commercial Vastu

To effectively apply Vastu principles to existing commercial spaces, it's essential to understand the areas of concern and the desired goals before advising Vastu Shastra solutions. This approach helps avoid the need for structural changes. Here are some important points to consider when applying Vastu solutions to commercial spaces:

Entrance and Reception Area:

  • The entrance is the first impression of your business, so it should be well-lit, welcoming, and free from obstacles.
  • The reception area should be spacious, organized, and reflect a positive and professional image.
  • Placement of Workstations and Cabins:

  • Carefully plan the arrangement of workstations and cabins.
  • Ideally, place the owner or top management in the South-West or West direction, facing East or North.
  • Arrange employees' workstations to encourage communication, productivity, and a positive work atmosphere.

    Conference Room:

  • The location of the conference room is crucial for meetings and discussions.
  • It's best placed in the North-East or North-West direction.
  • Ensure that the head of the organization or meeting leader faces East or North for effective decision-making and communication.
  • Storage and Utilities:

  • Proper storage facilities and utility rooms are vital for an organized workspace.
  • Position them in the south or west direction, ensuring they do not obstruct the flow of positive energy.
  • Ventilation and Lighting:

  • Good ventilation and natural lighting are essential for a healthy and productive work environment.
  • Strategically place windows and openings to allow fresh air and natural light.
  • Incorporate indoor plants for a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Colors and Décor:

  • The choice of colors and décor influences the energy and ambiance of the space.
  • The choice of colors and décor influences the energy and ambiance of the space.
  • Keep décor minimalistic, clutter-free, and in line with the business's branding and image.
  • Energy Flow and Space Clearing:

  • Regular space clearing practices, such as smudging or sound vibrations, can remove stagnant or negative energy.
  • Ensure a smooth energy flow by eliminating blockages or clutter in the workspace.

  • By considering these elements and implementing appropriate Vastu solutions, commercial spaces can create a harmonious and supportive environment conducive to business growth, productivity, and overall well-being. Consulting with a Vastu expert can provide tailored recommendations based on the specific needs and goals of the business.

    Main Entrance Gate Vastu for Commercial Establishment

    The main entrance gate of a commercial property plays a significant role in determining the destiny of the business within. A non-compliant or negatively aligned entrance gate can bring obstacles and setbacks to the business. Conversely, a Vastu-compliant entrance treated by a knowledgeable Vastu Professional can attract abundance and prosperity to the business.

    Direction of the Entrance Gate:

    There's a common myth that a south-facing entrance is inauspicious. In reality, any direction can be utilized to create a Vastu-perfect entrance with precise calculations from a Vastu expert. The key is to ensure that the placement aligns with Vastu Shastra principles.

    Best Direction for Storing Goods as per Vastu Shastra

    Proper placement of ready goods is crucial as the success of any business depends on selling products. Stagnation in product sales can lead to production issues. To ensure a steady flow of product sales, it's essential to place samples and selling products according to Vastu techniques, avoiding dead stock.

    Preferred Directions for Finished Goods

    Directions from North-West to North and East are generally preferred for the placement of selling products, based on Vastu principles. However, the choice depends on factors like the type of product, building orientation, packaging, and branding. This decision is made after a detailed Vastu audit of the commercial space.

    Best Placement of Raw Material as per Vastu Shastra

    Raw materials and resources are equally important in Vastu Shastra. Correct placement of raw materials reduces wastage and ensures high-quality manufacturing. Incorrect placement can lead to increased wastage and decreased manufacturing efficiency.

    Vastu Shastra provides precise guidelines for the prime locations to place raw materials, samples, and high-margin products, which can boost sales and brand establishment.

    Location of Seating as per Vastu Shastra

    Vastu Shastra should be considered when determining seating locations for employees and owners. The choice of location should align with the employees' profiles, job nature, and business type.

