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Importance Of Colors In Vastu - Right Colors For Each Room

Directions and structure of a property is often given a lot of priority - which is rightly so. But as vastu experts we have seen that people don’t give as much importance to colors in their home and workplace.

Colors and their wavelengths have a primary role on our thoughts which affect our feelings and mindset. Having the wrong colors in the wrong directions may be the reason why your life - aspects like relationships, health, wealth or career are not in harmony.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about how colors impact our life as per vastushastra and what are the best colors for kitchen, living room, pooja room, and bedrooms. Stay tuned till the end as we’ll discuss some quick tips you can implement right away and get the benefits of vastu shastra

How to choose the right colours as per Vastu Shastra

Know how the colours if used as per Vastu principles can fill your home with Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Joy. The colors around us in our everyday life have an impact on our lives. Vaastu Devayah Namah Experts aim at spreading the knowledge of the divine science of Vaastu Shastra and will describe in this article, how the color of each and every corner and object in our house impacts us.

Vastu for home

Our subconscious mind gets attracted to colors around us and Picks up the attributes of colors quickly. A real time example of the effects of colours is that with the onset of every season, our preferences change. Ranging from food habits to our clothing, our preferences of colors, our lifestyles also change.

The colors around us, in the form of wall colours, curtain colours, mats, upholsteries, sceneries etc. in our homes & workplace that we see very frequently, in our homes & workplace, gets registered in our subconscious. Have you ever wondered when you remove a particular scenery from a wall, it relays an empty glimpse to your eyes (subconscious mind) for the next few days every time you see that wall and then gradually you get accustomed.

Similarly, few days after you get the curtains or colors of your room changed, your subconscious mind takes a little longer time to register it and then you get used to it. That’s the logic or science behind the working of subconscious mind which relates to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips To Colour Your Home Vastu Way For Good Energy

Home is designed to serve you with the comfort of living a healthy, wealthy & prosperous life. We use Vastu Shastra as a tool to optimize the benefits our home has to offer us in terms of progress and happiness. It is a big misconception that Vastu Shastra is only at the structural level. Mostly people, including architects and interior designers, relay these myths that if the structure is designed correct as per Vastu Shastra, then the home is vastu compliant.

However, this is absolutely a wrong idea, and attracts troubles for the residents at the later stage. Our aim is to enlighten people with the realities, facts and logics of this beautiful science.

Colour guidelines as per Vastushastra

Each direction has a specific color related to it, as per Vastu Shastra. This is as per the laws of nature i.e., the presence of five elements. For example – North, the direction of water element, favors the presence of blue color shades. In case, unknowingly, we introduce red color i.e., fire element, the North direction will be impacted. We have observed numerous cases where people have a bedroom in the North direction and assume that is correct as per Vastu Shastra. However, going with the trend, they plan to have multi color shades (red or yellow color shades) in the bedroom.

This ruins the positive attributes of the North bedroom and we can no longer call it a Vastu compliant house. Be it wall colors, the curtains, the floor mats, the lights & even sceneries, all signify a particular color set and bring about the effect of that particular color. Thus, with proper guidance of directions and colors, one can make the space Vaastu Friendly & lead a prosperous life.

How colors impact as per Vastu Shastra

Sharing one of our case study to explain it better. A person approached Vaastu Devayah Namah on suggestion of one of our patron, his friend. His concern was that he is losing his relations and business as he always remains in unrest and aggression. Our vastu expert analysed his home and his work space. Vastu Expert found the root cause of his erratic behaviour pattern in colour imbalances against the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

His bedroom was in North (the direction of water). Anyone occupying Vastu balanced North bedroom attracts enough opportunities. Instead this person became impatient & short tempered. His temperamental issues cropped up due to dominance of Red colour in the interiors of his North bedroom (Fire element got imbalanced and negative attributes started dominating).

He unknowingly carried this imbalnace to his work space also and insttalled a water fountain in fire directions of South. After the correction of colors and other imbalances as per vastushastra his subconscious mind started calming down and choices started improving. Business and relationship started getting better.

This is a typical example of impact of colour imbalances due to lack of proper Vastushastra guidance.

Choose Vastu Colors for Kitchen

One of the most important aspect to be considered inside a kitchen is the color scheme of the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. It is highly recommended to choose best color for kitchen as per Vastu. This is often ignored by many people which many a times ends up turning a Vastu perfect kitchen to a Vastu Dosha (Vastu Defect). Even if you have the kitchen in a Vastu perfect direction, but the colors are not as per Vastu Shastra, all the positive aspects of the kitchen are lost. We have observed numerous cases where people have a kitchen (fire element) in the South-East direction and assume that is correct as per Vastu Shastra.

However, going with the trend, they plan to have a black granite marble slab or have blue shades in the kitchen. This ruins the positive attributes of the South-East kitchen and we can no longer call it a Vastu compliant house.

We recommend kitchen wall color as per vastu colors like cream, beige etc. which are neutral and cause no harm in any direction. Color for kitchen slab and for other kitchen equipment are best advised after evaluation of the layout map as per the specific direction where the kitchen is placed. To follow vastu tips for kitchen color, one must not depend on google and must connect to a Vastu consultant.

