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Vaastu is a science which ensures that the energies of a particular space are in sync with the purpose of the space. A balanced space definitely attracts positivity which creates a perfect flow of monetary gains. Allow the energies to bring you abundance. Follow the below advises.

The most crucial thing that governs how cash will flow in the space is the location of locker. A locker at the wrong location will attract losses. Place your locker in the West Direction of your home.

Vastu for Money

Place a blue coloured money box/piggy bank in the North direction. Add some money in the same, regularly. This will increase the incoming money.

Place a Copper Swastik in the South East direction of your space. This will remove all obstacles in the cash flow and ensure a good cash-in-hand.

Make sure there is no dustbin or scrap placed in North, West or South East directions. This disturbs the financial aspects in our lives.

Shades of blue colour in South-East direction may attract money losses. Change blue colour to get immediate relief and release the blocked payments.

Remove any financial records, cash or monetary stuff from South of South West. This will block all the financial drainage and increase your savings.

Some directions should be avoided for placement of a bedroom such as direction between East and South East. It is not an ideal direction for sleeping and if a person sleeps here, he/she may complain of negative thoughts, restlessness, stress and insomnia.

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