    Owner's Seating

    Business owners should preferably sit in the West or North direction. However, the specific location may vary depending on the business category. For instance, a jeweler, stockbroker, or owner of a financial establishment may benefit from a West-facing direction to enhance gains and profits.

    Employee Seating:** Employee seating should be allocated based on their job profiles. Sales and marketing teams or customer relations teams are suited for North or East directions, while technical staff may find South-West direction beneficial. Designers may work well in the East of North-East direction.

    Location of Utilities

    Utilities such as electrical mains and distribution, water sources, water storage tanks, septic tanks, generators, and more are vital components in any commercial or industrial space, according to Vastu Shastra. Each utility relates to one of the five elements, and proper placement based on Vastu principles helps businesses thrive.

    In cases where the balance of the five elements is disturbed, it can lead to declining sales or falling revenue. Simple Vastu remedial measures, guided by an experienced Vastu consultant, can restore this balance in existing factories and commercial spaces.

    Quick Vastu tips for directions of utilities in commercial vastu

    1. North and East are the best directions as per Vastu Shastra to plan for any water related activity like swimming pool, water fountain, water boring or underground water tanks etc.
    2. South-East to South should be preferred for electrical room, generator or invertor etc.
    3. The North-West direction is best suited for spares.
    4. Overhead water tanks should be preferred towards West or South-West directions.
    5. The Vastu preferred direction for support staff & helpers is North-West or South-East directions.

    Vastu Location for Locker/Cash Box

    Location of Locker/Cash Box as well as other Objects matters. Cash Box, If placed in accordance with Vastu ensures running cash flow for the business. For-example -

    Cash box in South-East Direction Ensures regular cash-in-hand. Cash box in West is good for fetching optimum profits.

    Location of Toilets & Pantry

    Toilets, septic tanks and sewer manholes are drainage points and serve as disposal element in any space. The direction in which these elements are placed is of much importance because a toilet or septic tank in positive direction can rob the factory of the business it is capable of producing. For example – a toilet block in North direction may lead to low sales and below average revenue. Vastu treatments or relocations can prove to be extremely beneficial in such cases.

    Similarly, kitchen or pantry belongs to fire element and must be placed in the fire related directions only. If placed in any other direction, it may cause the imbalance in five elements, thereby affecting the positive energy flow inside the factory.

    Vastu for Corporate Offices

    Vastu Shastra is of prime importance while planning the interiors for corporate offices. The location of team members with respect to vastu ensures they deliver the quality performance and as a result benefit the company. Our best vastu experts ensure correct locations is defined as per activity of the team. For example - Accounts team should sit in South-West or West Direction, to achieve accuracy in financial transactions. Marketing team should sit in North to get more orders or in East to establish connectivity with the clients. Placement of branding posters, documents, meeting halls etc. also if planned as per vastu gives the company a better position among its competitors.

    Vastu advise for Commercial Buildings

    The first & foremost thing to consider while balancing a corporate office as per Vastu Shastra is to align the sitting locations for staff & owners as per the nature & profile of their work. The challenges that are commonly faced in offices are low productivity, lack of teamwork, lack of coordination among the employees etc. To counter the said challenges and even more, it is required the office be designed in compliance with Vastu Shastra or an existing office be tuned to Vastu Sastra with the best possible non constructional Vastu techniques. The direction of sitting for employees & teams be decided in compliance with Vastu Shastra.

    For example – the marketing & sales team be allotted East & North directions for their seating, he accounts team be given South-West & West directions and the MD rooms can be located in West or North directions. The locations for reception, toilet blocks, pantry, document storage, meeting rooms, utility etc. are all important as per Vastu perspective and must be placed in the appropriate direction, or given due treatment. A Vastu compliant office paves a smooth way for better efficiency of employees, improves teamwork, results in better productivity which in turn brings the desired growth for the office. Placement of brand boards throughout the office must be taken care in terms of direction and the colour schemes.

