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Effect of Mirrors as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu tips for mirror in bedroom

Mirror is a very important element to be considered while analysing the Vastu compliance of any space. It could be a full-length dressing mirror, a vanity mirror, or simply mirror work used for decorative purposes. Mirror is required & used almost in every space, be it a big multinational office, restaurants, hotels, houses etc. It is extremely essential that the direction or placement of mirror, its size & shape is decided as per Vastu Shastra. This is because, a mirror placed in a wrong direction, could impact the Vastu of that place. Let us know more!

Mirror represents Water Element

Mirror, in any form, shape or size represents water element (out of the five elements). Thus, it must be placed in the directions which are favourable for water element i.e., North & East directions. The directions which are not favourable for water element, like fire related South East direction, must be avoided for placing big mirrors.

Ideal Location for Mirrors as per Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra recommends having Mirrors in your space in North & East directions of your space primarily. Having big sized open mirrors from South East to South West directions of the space is strongly discouraged.

It is important to note that, when we mention about directions, it is calculated from the centre of the house and not from the centre of the room. For example – It is irrelevant to say that “Mirror is not advisable on the South wall of the bedroom”. What really matters is “The mirror should not be placed in the South direction of the house”.

Vastu Treatment for Mirrors

Practically, we may need mirrors, as a basic requirement for dressing room or toilets in almost every direction. Here we cannot abide by the Vastu guideline for having mirror only in North or East directions. Thus, we can place the mirrors with Vastu Balancing or Vastu Treatments i.e

  • Dressing Mirrors, if required, in South or West directions, can be planned if they are kept covered by means of a curtain or a blind. Alternatively, we can plan closed mirrors inside the wardrobes, or having a shutter system which remains closed when the mirror is not in use.
  • Vanity Mirrors, for the washbasin & toilets, can be planned after choosing the direction related colour as a frame or a border to the mirror. For example – A toilet in South of South West should have a mirror with golden or yellow coloured frame. Similarly, each direction has a specific set of colour schemes which can control the effect of mirror element.

These methods nullify the negative effects of mirrors in wrong direction, but must be used in consultation with a professional Vastu consultant only.

Mirrors used as Vastu Remedy

Mirrors are many a times used as a Vastu remedy, because of their natural attribute of reflection. In irregular shaped apartments, or in case a direction has a cut-out or shaft, mirrors are used to act as a reflection of the space and cover up for the cut-out.

However, this is extremely sensitive and must not be even tried without professional Vastu guidance on mirrors. The direction, size, shape etc. of the mirrors need to be calculated very precisely before using mirrors for space extensions.

Benefits of placing mirrors as per Vastu

Placing mirrors in compliance with Vastu Shastra ensures that the elemental balance in the space is duly maintained. It avoids any disturbed Vastu energies in the space.

If for example, a mirror is placed in the wrong direction, like South or South-East direction, it will disturb the fire element of the space which in turn may cause losses, accidents or burglary.

If the mirror is placed in any low energy direction, especially on the peripheral wall, it may amplify the low energy of those directions, which in any case may prove to be harmful.

Vastu Tips for Mirrors

  • Having mirror or decorative mirror work in the North direction proves to be beneficial for the occupants.
  • Mirror in South East direction is disastrous and may affect financially.
  • Even in South West direction, mirror May cause relationship problems.
  • Avoid open big size mirrors in bedrooms which reflect the bed.
  • Use the Mirror frame colours as per direction to optimize the good effects & avoid the bad effects of mirrors.

Do’s & Don’ts for keeping Mirrors as per Vastu

  • The direction, placement & size of mirrors should be very well considered as per principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • Broken mirrors or mirrors with cracks emit negative energy and are not at all advisable to be kept anywhere as per Vastu. These must be discarded immediately.
  • Mirrors which have lost the ability to reflect, due to ageing or any other factor, must not be kept.
  • Mirrors must not be used on the peripheral walls and the outer walls of the building.
  • Mirrors, if being used as a Vastu remedy, need to be placed only in some specific directions as per requirement, and should be checked with a professional Vastu Expert only.

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