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Vastu Kitchen Colour: What You Must Know?

The vastu kitchen colour may offer more than help you choose paint for a new look. These hues may help you relax, feel more optimistic, and clear your head.

vastu for kitchen color

Knowing the finest vastu for residential will help create a welcoming and pleasant area for you and your loved ones to enjoy cooking and spending time together. The Vastu colours for the kitchen discussed in this article have provided positive energy for their owners for many years.

What Is The Vastu Kitchen Colour?

To that end, maroon might be a good vastu kitchen colour since it is a warm, inviting hue. Brown, which indicates joy, is also a good Vastu colour for the kitchen, while warm tones like pink signify compassion and warmth.

A southeast corner is ideal for kitchens. In the case of a kitchen with cabinets, Vastu recommends using bright, happy colours like pink, brown, orange, and even green to evoke feelings of renewal, vitality, and contentment. Tiles made of mosaic, ceramic, or marble are all fantastic choices for the floor.

Vastu expert near me recommends using readily accessible, natural stones like granite or quartz for kitchen countertops. For the granite on your kitchen counter, you may follow Vastu guidelines and go with any of the colours above.

Vastu Shastra emphasises the significance of food in human existence and states that food is the greatest energy source. But how you cook changes the flavour and vitality of the food, affecting your mood, productivity, and quality of life. To appease Maa Annapurna, the Goddess of Food and Nourishment, vastu kitchen colour provides a number of guidelines to follow.

Vastu-Compliant Colours For The Kitchen

Red And Orange

vastu for kitchen color

According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast is the direction of the fire element. Thus, it is the finest orientation for a kitchen. Naturally, the kitchen needs a few touches of red, but only in small doses.


Green is a permitted colour for a kitchen in the south-east direction as per Vastu. Choose a variety of greens, such as moss green, pistachio green, or olive green, to provide visual interest and depth to your kitchen. Seagrass, or any pale green, is a lovely choice for decorating a compact, contemporary kitchen.


The colour white has come to represent innocence and success.

Based on vastu kitchen colour principles, white is the optimal kitchen colour. It's the perfect kitchen colour since it spreads good vibes and complements stainless steel appliances.


It's the ideal shade for eastern kitchens. Yellow and subdued gold are the colours of bonding because they evoke sensations of warmth, relaxation, security, and happiness, similar to those evoked by earthy tones. There's a wide range of yellows available in the kitchen, from canary to mustard to soft yellow.

Light Brown

Brown invites stability and warmth in partnerships. According to vastu kitchen colour, its presence in the kitchen stimulates hunger and brings contentment. Opt for light brown to improve family relationships and attract riches. Select wooden racks, chopping boards and cabinet finish to attract good wood energy. They may thus be used to animate a kitchen.

Chocolate Brown

According to vastu kitchen colour, chocolate colour can also be used for a kitchen. However, according to Vastu, this kitchen hue is great for a kitchen since it communicates warmth and happiness, sentiments a good kitchen will encourage.

When paired with a sleek, contemporary kitchen design, earthy brown tones are a great choice for a south-east kitchen.

Vastu Compliant Colours for Kitchen Work Surfaces

But which hue is excellent for kitchen slabs and platforms? It's recommended that you go with a green kitchen slab. Colours like cream and orange are also very effective.

Kitchen Paint Colours to Avoid According to Vastu

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just relaxing after a long day, the kitchen is where it all happens. Bringing good energy into your house is as easy as adjusting your kitchen to conform to Vastu principles. You probably already know that the Vastu-approved colour scheme for a kitchen is as per the direction of the kitchen, but just in case, here are the colours to avoid if the kitchen is in South-East direction: black, grey, and blue.

vastu for kitchen color

Switching up the colours in your kitchen is a Vastu-approved step towards generating good energy and abundance, whether a tiny adjustment like adding new worktops or a huge one like painting the walls.

Why Does Choosing the Wrong Kitchen Colours Cause Issues?

Vastu Shastra identifies the kitchen as a home's Agni (fire) zone. According to Vastu, the colour blue symbolises tranquillity or water. Now picture a south-east-facing, blue-coloured kitchen. Adding fuel to the fire, as it were.

According to vastu kitchen colour, this throws off the whole household's dynamics and causes problems. Use this guide as a starting point to choose the finest and most Vastu-compliant Kitchen colours.

The ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra includes instructions from Vaastudevayah on how to construct a home and maintain a healthy, prosperous living there. With the help of Vaastudevayah, you may confidently choose the ideal Kitchen colour scheme in accordance with Vastu.

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