    Vastu Balancing for Malls | Shopping Complex | Showrooms | Shops

    The core objective while implementing Vastu Shastra for malls, shopping complexes, showrooms etc. should be to attract abundance of customers. Secondly, it should be balanced well enough in terms of Vastu that the customer footfall turns into good number of sales for the shops & showrooms and obviously provide a good shopping experience to the customer as well. It is observed a fully vastu compliant shop or showroom attracts the most customers and experiences rising sales at all times. It is because the elements of Vastu Shastra, mainly the entrance, the placement of selling products/services, the direction of cash counter, the colour schemes, the location of branding etc. are all in accordance with Vastu Shastra. For example – if prime products yielding high margin are placed in North direction, it will boost the profitability. Brand board placed in the showroom, if placed in South & North-West (as per the colour schemes) will improve brand recognition and fame. If either of these elements, and even much more, is placed in the wrong direction, it causes unsatisfactory sales and thus leads to declining business. Thus, Vastu shastra be given due importance in planning shops, showrooms & malls.

    While designing the shops, showrooms, sales outlets, if Vastu is considered in a professional manner, it increases sales and profits. The placement of selling goods and products is most important. The goods placed at the right place is sold quickly than the ones placed in the low energy points of the shop. The placement of cash box / billing counter decides the profits/sales of the showroom. Also, trial rooms, entrance, interior colours, mirrors etc play a cruicial role in the vastu balancing of any commercial complex.

    Vaastu Devayah Namah experts are the World Best Vastu Consultants for Offices, Showrooms, Malls, Commercial complexes, Market complexes, Office Complexes & Builder projects in India. Builder Projects developed under the guidance of Vaastu Devayah Namah are flourishing and are strongly established in the market.

    Vastu for Hotels | Resorts | Restaurants

    The purpose of a hotel or resort is to serve leisure and relaxation, bundled with a happy stay & good food, topped up with outstanding hospitality. Thus, prime focus is laid down on designing a space which ensures absolute rejuvenation. First & foremost, the space should have a positive entrance to attract abundant of customers. Then the location/direction of the elements such as the building area, reception, bar area, restaurant, spa, play area, swimming pool, green belt etc. should all be decided as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. Either of the element placed wrong can badly affect the customers inflow. Not only this, if the cycle of panchtatvas (five elements of nature) present in the space is disturbed, it ultimately affects the positive vibration in the property, which in turns leads to customers not feeling rejuvenated. For example – a swimming pool should be preferred towards north or east directions, the reception towards the north-east, the accounts area towards south-east, owner office in West, marketing & sales team towards east direction etc. If all the activities as mentioned above are well planned in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra, the clients are satisfied which in turn increases popularity. While planning the hotel, utmost care is to be taken while deciding the placement of brand boards and the colour schemes for the interiors. These aspects are often ignored, but can play a major role in success of the brand, if placed in Vastu preferred direction.

    Vastu for Hospitals | Medical Centres | Pathology Labs

    The prime objective of any hospital or clinic is to serve healing to the patients. If the objective of healing is fulfilled, the said hospital is considered successful. Only when a patient goes fully recovered & satisfied, he spreads the word, comes back next time when in need and even refers his friends & family to that hospital. Thus, when implementing Vastu solutions in a hospital space, the major thing to be kept in consideration is that the hospital delivers “Healing” in the best possible way. For this, the north of north east direction of the plot should be checked and balanced well. Utmost care should be taken that this direction is not defective by any means i.e., either a toilet, septic tank, pantry etc. is not placed in this direction. This direction is the one that represents the quality of healing and should be utilized for sitting of doctors. It has been observed a doctor sitting the vastu preferred direction delivers the best advice and patients recover much quickly with his prescribed medicines. Apart from this, the location of ICU, Pharmacy, Operation Theatre, Reception etc. must be in compliance with the principles of Vastu Shastra. Also, the colour schemes should be chosen as per Vastu to promote the vibration of healing in the space.

