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Vastu Tips For Good Health & Immunity

Vastu Dosha and Diseases

“Healthy Space helps with Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Thoughts Are Important for Healthy Body” Disease can be understood as Dis-Ease which means when Ease is disturbed.

There are innumerable case studies where the health of the occupants could be restored in a short span of time after balancing the Vastu Dosha of that house. Indeed, whenever there is illness, it directly implies that Energies of that house are disturbed.

Vastu tips for health

There are two types of energies as we already know, Positive and Negative. In terms of Vastu, these are Energy fields Sur (Positive) and Asur (Negative). Whenever Sur gets dis-balanced, Asur takes over and the resistance power or immune system of the body starts getting compromised and makes one prone to illness.

Though all the directions of the house need to be Vastu balanced to enjoy all round Health, Wealth and Prosperity, but when we talk about having a good immunity and resistance power, two directions play a very important role. These are North of North East and South of South East.

Let’s understand the Do’s and Don’ts of both directions one by one.

North of North East: Direction of Health and Healing

This direction is important for physical as well as emotional health.

Some Do's for North Of North East

  • Keep this direction clean and organized.
  • De-clutter and discard all the non-working and broken things.
  • Always keep healthy plants of small size if you wish to.
  • Spend some time every day to enhance your immunity levels.
  • Medicines kept here help in faster recovery.
  • Can keep a picture of Lord Dhanvantari here for speedy recovery.

Some Dont's for North of North East

  • Strictly Avoid any Toilet, Gen-set, Inverter or Water purifier in this direction.
  • Do NOT keep dustbins or scrap in this direction.There is NO REMEDY for them in this direction.
  • Kitchen or any fire related activity (even related colours) in this direction leads to mental diseases.

South of South East: Direction of Energy and Strength

This direction helps in giving the occupants good vital energy, and physical as well as mental stamina when the energies of this direction are harmonized.

Some Do's for South of South East

  • Kitchen or any fire related activity (even related colours) in this direction are beneficial.
  • Food consumed after being cooked / kept in South of South East helps in better absorption of nutrition.
  • After balancing the energies of this direction, place Desi Ghee (clarified butter) and Shahad (Honey) in this direction. These two can be consumed regularly to enhance the sense of well-being and strength of body.
  • Spending time in this direction makes a person physically and mentally energetic and helps in recovery from even chronic ailments, if any.

Some Dont's for South of South East

  • Avoid any Toilet and non-functional Water purifier in this direction, if any get it treated.
  • NO dustbins or scrap to be kept in this direction.

If the above points are taken care of sincerely, you can feel healthy and relieved even in the time of this Corona virus pandemic. To guard yourself from the Covid-19 virus, it is very important to follow precautions and safety guidelines as issued by experts and the government.

Along with that, Vaastu balancing of your house/office helps support good health and wellness, and prevents the adverse impact of existing health issues and such viruses. If there is any imbalance such as the presence of a toilet, or heavy Gen-set in these directions which cannot be shifted immediately, consult any Learned and Experienced Vastu Expert only for effective solution.

Know our Vastu Expert Acharya Chhaya Goyal

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