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Vastu for School - Fulfill the purpose

vastu for school

When we talk vastu of a building, we always take the first look at what that building stands for? What is the main purpose of that building? Things get a little serious when we talk about vastu for school building because a lot of futures are counting upon it and we cannot simply mess it up in any way. Vastu for school is an art that can either make or break a life so one must be very cautious while adopting the advice and must only consider the expert’s opinions.

Any building that is supposed to impart an education or provide a learning must be perfectly aligned according to the rule book of vastu for school and if it is not, then not only the students but the school staff as well as the board has to suffer too. Instead of going through all that pain it is better to have an expert online vastu consultant give you the best advice for your action plan.

Excellent Vastu Tips for School Building

Any school building responsible for imparting education ought to be balanced well by the forces of nature and vastu. Ancient scriptures say that out of all the sixteen directions of vastu, south-western direction is considered the most suitable for all educational and learining purposes. It is considered the healthiest for an educational institution as it attracts maximum positivity in that manner. If somehow, the school building happens to have a toilet or other blocking element in the south-western direction then all the positivity is repelled and the knowledge factor and quality of education is slowly lost.

When we talk about vastu for school office then it must be taken care that the school office represents the core structure of that school. Vastu for school office comprises the prime element of vastu for school as the majority of functioning body is influenced by it. Therefore, it is important that the school office must be present in a highly influential direction that brings prosperity to the school body and its students. It is the western direction that is considered most suitable according to the vastu for school office as it will ensure a harmonious management of all critical areas of your school.

Another important factor for best influence on the school according to the vastu is colour of the school building. Even if we manage to build the school building in accordance with vastu, we will fail to achieve our objective of obtaining a healthy working school body as the colour of the school building plays a major role in improvising vastu of that particular school. So, it is essential that the colour of the school building should be in agreement with the vastu of that building.


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