    Vastu for Schools | Vastu for Colleges | Vastu for Educational Institutes

    Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions are meant to deliver the best education and build futures of students. Thus, when designing a school as per Vastu Shastra, focus should be on the directions which are responsible for imparting quality education in the best possible way. South West & West of South-West are the prime directions responsible for maintaining the aura of the space to ensure quality education. Thus, while designing a school, these directions should be kept free from any negative element like toilet block, septic tanks or any colour schemes that is not compliant to Vastu Shastra. The location of classrooms, science laboratories, library, play area, swimming pool, music rooms etc. should be planned as per Vastu Shastra. Also, the colour schemes, should be decided in compliance with Vastu Shastra. For educational institutes, the classrooms for students planning for competitive examinations should be planned in Northern directions. In case of existing buildings, do not break for the sake of Vastu Shastra, as with the developments, treatments without demolition are well effective, if implemented under the able guidance of learned Vastu professionals. Just by relocating the correct activity & placements as per Vastu Shastra, Vastu can be implemented to bring magical results.

    Vastu for Banks | Vastu for Financial Institutions

    A bank or any financial institution is meant to serve the purpose of lending money or keeping the money safe, and also earning some bucks on the deposited money. Vastu must be considered in detail while designing any financial institution. Starting from the placement of Cash Counter or Teller area, which is of utmost importance since all financial transaction take place here. The placement of cash counting machines, documents, seating of accountants etc. are to be in the best possible direction available. It is preferred to be in South-East, North or West for maximum benefits. Secondly, the placement of Vault or Locker is again a major focus area and should be mandatorily chosen with precise calculations under the guidance of a highly skilled Vastu professional. Placement of Vault or Cash counters in the negative directions can hugely impact the financial institution. Not only limited to this, but the entire premises should be designed in a Vastu compliant manner, including placement of brand boards in the correct location, allocating rooms as per work profile in specific directions to comply Vastu principles, the choice of colour schemes, the placement of documents, location of toilet/pantry etc. This allows a smooth cash flow in the premises, and is both beneficial for the customers & the financial institution.

    Vastu for Rejuvenation Centres | Wellness Clinics

    The techniques of Vastu Shastra also apply to Wellness Clinics, Salons, beauty parlours, Spa Centres and have proven to be very effective in increasing the customer footfall. Many things need to be checked and complied to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Starting from the entrance which should have a highly positive vibration so that the customers entering the place feel elated and opt for availing the services. The cash counter must be placed in the right direction as the conversion/business happens there. South-East or North is the preferred direction for cash counter. The placement of promotional offers, schemes & price list is highly important and must be placed in North of North West to attract the customers for availing the offers. Not only this, even the direction where products are placed for sale must also be chosen as per Vastu Shastra. The placement of brand boards in the correct place as per Vastu further ads to the brand building and the salon earns a good name & fame. At all times, care should be taken to prevent any important activity like cash counter, selling products, owner sitting etc. in the low energy areas, which are defined as per the shape & orientation of the property. Also, placement of mirrors and the choice of colour schemes while planning the interior of the space should be absolutely in sync with Vastu Shastra.

    Under the proper guidance of learned & experienced Vaastu professionals, every direction in any commercial space can be very well utilized to serve the best possible attributes. We unknowingly create challenges for ourselves by not complying to the guidance of Vaastu Shastra that the universe has designed. Renovation or reconstruction are not always required to make a space Vaastu complaint. It is always said - work smarter, not harder. Just as a psychiatrist or a doctor tunes our brain to a positive frequency, so we feel happy and relaxed, similarly, programming the vastu of any space can solve many of the problems we think we have in life. Vastu correction techniques doesn’t need any demolition or reconstruction to get the results. Our world renowned vastu consultants have revived the closed businesses and programmed them to become renowned brands in a short span of time.

    n conclusion, Vastu Shastra has a significant impact on commercial spaces, influencing their success and profitability. Whether you're starting a new venture or seeking to enhance an existing one, the principles of Vastu can play a vital role in achieving your business goals.

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