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Vaastu For Enhanced Relationships

vastu for relationship

Does Vastu Shastra help in improving Relationships?

Every relationship needs utmost care, understanding and a handful of trust. Be it relationship with your spouse, kids, parents, business partner, boss or anyone, every relationship plays its own part in carving your life story. A bad relationship, which nobody desires, can actually be damaging for your inner-self. Not only that, it doesn't allow us to perform the best of our ability in any sphere. On the other hand, happiness, in terms of relationships, can prove to be a stepping stone to success in life.

vastu for relationship

Vastu is a philosophy that teaches us to respect and value our relationships. It suggests the best possible ways and methods to keep relationships going with a positive vibe. This article discusses some Vastu principles to improve our relationships.

What happens in relations, when the Vastu is wrong?

vastu for relationship

Relationships, depend much on the vastu for home one is staying in. Yes, this is true and has been observed that people with vastu balanced homes have a much better equation of relationships. I hope each one of us can relate to the places we have lived in past and the relationships we have during that phase of life. Not every place must have offered you the same level of relationships. This is because vastu of home decides how good or bad relationships you are tuned to have in life.

  • Lack of support and trust
  • Constant quarrelling
  • Lack of understanding
  • Heated arguments

Following Vastu Doshas Causes Relationship Issues

  • South-West is the direction which generally governs our family relationships in life. Having a toilet or kitchen here severe affects our relationships. It turns discussions into heated arguments, which in turn affects our state of mind. Even having green or red colour shades in this direction proves to be harmful for relationships within our family.
  • vastu for relationship
  • North-West direction relates to the support required in life. It usually covers the relationship with business partners, dealer/supplier, in-laws, bosses etc. Having an imbalance in this direction create trouble in getting support from these people. To have a good relationship with our boss, business links, North-West must be balances as per Vastu for home.
  • Placement of photographs is of much importance. If placed at the wrong direction, it can create disasters. For example - Direction between South and South-West is the direction which is scientifically proven to be the best for having a toilet. Imagine having a newly wed couple photograph in this direction. It will flush away all the love and bonding down the drain. Similarly, placing family photos, albums, couple pics etc should be decided in accordance with Vastu.
  • vastu for relationship
  • Direction between East and North-East can be utilised to bring happiness among family relationships. Placing a happy family picture, showing fun times, definitely creates an ambience of joy in the house. Even having a family lounge or spending time here tunes us to enjoy with our family.

Vastu Tips To Improve Relationships

A lot of people have many doubts and queries regarding vastu shastra ‘How to improve relationships?’ or ‘Which should be room for newlywed according to Vastu?’. Here are some expert Vastu tips:

  • Family members should spend more time in East of North-East direction.
  • Couple photograph should be placed in North of North West direction, in a silver frame.
  • Family photograph in golden frame in South-West considered auspicious as per Vastu.
  • South-West and North-West direction should not have kitchen or toilet.
  • Always keep the North-East direction clean and decluttered as per vastu.


To conclude, the house should be built as per Vastu principles for a peaceful and harmonious life. However, if you do find any unfavorable events in your experiences, then you can always try availing professional vastu consultancy from a learned vastu expert. There are various methods available to purify the negative energy and Vastu Dosha without any demolition or reconstruction. You may get in touch with Experienced Experts of Vaastu Devayah Namah for their non-demolition methods of Vastu treatment and online vastu services.

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