vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

Vastu Shastra For Home


Importance of Vastu For Home

In today's day and age, almost all of us have busy competitive schedules that usually don't leave us with any cushion to sit back, unwind, and relax at the end of the day. A vastu balanced home works as a heaven of relaxation and comfort where you can rejuvenate by just being. In the current lifestyle chaos, a Vastu compliant interior design transform your home into a heavenly abode. Your home is your own space. It's all about your preferences, goals and targets and what passion you want to follow in your life that makes you happy.

Vastu for home

Vastu compliant homes not only makes you feel happy and content but it is also something that aligns your manifestations with Health, Wealth and Prosperity and impress your visitors. Vastu Compliant Interior design has the power to rectify the Vastu flaws of the structure. Vastu compliant Interiors not just satisfies your distinctive aesthetic needs, but also enhances the energies of your home to align you with your purpose. Being you is important, and arriving back to your home should be a celebration every day. Whether it is your kitchen design, your bed placement, study, locker, staircase, location of WC in your bathroom. everything should vibrate with the conducive energy for your all-round betterment. Your flavour can still be added in the form of creative elemental balancing to make your home reflect your personal touch.

Best Vastu Solutions For A Happy Home

Not just Structure but Interiors also leaves deep impression on our sub-conscious mind which in turn play a very important role in deciding the direction of our lives. Today's lifestyle is modern and stylish and hence the strutures are built keeping that in mind. Indeed not only structure but Interior Designs are also fancy, colorful and is a play of various textures and elements. As we all know that subconscious mind decides our choices and sub-conscious mind gets its food from our surroundings.

Vastu is a science which when followed in its true essence, help us create a space with the right balance of energies. We need to keep our subconscious mind aligned to positivity and productivity and the energies of our surroundings is the only responsible factor for that. Our Life path towards Success, Peace & Abundance is determined by our Actions and our Actions are the direct product of our thoughts. Vastu compliant Interior design not just helps to uplift our spirits but also helps to raise the functionality in our life by making the best use of the available space.

Vastu For New Home

Usually, we keep hearing about Vastu Shastra and its importance when a new home is being planned, mostly from our elders. Moving into a new home built by our own efforts is like a dream come true for everyone. For most people, this is usually possible only once in their lifetime as it involves lots of resources in terms of time, money and skills.

vastu check for new home

One always wants to be sure that their new home brings them a healthy life full of abundance. Sometimes, for few the actual experience is completely opposite unfortunately. Often it happens in many of the cases, people do mention that shifting to a new home, has been life transforming but negatively. Thus, it is of utmost importance that each element be taken care while building a new house – from selection or property, to the design of floor plan layouts (including plumbing & electricals), allocation of bedrooms, choice of colours & patterns and most importantly the interior designing. For example – Kitchen, the fire element of the house, needs to be planned in the South-East direction, but even important is to ensure that we choose the correct colours. Choosing blue or black shades for a South-East kitchen is disastrous, as these belong to the water direction.

A humble advice is to not take the course of treatment based on Google or YouTube research. Instead, Visit an expert doctor. Vastu Experts have spent a significant time researching and practicing their skill. Have faith and allow them to do their job.


Just as the mouth takes in the food for our body, the main entrance acts as an input source of energy for any property. The energy of the entrance decides the kind of vibrations entering the house. It is often said that the entrance should be the most pleasing and positive element of your house. If the entrance is in a negative direction, the intake is disturbed which in turn disturbs the whole process of growth happening inside. With the principles of Vastu Shastra, the entrance can be treated and programmed to minimise the negative effects.

vastu for home entrance

If the entrance of the house is in a positive direction, the residents grow in leaps & bounds. The colour of the entrance gate, the type of artefacts, auspicious symbols, plants and other décor items can be added to the entrance to maximize the positive energy vibrations at the entrance, duly under the able guidance of learned vastu consultant. The entrance in any direction, can be well programmed, treated and managed to give the desired results. Also Read Vastu Shastra for Main Entrance


Kitchen holds a very important element of the house i.e. The Fire Element. Fire element governs many aspects in our lives like cash flow, health, safety etc. The best and most ideal direction for kitchen in our home lies between South-East and South direction (when calculated from the centre of the house), as per Vastu Shastra principles for homes. This direction belongs to the fire element and when a kitchen is constructed in this direction, it ensures Vastu compliance for the kitchen as per Vastu for home, thus ensuring wealth, safety and prosperity in the lives of residents.


