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Searching for the best Online Vastu Shastra Consultant?

Your search for best online Vastushastra Expert ends here! Get the Best Online Vaastu consultation for your home, Factory or office space! Vaastu Devayah Namah Experts provides you the most professional & authentic online Vaastu consultation and helps you avail the immense benefits of Scientific Vastu Shastra. Our globally renowned professional Vastu Consultants aim at spreading the aura of Vastu Shastra across the globe, thus they devised this simple, NO DEMOLITION yet completely effective process of Online Vastu Consultation which is gaining popularity worldwide.

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  • To-The-Scale layout map (Floor Plan).
  • Google/Whatsapp location of the site.
  • Photographs/Videos of the property.
  • Mark North Direction on the layout map.
  • Birth Details of the occupants (Horoscope).
  • Call 9910087794 to understand in detail.

Post receipt of the above listed inputs, our Vastu Consultant would discuss your concerns and proceed with the Vastu analysis for the complete Vastu Balancing. We specialize in aligning your property as per Vastu Shastra principles, with simple yet effective methods, without any reconstruction or demolition.


  • No-demolition Vastu corrections and precise remedy implementation advice.
  • Detailed Interior Vaastu Solutions on the architectural plan.
  • Video Call Discussion with Vastu Consultant.
  • Follow-up remote assistance from the Vastu team up to 6 weeks
  • Suggestions for design modifications as per Vaastu Shastra on new constructions.
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How the Online Vastu Check process works?

  • The client provides 'To-the-Scale' layouts/maps of shortlisted properties.
  • The google coordinates or WhatsApp location of the shortlisted property.
  • VDN IT-team identifies the property using technology and zeros in the precise orientation.
  • Our Experts analyse the property in detail for Vastu compliances.
  • Detailed Telephonic discussion with one of our Experts about Vastu Analysis of the property to help you decide.

Why Vastu is Important?

Vastu is the science of aligning the energies of your surroundings in harmony with nature. It is important to keep the energies of our Home pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to ensure growth and prosperity. This energy is the fuel for your mind & body and Vastu helps to restore the proper energy flow in order to have enough strength for pursuing your objectives. There is an endless list of advatages of following Vastu principles at your home. It helps in getting optimum output of your efforts, helps you attract quality relations, revitalize yourself, recharge your batteries, get your motivation and determination and get timely support as and when required so that you can progress in your life. Buildings aligned as per Vastushastra principles under the guidance of an experienced Vastu expert always attract best of Health, Wealth & Prosperity.

Online Vastu Shastra balancing is carried out in much detail, with absolute precision and mapping the property with the specific challenges or goals of the occupants. Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu consultants, every direction of the property can be very well tuned to yield its best possible benefits. We unknowingly create challenges for ourselves by neglecting the secret guidance of Vaastu Shastra designed by the universe. Renovation, Demolition or reconstruction is not the only way to convert a space to Vaastu complaint. People across the world have benefited from our online vastu consultation and have explored the finest dimension of their lives post Vastu Balancing.

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Best Online Vastu Check services

  • VDN Online Vastu Check helps the buyers to make an informed choice. They know beforehand whether the property is worth investing their hard earned money or not.
  • The client is made aware in detail about the positive and negative aspects of the Vastu of the property.
  • A little extra effort put while selecting the right property ensures Best of HEALTH, WEALTH & PROSPERITY for the occupants.

No Demolition Vastu Solutions

Vaastu Devayah Namah is co-founded by Acharya Chhaya Goyal and Eshaan Garg Ji, the best Vastu consultants across the world. They are highly skilled & have rich experience of Thousands of Vastu Case Studies. They are are providing On-site as well as Online Vastu Consultation since many years and are associated with Many Business groups and Brands, resolving their concerns and designing their success path with an unmatched expertise in Vastu Shastra.

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How Vastu impacts our lives?

Acharya Chhaya Goyal, founder at Vaastu Devayah Namah, serving Vastu Shastra for more than 23+ years writes "It feels bad to see people spend their hard earned money in buying a house which is not as per vastu shastra and ends up in trouble. There are already lot of sufferings in this world and we should aim at using the science of Vastu shastra to bring joy in the lives of people.

The energy of your surroundings program your instincts and your intuition. These energies should be positive enough to make you feel happy, confident, wise, guides you to right path, helps you make right choices & work smart. It should connect you with your Inner Voice and develope a mindset which attracts only the best and guides you towards your true life path that leads you to your life's mission. The positivity that Vastushastra fills your surroundings with, opens the doors for real realization in all the areas of your life and fills you with personal satisfaction.

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"It feels bad to see people spend their hard earned money in buying a non vastu-shastra compliant house and landing in trouble soon after. Instead we should take advantage of this wonderful science called Vastu Shastra to attract more and more joy & Abundance in our lives and overcome the miseries & sufferings of this world." - Acharya Chhaya Goyal (Founder Vaastu Devayah Namah)


10000+ happy clients

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"Every Home Has its Own Energy Pattern".

Harmonize This Energy Of Your Home And Turn It Into A High-Powered Magnet To Attract Abundance!!

People have experienced extraordinary results, from launching successful businesses to creating more flow and harmony for themselves and their families With the able guidance of Vastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal. She helps her clients multiply their joys & accelerate their success by creating powerful surroundings.

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Vastu is the science of living in harmony with nature and is equally applicable for flats and apartments. Incorrect Vastu of a home (Simple or luxurious) can cause serious health, relationship, career and financial problems. The energy of your space programs your subconscious mind which is the driving force for your thoughts and in turn your actions. Following the principles of Vastu and balancing the energies is must for better & healthier life.
South facing houses will also prove to be absolutely good if these are constructed following the Vastu Principles. Vastu compliant, South facing Vastu compliant homes are doing better and flourishing unlike popular myth. At the same time, we have corrected innumerable East/North facing homes where Vastu principles were not being followed. Such houses were proving to be disastrous for its occupants. Vastu principles when followed diligently irrespective of facing effective establish harmony with nature and pave a way to unprecedented growth.
It is important to keep the energies of our Home pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to attract growth and prosperity. As we all know Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. There is an endless list of benefits of following Vastu principles at home. It helps in enhancing happiness, growth, improved relationships among family members, achieving goals and targets, timely support, Name, Fame and quality relationship in your social circle. Homes designed as per Vastu under the guidance of an experienced Vastu expert flourish and bring quality in all dimensions of life.
Yes. it is very much possible to remove Vastu Dosha without demolition from already constructed homes. Team Vastu Devayah Namah advises non-invasive, inexpensive, simple and easy to apply practical techniques. The results are usually visible in short time after implementation of VDN suggestions.
Vastu is a science as well as an art of establishing harmony of five elements, Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether in your surroundings. These five elements are base of everything we see, feel & smell. Vastu is an old Indian traditional system which have proven it's authenticity and accuracy since centuries and has become more relevant today due to constricting spaces and sedentry lifestyle.
An experienced Vastu consultant can judge the Vastu Doshas in the propety of a person just by his questions and concerns. But it is important to analyse the property precisely to advise effective, result giving Vastu solutions. For this purpose a perfect 'To the scale' map of property and accurate orientation (direction) is the minimum requirement. Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has a vast experience of fetching these details precisely which makes them deliver perfect solutions to balance the Vastu of any property worldwide.
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