For every direction, a separate set of color schemes are recommended, which a learned Vastu Consultant can guide depending on house layout. If the colors are not as per Vastu, our experts can recommend kitchen colors as per vastu shastra to be added in the kitchen to nullify the effect of anti-colors, without any re-construction.

Pooja Room Colors as per Vastu Shastra

Colors to be used in the pooja room are equally important and any incorrect or non-vastu compliant colors may affect the positive attributes of that direction. Shades of golden, light yellow, white or cream are the advisable colors of pooja room according to vastu shastra, to be used for & inside your pooja room. These shades further enhance the attributes of those directions, taking us to a higher beneficial state.

It is a big myth to use red shades in the pooja room, irrespective of the direction of pooja room as per vastu. As we learnt above, red signifies fire element, and presence of red color in the pooja room means the presence of fire element there. But, the most ideal and commonly followed direction for the pooja room is the North-East direction, which is considered the brain of the house. Adding red or adding fire element to the north-east direction means adding fire element to the brain of the house. Thus, the fire attributes shall relay to the residents of that space in the form of aggression and cause troubles, making us feel that Vaastu Shastra isn’t working for us.

Vastu Colors for Living Room

For a home to be prosperous, the color schemes throughout the house must be in compliance with Vastu Shastra. Just by aligning the wall colors according to vastu, one can uplift the positive vibrations of the complete space. Vastu Shastra colors for living room are cream, off-white and beige colors. Having multi-color schemes in the living room must be under the able guidance of a professional vastu expert.

Since living room often occupies multiple directions, so a single color, may not be best fit for remaining directions. Thus, the choice of neutral colors is the best option in such cases. Not only the wall colors, but the colors of curtains, paintings, carpets, flooring, upholstery etc. also needs to be given due consideration. It has been observed that the choice of color schemes as per vastu shastra carry equal effect as a vastu perfect structure.

Colour Combination for Bedroom According to Vastu

Bedroom Interiors as per Vastu

A Very important aspect of Vastu Shastra is to choose the right colors for bedrooms.

  • Bedroom is a place where we spend most of our time, say 6-8 hours of our day. The presence of disturbing colors in the bedroom can disturb the vastu balance of your property. For example – A bedroom in West direction is the most ideal for people in business. West direction has the attributes of monetary gains, profits and successful businesses. Just by having a bedroom in this direction cannot guarantee you the maximum benefits unless you have a vastu compliant color scheme. In case a bedroom in the west direction has red or green shades, (i.e., fire element or air element), all the positive attributes of west direction will be lost and thus the residents would not feel the privilege of a vastu compliant bedroom.
  • It has been observed and experienced by our vastu experts that if the client follows bedroom colors for couples according to vastu, the couple enjoys a loving and prosperous relationship. Firstly, the bedroom color for couples be decided basis on the direction, but duly ensuring bright or loud shades are not used.
  • A learned vastu consultant can amplify the positive attributes of your space, by simple aligning the master bedroom color as per vastu shastra, thereby ruling out any requirement for renovation or reconstruction. Neutral, light & pleasant color schemes like Off-white or cream are generally recommended for couples’ bedrooms to ensure any misalignment with Vastu Shastra.
  • Thus, it is of utmost importance that we choose color combination for bedroom according to vastu shastra, seeking profession vastu consultancy.

Quick Tip for Colors for Home – It is generally recommended to use neutral colors as per Vastu Shastra, unless you have a Vastu professional by your side to guide you at each step.

Quick Tips for Colors as per Vastu Shastra

  • Always use colors that are warm, light and radiate a pleasing effect.
  • Use very light colors, especially for the bedrooms as per Vastu.
  • The choice of colors used in a space, if decided as per Vaastu Principles, will align your space with the laws of nature.
  • Objects or Sceneries etc. which represent a particular element should be placed as per the direction it is meant for, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Avoid using shades of red in fabric, lights etc. towards the North-East direction of your space. It may cause aggression in the house.
  • Placing Artificial flowers of a particular color as per its elemental Vaastu Direction boosts the attributes of that direction.

Next time, you plan to change the colors of your home – be it wall colors, curtains, upholstery, flooring or any element in your interior, try to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra. With The right color choice most of the Vastu Doshas (imbalances) can be corrected. Follow Vastu Devayah Namah advise and avoid any demolition or renovation on the name of Vaastu.

This is just a brief description of Vastu Shastra Working. Vastu Shastra working is carried out in much more detail, with absolute precision and mapping the space with the concerns or goals of the occupants. Avoid any demolition or reconstruction just by reading above article. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu solutions with zero destruction. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Please be careful in measuring the directions, as even slightest variation may hamper the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, colors are equally important in vastu shastra, as compared to the structural alignment. Just with the right choice of colors as per Vastu Shastra, all Vastu Doshas (defects) can be corrected, without any renovation, and space can be made vastu compliant.

Always use colors that are warm, light and radiate a pleasing effect. The choice of colors used in a space, if decided as per Vaastu Principles, will align your space with the laws of nature.

Colors directly relate to the direction or the element (out of the 5 elements -Panchtatvas) present there. However, off-white, cream & beige are the neutral colors that can be used anywhere.

Cash & Liquidity relate from the South and South-East direction i.e., the fire element. Choosing colors which belong to the fire element only in these directions ensure smooth flow of cash and liquidity.

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