vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

Online Vaastu Consultation

Online vastu Consultation

Searching for the best Online Vastu Shastra Consultation?

Your search for the best online Vastu Shastra Consultation ends here! Get the Best Online Vastu consultation for your home, factory, shop or office space! Vaastu Devayah Namah provides you the most professional & authentic online Vaastu consultation and helps you reap the immense benefits of scientific & logical Vastu Shastra. We are the most recognized professional Vastu Consultancy aiming at spreading the aura of Vastu Shastra across the globe.

To empower you with the handy tool of Vastu Shastra, we have devised this simple, yet absolutely effective, NO DEMOLITION process of Online Vastu Consultation which is benefiting the masses & gaining popularity worldwide.

online vastu consultation

The Key highlights of this Online Vastu Consultation are:

  • You need not step out of your home for this complete process.
  • It is driven from research based Vastu techniques, which are 100% scientific.
  • Our Vastu Advisors are professionals, highly experienced and carry a proven track record of result oriented Vastu consultaion.
  • The process involves NO DEMOLITION, is simple, practical & applicable worldwide.

How does the Online Vastu Consultation process work?

Online Vastu Analysis is a simple, yet effective system which enables you to take the benefit of Vastu Shastra anywhere in the world. It is an effortless process which requires basic details of your property and your family, followed by doorstep delivery of Vastu Report & Vastu remedies.

Step #1 Sharing Your Details

The following details are to be provided to the Vastu Advisor for Vastu consultation:

Online vastu consultation

'To-the-Scale' layout maps or floor plan of your property.

Online vastu consultation

The Google Location sent by WhatsApp for your property.

Online vastu consultation

Photographs & Videos of your property

Online vastu consultation

Work Profile , Birth Details & House No(For numerology)

Step #2 Client Discussion with Vastu Advisor

Post receipt of the above listed inputs, our Expert would discuss your concerns and proceed with the Vastu analysis for the complete Vastu Balancing. We specialize in aligning your property as per Vastu Shastra principles, with simple yet effective methods, without any reconstruction or demolition.

Online vastu consultation

We will arrange a video or telephonic call for you and our Vastu advisor to understand your concerns & goals so that Vastu solutions can be customised for your property. You can describe your worries, doubts, fears or any challenges that you are facing in life.

Online vastu consultation

Based on your current challenges which may be due to the Vastu defects of your place our Vastu advisor will initiate the Detailed Vastu working and tune your space for achieving your goals & targets.

Online vastu consultation

They will also consultation with you for site practical limitations and your requirements, if any, so that can be taken care of during the detailed Vastu Analysis.

Step #3 Preparing No-Demolition Vastu Solutions

This is the most crucial step in Vastu working. Our specialised team of Experts will work in depth on your property layouts. They will analyse every single detail of the property as per Vastu perspective, match it with the symptoms being faced by the occupants and devise the solutions for the Vastu defects.

The main focus is to prepare Vastu solutions which are practical & simple, yet effective. The Vastu working is absolutely scientific, logical & result oriented. It is customised to your property and as per the occupation & age group of the occupants.

Important – All Vastu solutions are designed keeping in mind the site practical limitations to avoid any challenges during application of remedies.

Step #4 Deliverables – Vastu Solutions Report & Vastu Remedies

A Detailed Vastu Solution Report is prepared for your property, customized to your needs, in compliance with your occupation & age group. This includes all the necessary Vastu treatments, Vastu suggestions and Internal rearrangements or Vastu alignments required to balance the property as per Vastu Shastra. Key highlights of Vastu Solutions Report are:

  • Vastu Treatments of Structural imbalances without any reconstruction or demolitions.
  • Activation of Positive Energy inflow & Harmonization with Nature.
  • Mapping of High & Low Energy Points as per Vastu & advice on the Best Utilization of these points.
  • Suggestions for Energy Harmonizers and Enhancers in the form of colours, Paintings, interior objects.
  • Ideal Interior placements and/or remedies for the imbalances occurring due to incorrect placement of all utilities & activities.

This Vastu Solutions Report acts as a manual & guides you for tuning your space as per Vastu guidelines. It is a self-explanatory report which encompasses every minutest thing that needs to be taken care of as per Vastu. Once you have tuned your space to Vastu as per the report, you shall start reaping the benefits of Vastu.

Simply aligning the space as per Vastu is not enough. We also need to maintain the Vastu compliance to ensure the energies of the house remain positive & favourable. The Vastu Solutions Report will also be a reference for the future and can be referred to if you plan to make any changes in the house interiors.

Step #5 Follow-up Discussion & Support for Vastu Implementation

With the Vastu report & remedies being delivered at your doorstep, our job is still not over. We know the importance of Vastu and ensure that you implement the Vastu suggestions to yield the desired results.

