Vastu Balancing & Quality Sleep

Vastushastra Tips For Good Sleep

Do you always find yourself struggling for a sound sleep? If Yes, Read further to program a nice peaceful sleep for yourself.

1. If you are sleeping with head pointing towards the North Direction, change your sleeping position in a way that head points towards South or East Direction.

2. If you are sleeping on a bed with storage, keep the storage organized. Never not store any electronic appliances in the bed storage.

3. Broken/Damaged/dysfunctional stuff programs the subconscious negatively. Discard any broken or damaged stuff placed anywhere in your bed room.

4. Any scenery or statues in the home/bedroom giving a discomfort feeling ? Get rid of that.

5. Avoid placing your mobile phones or any other gadgets near or under your pillow.

6. Scan for any blue or black colour shades in the south direction of your home, If found Change it to soothing green.

7. Discard immediately, if there is any clutter or scrap in the North East direction. Keep this direction pure, neat and clean.

8. If there is any trash bin adjacent to your bed, relocate it as far away as feasible.

9. Try to maintain a soothing colour scheme on the walls and upholstery of your room.

10. Ensure the lights of the room are not flickering or broken and are clean and functional. Keep sufficient light in the room.

11. Regularly use sea salt to mop the floor, to get rid of any negative energies.

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