Another important aspect to be considered inside a kitchen is the colour scheme of the kitchen as per Vastu. This ends up turning a Vastu perfect kitchen to an imbalanced kitchen. Even if you have the kitchen in the Vastu perfect direction, but the colours are not as per Vastu, all the positive aspects of the kitchen are lost. For example, having a kitchen in the ideal direction i.e., between South-East and South direction, but using a black granite marble (representing water) below the gas stove disturbs the cycle of five elements and we no longer are able to yield any positive of the ideal kitchen location. If the colours are not as per Vastu, our experts can recommend balancing colours to be added in the kitchen to nullify the effect of anti-colours, without any re-construction. Also Read Vastu Tips For Kitchen


We start out daily routine with worshiping the divine at our pooja place in our homes. It has a great impact on how our day will be. We worship in the temple and offer our morning prayers with a pure and clean intent of being successful for the entire day. Our subconscious mind gets in sync with the energy of that place. Now, if that place of worship is in a positive direction, we get all the more benefit of our worship as the motive shall be fulfilled with the positive energies. NORTH-EAST & WEST directions are the ideal directions, as per Vaastu Shastra to have a temple at home. These directions emit positive vibrations which help us convert our manifestation into reality. Colours to be used in the temple are equally important and any incorrect colours may affect the attributes of that direction and we may feel Vaastu isn’t working. Facing towards East is considered the best and most ideal while praying. Also Read Vastu Shastra Tips For Home Temple


Bedroom is a place where we spend almost one-third of our lives. So Vastu of a bedroom leaves deep impression on our sub-conscious mind obviously. It is very important that we spend 6-8 hours of sleep in a positive direction and a relaxing ambiance. Many a times people complain that even after getting up in the morning, their mind is not relaxed and they were not able to sleep properly throughout the night. In such cases one must check primarily the direction in which the person is sleeping and weather the attributes of that direction is the cause of the problems. Vibrations of the bedroom, whether positive or negative, definitely impact the inhabitants. If the placement of bedroom is in a positive direction, residents attract positive attributes.

bedroom interiors as per vastu

The allocation of bedrooms must be done as per age group and profession of the residents. For example – bedroom in north direction is good for people into jobs. Choosing the colour schemes in the bedroom as per Vastu Shastra also plays a vital role. If chosen as per the direction, it promotes positivity. For example, if a bedroom in West Direction has red or green shades, it may lead to financial disturbances. The type of paintings or sculptures in the bedroom should be also be chosen very wisely, in full compliance with Vastu Shastra. Also Read More Vastu Tips For Bedroom


The place for study, be it for young kids or for teens brings in noticeable difference when set as per Vastu Shastra. Generally, West or to be more precise West of South-West is described and experienced as an ideal direction for the placement of books and study room as per Vastu. When kids grow up and start pursuing their career, specific direction as per their field of study, like accounts or medical etc. is advised to give them an edge in this copetitive world. At all times, North East direction can be general option for study room as the Energies of North East (Ishaan Kon) helps in maintaining the desired focus and concentration while studying. Preparation for job interviews in the for study roomof North direction is again a generic recommendation. While following the colour schemes as per the recommendation of Vastu Shastra for the respective direction is essential, direction of facing also enhances the positivity and odds of Success.


It is a myth that a balcony in South or South-West direction is not auspicious. All directions are good to let the nature inside the home. A balcony in any direction can prove to be good as it allows the daylight and ventilation to enter your premises. The aspect to be taken care is that the purpose or usage of the balcony. If the balcony is used for important activities like meditation, work, reading etc. then due consideration should be given to Vastu Shastra to ensure the balcony is in the correct direction. Also, from Vaastu perspective, a lot depends on the climate of the place also. Indeed, not just weather, architectural practices of the place where the site is situated and the height of the surrounding buildings also needs to be taken into consideration.


Store Room is often observed to be the most cluttered, dull and unused room of the house. Anything and everything which is not used in the house is generally placed in the store room. vastu for store room The store room lacks ventilation and light. Thus, it becomes a negative spot and starts affecting the direction it is placed in. For example – a store room in North direction hampers opportunities and growth, as the negative spot affects the attributes of North. Thus, a store room should be planned in a vastu preferred direction, ideally in West of North West. Also, the store room should be kept well lit, organised and free of damaged articles.


Toilets should be designed as per Vaastu guidelines, as they tend to become a major source of negative energy in the house. Toilet Seat is an activity of disposal and hence disposes everything. So, if it is placed in a direction which provides benefits to the occupants, it may flush away the positive energy of that direction. It may keep the occupants devoid of the benefits that direction is bound to offer. While making Vaastu corrections in a space, special attention should be given to the toilet seats. vastu for toilets If balanced & treated as per principles of Vaastu, its effects can be minimized. For example, if the toilet seat is placed in West direction and whenever we visit the toilet with intent of flushing off, the attributes of that direction are also getting flushed away. West direction governs our finances, material gains, our businesses etc.

So, unknowingly our subconscious mind, being synced with our space, is flushing off our gains and manifestations. The outcome will be that inhabitants of that house will not be able to make profits and gains and their work and important deals may get stuck at the last moment. Similarly, toilet placement in each direction shall give negative effects as per placement, if not placed in the Vaastu preferred direction. Also Read Important Effects of Toilet Seat as per Vaastu


The most common challenge people face nowadays is with managing and retaining the domestic helpers at home. Thus, it is to be given due importance to the direction where the servants stay or the servant rooms are located in the residential premises. In case the servant room or the place where servants occupy most of the time falls in a low energy zone, the servants tend to be troublesome, do not stay longer, have behavioural issues or sometimes even lead to thefts etc. Thus, the location of servant rooms be placed ideally in south-east or north-west directions. Servants staying in these directions have proven to stay longer and form the required support system. Also, any vastu imbalance in these directions also hamper the required relationship with the servants.


