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Ideal Vastu Direction For Sleeping – Vastu Balancing & Quality Sleep

Do you know that many people believe that the North is the worst Vastu direction for sleeping because that’s where the elephant’s head was when Lord Shiva got it cut for Ganesha?

sleeping as per vastu

It's also said that the South is the direction of Yama - the god of death, and if we disrespect him by pointing our legs in his direction (which happens when our head is in the North), our life will end.

Now we would never know how true these stories are, but letting them create fear in us doesn’t seem good.

To get rid of the fears and also get the benefits, we need to see whether it's a superstition or if there is some science behind this concept.

In this article, we’ll find out the correct sleeping direction according to Vastu and in which direction to keep our head while sleeping. We’ll also talk about why the wrong direction is wrong and end the article with some bonus Vastu tips to sleep better.

The Wrong Sleeping Position As Per Vastu – Why Not To Sleep In The North Direction

Before we talk about sleeping as per Vastu, it is crucial to comprehend how magnetic fields and other electromagnetic energies affect our health.

You should know that both our planet and the human body have magnetic poles.

The positive and negative magnetic poles of Earth are located respectively in the North (Arctic area) and South (Antarctica area). And in humans, the head is north, and the feet are south.

Sleeping in a direction like the North can cause the two positive poles to repel one another because of the Earth's magnetic pull.

A force gets produced when two positive poles come together. This force can lead to neurological disorders, sleep disturbances, and other health problems. Sleeping with one's head in the north can even hinder the recovery of those fighting a long-term, serious disease.

Additionally, it's typical to detect stress, headache, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other health issues in those who sleep in the north. Because of these numerous harsh side effects, resting with your head in the north receives a big No from Vastu experts.

You should also know that in the Hindu religion when people die, their bodies are laid down in such a way that the head is in the north. That way, Yama - the god of death (in the south) can easily pull out the person’s soul from his body through the legs.

If both of these explanations are not convincing you enough and you still want to sleep with your head in the north, you can start an experiment.

Sleep with your head in the south (Vastu direction for sleep) for 3 to 6 months, and then sleep with your head in the north for another period of 3 to 6 months. You will experience better sleep and overall health with your head in the south than in the north.

Note: North is not an ideal sleeping direction as per Vastu in countries in the northern hemisphere. These places include India, Japan, North America, and Europe.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, i.e., near Australia, South America, South Africa, Argentina, etc, the rules mentioned in this article are opposite for you. North, in that case, would be ideal to sleep in, and the south would be wrong.

Why is that, you ask? Because the winds flow from west to east in southern hemispheres, but east to west in the northern. Know that the Wind is one of the core elements in Vastu (called Vayu) and it’s direction plays a major role.

Sleeping Directions According To Vastu

Sleeping As Per Vastu In The East Direction

East is an empowering direction. With its immense positive energy (thanks to the sun rising from the east) it rejuvenates you and increases your focus, memory, and concentration.

You see, the planet rotates from west to east, the winds thus flow from east to west, taking the healing energy of the sun with them. (2) The healing wind helps balance the body’s functional energies or doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), which amps up your health.

Good quality sleep, better health, and improved brain functions like memory and concentration, help you speed up your growth in life. That’s why the east is one of the best places to sleep as per Vastu.

In this case, according to Vastu for bed position, the head side should be in the east, and the legs of the bed should be in the west.

Sleeping As Per Vastu In The West Direction

Sleeping in the west or even keeping your head in the west direction when sleeping isn’t ideal. Because the air you breathe in this direction is not as healing as in other directions. Moreover, sleeping in the west can make you restless.

Vastu direction to sleep for guests

West is often the choice of Vastu direction to sleep for guests. Because the average person doesn’t want their guest to get too comfortable in the house and stay longer than they should.

However, if you cannot fix a bed in the east or south, the west would be your next best option. Also, if you are ambitious and inclined towards success, sleeping in the west can help. To some people, this direction can bring them more wealth and opportunities.

