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5 Vastu points to check before buying a house

Vastu point for buying home

Buying a property is a big decision and a life changing experience for many, especially when buying for self-usage. Be it a residential property, commercial or industrial, the Vastu Compliance of the property defines the success & prosperity in that property. We have often heard people saying “This property made fortunes for him” or “That property ruined his business”. It is nothing more than the Vastu alignment of that property.

With Vastu holding much importance in shaping our lives & businesses, it becomes prudent to evaluate the property from Vastu perspective before buying the same. Buying a Vastu compliant property not only saves us from misfortunes, but also takes us to a better dimension of life where we can optimize success & prosperity. This blog will guide you the broad Vastu tips for home which must be considered while selecting a property.

  • North-East Direction

  • The first & foremost point to check before buying any property, an apartment or a house, is the North-East direction of the place. The below listed points will make you aware of the aspects of this direction with respect to Vastu Shastra, so that you can check the same while buying a property.

    1. The North-East direction, also called the Ishaan Kon, is one of the most important and sensitive directions of any property.
    2. It is the direction which acts as the source or origin of positive energies in that particular place & must be kept neat, clean & vibrant.
    3. This direction also represents the head of “Vastu Purusha”. As per the symptoms and is often termed as the “Brain of the House”.
    4. This is the most ideal direction to have a prayer room, temple or meditation space.

    A property which has a toilet, kitchen, store, septic tank or any other low energy activity should not be bought, unless one has a practical option of removing the aforesaid from North-East direction. If the North-East direction is affected by any means, and there is no possibility of renovation, one must not buy the said property.

    Many people want to rely on remedies or Vastu treatments, as the property appeals to them and they want to compromise on Vastu. One must be very cautious and aware that there is no effective treatment in the field of Vastu which can remove the defects of North-East direction without demolition. Thus, it is not worth to invest in a property with North-East direction as per Vastu. To know the precise North-East direction, one must not figure out by approximation, rather seek professional guidance and Vastu Tips for home from a learned Vastu Expert.

    Vastu Tips for North-East Direction – Avoid having a store room, toilet or kitchen in the North-East direction.

  • Placement of Kitchen

  • The kitchen is the major fire activity in any place. The direction or placement of the kitchen matters much as per Vastu. Having the kitchen in the direction as per Vastu, is a major benefit and helps the occupants in numerous ways.

    Firstly, we must know that when we refer to the kitchen, the actual thing to consider as per Vastu is the placement of the cooking stove or heating appliances. The fire related equipment actually represents the fire element in the space.

    1. As per Vastu Shastra, it is recommended to have fire activity between the South-East & South directions. This direction belongs to the fire element and having a kitchen here ensures the fire element is balanced. m.
    2. Also, the second-best direction for having a kitchen is the West direction. But a kitchen is West direction must be planned with proper Vastu balancing, else it may not serve the desired results.
    3. Not only the direction of the kitchen, but also color schemes in the kitchen must be as per Vastu. Having black, blue or grey colors in the kitchen prove to be disastrous as it disturbs the fire element.

    One must try to buy a property which has a kitchen in the South-East to South direction, which is ideal as per Vastu. However, sometimes due to modern constructions and apartment concepts, if the kitchen is not in the above-mentioned directions, it is always better to check with a Vastu Expert if the kitchen can be managed by Vastu Treatment. If the kitchen is not in the right direction, skip buying the said property.

    Vastu Tip for Kitchen – As per Vastu Shastra, the ideal location for a kitchen is between South-East & South direction.

  • Entrance (Main Door/Gate)

  • It is a very popular myth that we must always buy an East facing property & must avoid a South facing property. Even the same is recommended by Dr. Google & Dr. YouTube. However, we must understand that it is not the facing what matters, but the direction in which the main door is located which is important as per Vastu.

    1. We must not generalize that south facing properties are not good as per Vastu. South facing properties with entrance gate between south-east & south is much auspicious.
    2. Not all east facing properties are good. East facing properties with the main door towards South-East are not good.

    Entrance is the mouth for the property. Just like our body grows and maintains health in accordance to what we eat through our mouth, similarly, the growth & health of the property is governed by the type of energies entering through the main gate.

    While buying a property we must be very careful about choosing a property with the best entrance. We must not check the entrance directions by approximation, rather consult a Vastu Consultant, who would evaluate whether the entrance would be beneficial or not.

    Vastu Tip for Entrance – Avoid an entrance or main door in the South-West Direction.

  • Positive & Negative Directions / Toilets

  • Every space has a set of Vastu guidelines which if followed can optimize productivity and positivity in that space. The energy distribution in terms of directions should be well considered while planning the directions for activities & objects.

    For example – Low energy directions must be utilized to plan the toilets, disposal activities, janitors’ storage etc. On the other hand, the positive energy directions must have the bedrooms, lockers, home office, study area etc. Maintaining this balance is extremely essential.

    In case this is violated, like planning the bedroom or home office in low energy directions, and having a toilet or dustbin in a positive energy direction, one may face severe challenges. A learned Vastu Expert will evaluate these parameters before advising you to buy the property. Since these form the basic step planning of Vastu Planning i.e., “Correct Placement as per nature of activity or object”, we may not advise any remedies for the same. For example – If the master room is in the low energy direction, a genuine Vastu advisor will ask you to change the bedroom and not supply you with Vastu remedy for incorrect bed position.

  • Proximity to Nature

  • Being in close proximity to nature is a must for a healthy mind, body & soul. With the past 2 years of covid, people have realized that giving importance to their body & mind is equally important as professional success. Thus, to ensure nature enters our premises, it is important we buy a property which has maximum possibility of natural energies entering our premises.

    1. Firstly, Daylight or Sunlight entering the property from any direction is permissible as per Vastu. In fact, the more the daylight from windows, doors or balconies, the more positive vibrations develop in the space.
    2. Ventilation is another important aspect one must give importance to. The property must have maximum airflow in the property from all directions i.e., cross ventilation.
    3. Balconies or Terraces are permissible in any direction as per Vastu. Some people say that balconies are not allowed in the South-West, but this is just a myth. Nature entering the premises from any direction proves to be beneficial.
    4. Greenery, Gardens, Parks, Lakes or any natural landscaping near the property is an added advantage in terms of Vastu Shastra.

    Thus, we must check that nature has its presence in any form around the property you are willing to buy. Dull, dark or properties without the presence of nature do not offer the required positive vibrations.

Important Notes

  1. All the above Vastu advice are given by professional Vastu Experts from Vaastu Devayah Namah and are based on scientific & logical principles of Vastu Shastra. However, it is not recommended to implement any Vastu remedies without expert advice from a learned Vastu consultant since Vastu working involves precision and calculations which are specific to each property.
  2. Also, contrary to popular belief, we must be aware that Vastu does not necessarily require reconstruction or demolition. By aligning the interiors, choosing the directions as per activity and with Vastu treatments or remedies, Vastu compliance can be achieved.

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