To ensure this, we arrange for a follow-up discussion by video or telephonic discussion. The client can clear their queries from the Vastu solutions report and also discuss in case of any practical challenges seen while implementing the Vastu suggestions.

Though we have tried our level best to design the Online Vastu Consultation Process in the simplest manner, we still welcome you to call us at +919910087794 for more clarity on the process.


  • Vaastu Consultation in aligning your premises as per Vaastu Shastra guidelines – Structural/Floor Plan layout & detailed interior Vaastu suggestions.
  • VDN Vaastu Solutions Manual Report (includes detailed Vaastu suggestions, treatments, remedies & interior suggestions)
  • One to One Telephonic or Video Call Discussion with the Vastu advisor for your property.
  • Follow-up remote assistance from the Vastu team for precise remedy implementation advice.
  • Suggestions for design modifications & rectifications as per Vaastu Shastra on new construction sites.
online vastu consultation

We Provide NO-DEMOLITION Vastu Solutions

The most common & popular fear among masses when they hear about Vastu is that Vastu involves demolition or reconstruction. However, we must know that when we talk about scientific aspect of Vastu, there is minimal room for demolition or reconstruction. A professional Vastu advisor will focus more on result-oriented approach towards Vastu Shastra with internal rearrangements & Vastu alignments to tune your space for attracting positive energies.

In most of the countries, like USA, Europe or Australia, where customized house layout is not an easy option, one has to abide by the builder guidelines. We cannot make structural changes or modifications. All we can do is alter the interior, plan the furniture placement and choose the set of colours as per Vastu. Thus, No Demolition Vastu solutions can be beautifully used to have the benefits of Vastu Shastra.

benefits of vastu guidelines

Importance of Vastu

Vastu is an ancient science of aligning your home, office, or workplace in harmony with nature. It is beneficial to ensure the energies of the space where we live or work are kept positive with the handy tool of Vastu Shastra, and ensure success and happiness. This positive energy generated through Vastu compliance helps to serve the required strength for pursuing your objectives. There is a never-ending list of benefits of implementing scientific Vastu guidelines at your space.

  1. Serves desired results of your efforts
  2. Helps to attract abundant wealth & success
  3. Gears up your motivation levels
  4. Offers timely support
  5. Ensures an easy path towards progress
online vastu consultation

If you feel you are surrounded by challenges like wastage of your efforts, work gets stuck at the last moment, unwanted expenditures, lack of financial stability, depression or unrest in mind, Vastu Shastra could be your lifeline to set the things back in place.

Spaces planned or designed as per Vastu Shastra guidelines with the guidance of a professional Vastu advisor have been seen to attract abundance of Health, Wealth & Prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Vastu Consultation is 100% effective. The process of consultation is designed in a scientific manner where our team uses their tools and expertise to find out the directions of the place and then relate the same with your floor plan to advise you of the Vastu remedies & solutions. This is tried, tested & proven effective for thousands of sites worldwide. Even if the Vastu advisor visits your site, the above mentioned process remains the same. So, online vastu consultation is as effective as onsite vastu consultation.

The primary requirements for online Vastu Consultation are the floor plan (layout map), photographs or videos of the site and google location (WhatsApp location) of the site. Also, our Vastu advisor may like to know the age & profession of the residents for residential sites and category of the business for commercial sites, to customize and fine tune the Vastu as per occupants.

In today’s world, with advancement of technology, everything from eatables to booking a flight is available in a single click. Moreover, with the work from home concept, more people remain at home for most of the time. Thus, it becomes mandatory to ensure that the place we live in is balanced in terms of Vastu. To avail the benefits of Vastu at your doorstep, without the hassle of searching & inviting a genuine Vastu advisor for your home, which incurs more cost, our Vastu advisors provide scientific & logical Vastu solutions anywhere in the world, and that too with no demolition. Their passion is to spread the science of Vastu Shastra globally.

The prime deliervable of Online Vastu Consultation is that you get a Vastu Compliant home without much effort, in a cost-effective and scientific manner. Talking about real deliverables, you will get a detailed Vastu Consultation including a Vastu Manual custom prepared for your site, which has all the information required to firstly align the place as per Vastu and then serve as reference to maintain the place as per Vastu till the time you occupy that place. It has all the Vastu remedies, treatments and advise regarding Vastu to be followed specifically for that site,

Our Vastu advisors are seasoned professionals who are working for years in the field of Vastu and take a scientific approach to consultation the Vastu of your place based on the floor plan. To have a virtual tour of the site, we encourage a video of the site to be provided, so that Vastu advisors get a clear understanding of the site for any Vastu defects and advise the solutions accordingly.

Online Vastu Consultation process generally takes from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on the scope of work like number of floors, area of the site etc. Not only this, our advisors extend a time of 45 days to the client after delivery of the report to ask for any queries or clarifications in reference to the report. Also, for the sites which are new construction, we offer complete hand holding till site completion.

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