So, if you want success, keep your head in the west and your feet pointing to the east.

What’s The Best Direction To Sleep According To Vastu?

The ideal Vastu direction for sleeping is the South. To make it clear, ideally, your bedroom should be in the south of your house.

Sleeping in this direction relaxes you fast, and you sleep better. That means your body produces essential hormones and takes care of your metabolism. With balanced hormones, you can prevent issues like diabetes, PCOS, and thyroid.

Deep sleep also helps take care of your emotional and mental health. It makes you productive at work, and because of this, you can bring more money, abundance, and happiness into your life.

vastu for bed position

According to Vastu for bed position, your head should be in the south, and your legs should be pointing north.

How To Sleep As Per Vastu - Vastushastra Tips For Good Sleep

Do you always find yourself struggling for a sound sleep? If Yes, read further to program a nice peaceful sleep for yourself.

  • If you are sleeping with head pointing towards the North Direction, change your sleeping position in a way that head points towards South or East Direction. Sleeping with head towards North direction gives anxiety and disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Check if the placement on your bed is not in between the following directions, which is generally considered negative and affects the sleep patterns:
    1. between South and South West
    2. between West and North West &
    3. between East and South East
  • If you are sleeping on a bed with storage, keep the storage organized. Never not store any electronic appliances in the bed storage. As per vastu, unorganised bed box or keeping non-working objects in the bed box affects the health of the residents.
  • Broken/Damaged/dysfunctional stuff programs the subconscious negatively. Discard any broken or damaged stuff placed anywhere in your bed room.
  • It looks normal to place your bed aligned to a wall. But it’s best to keep a gap of at least a few inches between the wall and the bed no matter what Vastu direction for sleeping you choose. It will help ensure that positive energy has space to flow around you while you sleep.
  • Any scenery or statues in the home/bedroom giving a discomfort feeling? Get rid of that. Replace that with soothing and positive pictures depicting happiness and success. Try to maintain a soothing colour scheme on the walls and upholstery of your room. The advice on Vastu compliant colour scheme can be taken from an experirenced Vastu expert foe multiple other benefits too.
  • Avoid placing your mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets near or under your pillow while sleeping.
  • Check for any Blue and/or Black colour shades in the South direction of your home, if found change it to soothing green. Blue is strictly prohibited in South direction as it negates the energy that helps in relaxation.
  • Discard immediately, if there is any clutter or scrap in the North East direction. Keep this direction pure, neat and clean. North East is the brain of the house. If kept organised, the residents experience peace of mind.
  • If there is any trash bin adjacent to your bed, relocate it as far away as feasible. Trash bins should be placed in some specific directions only (mentioned in point no. 2).
  • Ensure the lights of the room are not flickering or broken and are clean and functional. Keep sufficient light in the room. Also, ensure proper ventilation and daylight in the bedroom. This enhances the positivity factor in the bedroom.
  • Regularly use sea salt to mop the floor, to get rid of any negative energies. It is recommended to use sea salt in the master bedroom every week for mopping the floor.
  • Playing mantras or chants in the bedroom every morning after sunrise attracts positive vibrations in the atmosphere of the room. This positivity then transforms into positive emotions and actions for the residents thus enabling them to lead a happy and successful life.

Wrapping Up

Now you know in which direction we have to sleep and what to do to make your sleep high quality.

But do you want to find the best sleeping position according to Vastu for yourself?

Consult an expert, and they will find the best direction for you according to your goals and astrological charts.

Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu experts, each direction in the house can be used to yield its best possible attributes. We unknowingly create problems for

Frequently Asked Questions

As per vastu shastra, the best and most ideal direction while sleeping is “Head pointing towards South direction".

As per scientific principles of vastu shastra, master bedroom is supposed to be placed as per the profession and age group of the residents. For example – North direction is good for people into jobs/service, West direction is good for people into business etc. This needs to be checked by a professional vastu expert and then allotment of bedrooms should be done.

It is not recommended to sleep under a pillar beam as it may lead to health concerns over a longer period of time.

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