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Expert Advice: 5 Vastu Rules for Setting up Home Office

Vastu tips for home office

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture, based on logic & principles of nature. It guides regarding the alignment of structure with nature in reference to different directions. The rules of Vastu Shastra are widely used in residential, corporates & industries to ensure optimum benefits.

Ranging from designing the house, to placement of activities & even colour schemes, must be planned in accordance with Vastu Shastra to reap the benefits offered by the universe. Vastu tips for office are absolutely scientific, time tested & proven for excellent results, but only if used with precision and authentic knowledge of this science by professional vastu experts. People get discouraged and end up loosing belief in Vastu when they rely on myths & half-baked concepts broadcasted by fake sources on the internet.

Vastu must be customized as per the requirements of the space. In the present scenario, when more than half of population on this planet is approaching the work from home concept, it is extremely important that the work desk be planned in a positive direction which is conducive for growth & efficiency. This blog will guide you the Vastu tips for office.

  • Direction of Home Office or Work Desk

  • Vaastu tips for home office

    As per Vastu Shastra, every direction carries a specific attribute by its own nature. While planning the location of the home office, the main focus of a vastu consultant is to ensure that the attributes of the direction are kept in mind. The attributes of the direction must be matched with the work profile of the person whose work station is to be planned.

    Let us see few examples

    1. West direction – The attributes of West direction are profits & gains. So, people who are into trading businesses, stock market, financial consultancies can have their home office in this direction. It will tune their minds to extract maximum profits.
    2. North-West direction – Home office for people involved in the legal field, advocated, people working in collaboration with the government must occupy this direction. This direction is best suited to attract government support.
    3. North-East & East of North-East – People in profession which requires innovative ideas, creative thinking, out of the box concepts, research etc. should occupy North East * East of North East direction. Music artists, Painters, Designers, Architects etc. can occupy this direction.
    4. West of South West – This direction is good for educational purposes, learning & skill development. People in the teaching profession, or students for their study purposes can use this direction. Work desk can also be set up in this direction for finance related work.

    Thus, the work desk in the home (home office) must be planned as per work profile only, to comply with Vastu Shastra. Sometimes, due to practicality, ideal directions for home office as per Vastu may not be available. In that case, alternatives can be explored.

    In general, West, West of South-West, North, South-West (in order of preference) are some of the general directions where home offices can be planned as per Vastu.

  • Colour Schemes for Work Station

  • Vastu for workstation

    Colours form an important part of our space and can be present in various forms like curtains, walls, rugs, accessories etc. Every colour represents one of the five elements of nature. As per Vastu, the colours must be planned in the related directions of the five elements only.

    Planning the home office in a Vastu compliant direction must be followed by maintaining the Vastu compliant colour schemes as well. A learned & professional vastu expert can guide you with the vastu tips for home to choose the colours which can be used in specific directions. If the colour schemes for home office are not as per Vastu, the positive attributes we were to gain from the utilization of best direction for work from home can be lost, as this affects the direction and creates an imbalance of Vastu.

    For example – The workstation is planned in the South-West direction of your home as per Vastu, but the colour schemes used are red or green. In this case, the South-West direction will be imbalanced and having a work desk there will not be of much use. It will cause arguments & misunderstandings in work life & affect stability.

    1. Prefer light colour shades for home office like off-white, beige & cream.
    2. Colour shades must be chosen as per the direction of the work desk
    3. Avoid dark & loud shades in home office as per Vastu
  • Energize your Work Desk or Home Office

  • Vastu tips for work desk

    Work Desk or Home Office, where you spend around 6-10 hours of your day, must be charged with positive energy. The work desk is the place where we work to earn our livelihood. The quality of our work, our professional growth, efficiency in work, the desired output etc. all depend on the quality of energies at your work desk. The following can be done

    1. Place motivational quotations on the work desk, which represent success & growth.
    2. Keep symbols or miniatures which depict your goals & objectives.
    3. Motivational books, List of goals, Daily task lists etc. can be placed on the work desk.
  • Proximity to Nature

  • vastu home office

    It is very important that our home office or work desk has exposure to nature. This is one of the important vastu tips for office. Since we spend a lot of time at our workstation, we must be exposed to natural energies.

    1. Daylight is one of the most essential parameters required for energising a work space. Your work desk must receive ample daylight so that you attract growth & progress every day.
    2. Greenery or Landscaping should be a part of the work desk or visible from your home office. If plants are used, they can be used only if the home office is in East, South-East or North directions only.
    3. Large windows or a small terrace, if adjoining the home office, will prove to be extremely beneficial.
    4. If the work from home space can be planned in a location which receives morning sunlight, it recharges the space with positive vibrations.
  • Organise & Declutter your Home Office

  • The last but not least, apart from having your workstation in the correct direction, is to keep it clean & organised. A messy or cluttered work desk emits low vibrations in the atmosphere and our work catches these vibes while working. This ends in confusion, lack of motivation & low productivity. Thus, it is prudent that our work from home area be kept nicely organised, well lit & clean.

    1. Use organisers for keeping stationery items, instead of keeping them loose on tables.
    2. Avoid documents being spread over the place. Document racks, files or organisers should be used.
    3. Broken or non-functional electronic items should be immediately removed from the home office.
    4. Bills & documents which are not required must not be stacked on the work desk.
    5. Discard non-functional pens, filled notepads etc.

The above Vastu tips for office are advised by highly experienced and qualified vastu consultants who excel in no demolition vastu consultancy. Without proper advice from a professional vastu consultant, one must be very careful in applying any vastu remedies or treatments as this needs absolute precision and a lot of calculations.

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