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Vastu Tips For Growth in Business

Vastushastra For Businesses

Vastu takes a scientific approach by combining all five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether and balancing it with personal requirements, creating a harmonious layout of a factory, office or shop to achieve health and prosperity. Achievements can be manifold by applying the purification and balancing techniques, usage of specific colors and positioning of elements specific to directions related to the building.

One shouldn’t look at our working space, whether it’s a factory, shop or office, just as structure comprising of mortar, bricks and wood. The layout, design and structure of the place we work in has a well-defined relevance on our mental and physical state.

The vibes, both positive and negative, flowing through a structure affect our peace of mind and smooth functioning. Being ambitious and successful is our basic nature and Vastu plays a pivotal role in paving our path towards success, prosperity and better business prospects.

Our lives and actions are governed by Planetary positions, Destiny and Karma i.e. our actions and deeds. Another major factor is Vastu, which essentially means energies and vibes of a building structure. A perfect balance of all these ensures a peaceful and wonderful life for us. Unfortunately, even a slight misbalance in these can mar our progress. Planetary positions can’t be changed by us mortals, but we can surely boost our Karmas.

Vastu can help us in energizing and activating our work space ensuring that the forces of nature are harmonized with us instead of conflicting with us. Vastu inspects every aspect of our work space – dimensions of the plot, slopes, if any, allocation of rooms, kitchen, toilets, position of cash box or cash counter, color schemes – for walls, Furniture, tapestries etc. All these have a huge impact on the area and its co-inhabitants.

By applying principles of Vastu, Industrialists, Businessmen and Professionals can benefit in the following areas:

  • Improve sales revenue and profits.
  • Cultivate better co-ordination between employees and management.
  • Minimise machinery breakdowns.
  • Attain higher production output.
  • Movement of merchandise and stocks.
  • Garner more clientele and reputation.
  • Client satisfaction.
  • Attract success, prosperity and growth.

Over the years Vastu has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness. When we incorporate principles of Vastu today, we are essentially sowing the seeds for a peaceful and harmonious tomorrow.

Know our Vastu Expert Acharya Chhaya Goyal

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