We should never forget that we function physically and mentally best when we are in harmony with nature. Our ancestors have always been guiding us through daily practices of sleeping with our head in West and South directions preferably. Pointing South with your feet for a longer period while sleeping will bring multiple emotional and physical challenges. Such things won’t matter to the interior designer and he will design as per his own thought process but it is certainly going to affect the occupants after sometime of occupying the property.

vastu for soundsleep

As per vastu, unorganised bed box or keeping non-working objects in the bed box affects the health of the residents. Even Broken, Damaged or dysfunctional objects programs the subconscious negatively. Discard any broken or damaged stuff placed anywhere in your bed room. Any scenery or statues in the home/bedroom giving a discomfort feeling, must be replaced with soothing and positive pictures depicting happiness and success. Try to maintain a soothing colour scheme on the walls and upholstery of your room. Also Read Vastushastra Tips For Good Sleep

7 things to avoid as per Vastu Shastra.

Bedroom Interiors as per Vastu
  • Avoid damaged idols, sceneries etc in your Pooja place
  • Avoid Broken glass or mirrors in house. It may invite negative energy in the house
  • Avoid non-working clocks & watches. It may lead to bad times in life
  • Avoid damaged furniture or other broken household stuff. It may cause health problems and invite hurdles in daily life
  • Avoid non-functioning electronics like laptop, mobile, lights, etc. It may cause imbalances in the direction where it is placed.
  • Avoid leaking taps & plumbing fixtures. It may lead to financial challenges
  • Avoid wild bushes & thorny plants in your homes. Rose flower plants are fine to keep.


Vastu is a science which when followed in its true essence, help us create a space with the right balance of energies. We need to keep our subconscious mind aligned to positivity and productivity and the energies of our surroundings is the only responsible factor for that. Our Life path towards Success, Peace & Abundance is determined by our actions and our actions are the direct product of our thoughts. A vastu compliant home not just helps to uplift our spirits but also helps to raise the functionality in our life by making the best use of the available space.

Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu experts, each direction in the house can be used to yield its best possible attributes. We unknowingly create problems for ourselves by not following the secret principles of Vaastu Shastra that the universe has designed. Renovation or reconstruction are not always required to make a space Vaastu complaint. It is always said - work smarter, not harder. Just as a psychiatrist or a doctor tunes our brain to a positive frequency, so we feel happy and relaxed, similarly, programming the vastu of any space can solve many of the problems we think we have in life.

Note -Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction. The above vastu advice is given by best vastu experts at and is based on experience and knowledge. It is recommended that precise calculations regarding directions are followed for the best results.

Avoid any demolition or reconstruction on the name of Vaastu Shastra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vastu is the science of living in harmony with nature. We attract only what our subconscious mind believes to be possible and our surroundings program our subconscious mind. Correct Vastu alignment helps you attract not just money but overall Health, Wealth & Prosperity also.

All facings can be good or bad depending on overall Vastu balancing of the house. Though it has been observed that houses having their active entrance from South West direction attract bitter experiences mostly. The good news is that Vastu principles when followed diligently even in Southwest facing properties, the negative effects are majorly neutralized. Infact when the harmony with nature is effectively established, positivity gets attracted.

Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. The most effective and tested since centuries is our own Vaidic Vastu. The Vaidic principles if interpreted correctly requires no demolition and are effective even in today's changing architecture. There is absolutely no need to follow any other Vastu system promoting Pyramids, Yantras, Tantras etc. Vaidic principles requires no demolition on the name of Vastu and encourage living in harmony with nature and help us align the energies of our homes with positivity and abundance.

The main door can be facing any direction. However, the placement of door in that particular direction should be in a positive zone. It is calculated as per the floor plan, orientation & direction of the house. There should not be even a slight degree variation, as that may not bring the desired results. Hire Vastu consultancy services to get treatment for your house if the main door is not exactly in the Vastu compliant direction.

As per Vastu Shastra, any direction can be considered good for a house, provided the main gate is planned as per Vaastu and the internal structure is Vaastu compliant. Facing or Entrance is just one of the Vastu factors while choosing a plot or an apartment, but not the only factor. You must keep the direction of the entrance in mind. The house should open at a precise degree and specific dimension according to Vastu and the orientation of the house. That’s why it’s important to talk to a Vastu consultant and check Vaastu compliance before buying or renting a house.

Vastu shastra has many rules that help you enjoy your life with extraordinary health, wealth, and relationships. Some basic rules include,
- Must have a clean and tidy northeast of the property.
-The kitchen should be between the south & southeast direction.
-The entrance should be in a positive direction as per Vaastu.
-Bathrooms and toilets should be in the low-energy areas.
-Wall colors should be according to Vastu.
Several other Vastu rules also apply and must be followed if you are looking for a high-quality life. It’s best to take Vastu services and use a consultant’s expertise.

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