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vastu expert in home

Vastu tips to Attract Money

Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in attracting Wealth & Prosperity. Money is perhaps the most essential variables in our lives. According to Vastu Shastra, "To draw in Financial Abundance, one should always maintain the harmony of five elements of nature in their surroundings" shares Vaastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal Ji. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, These 5 Elements of Nature are — Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Space. Whenever, any of these 5 components is not balanced, it can draw in huge loads of challenges for the occupants of the building.

Vastu for Money

People can productively improve their way of life, monetary steadiness, harmony and success by following simple principles of Vastu Shastra. Following are significant Vastu tips by Chhaya Goyal, Vastu Shastra expert and founder of Vaastu Devayah Namah, to bring Abundance, specifically money related prosperity at home.

9 Vastu Tips to Increase Money flow in the house

Vaastu is a science which ensures that the energies of a particular space are in sync with the purpose of the space. A Vastu balanced space definitely attracts positivity which creates a perfect flow of monetary gains. Allow the energies to bring you abundance. Follow the below advises:

  • Place a blue coloured money box/piggy bank in the North direction. Paste a picture of blue lotus on it if possible. Keep putting some money in this piggy bank often and if possible, make a routine. This will ensure the increase in the incoming money.
  • Place a Copper Swastik in the South East direction of your space. This will remove all obstacles in the cash flow and ensure a good cash-in-hand.
  • Make sure there is no dustbin or scrap placed in North, West or South East directions. If any relocate them and keep them away from sight. Dustbins program energy of disposal in our minds and in turn disturbs the financial aspects in our lives.
  • Shades of blue colour are soothing and pleasing to the eyes otherwise but blue in South-East direction becomes the culprit for money losses. If there is blue colour in South East in any form, be it wall paint/ wallpaper/ painting/ artwork and financial crunch has started to bother, then change this colour at earliest to an appropriate one as per directional strength. Take the advise of a learned Residential Vastu shastra Expert for Home to get immediate relief and make available the blocked funds.
  • It is advisable to store all your vital documents, cash and precious jewellery in West direction of the house. The safe or cupboard in which the important documents and jewellery is being stored should be preferrably in the shades of White or Yellow.
  • Remove any financial records, cash or monetary stuff from South of South West. Keeping the stuff in this direction causes the financial drainage and losses.
  • Some directions such as direction between East and South East should be avoided for placement of any important documents like financial records.
  • It is frequently advised in Vastu shastra scriptures that a simple, clutter free, organized and neat home allows free flow of Positive energy. The energy coursing through the house is liable for how you handle your connections, wellbeing and money. So Ensure that not just the focal spaces but also keep your family room, kitchen, balconies, rooftops, windows and entryways, extra rooms, storage clean and flawlessly organized.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, water spillages in the kitchen, washroom and surprisingly even in garden area is representative of financial leakage and invites monetary misfortune. This is to be taken into consideration, particularly during rains that any Leakages of water from the ceilings, walls or a messed-up pipelines should be promptly repaired as they may bring incredible financial misfortune.
  • These are few important Vastu tips to attract money, growth and financial prosperity in your life. It is imperative to mention here that the interior of the house not just influences but decides the monetary success, so make informed choices!

Vastu Shastra Remedies for Blocked Money

People often ask me Remedies to recover their blocked money. First and foremost thing to understand is that Money gets blocked due to fire element imbalance. Fire element can be either weak or overly active. Another common reason is placement of related documents in low energy areas (every house has low and good energy areas).

So first action required for recovery of blocked money is, place related documents in West direction and correct other Vastu doshas of the property including imbalance of Fire element (Agni Tattva). If kitchen is not in the fire direction, remedy (depends on current direction of kitchen/fire place) can be done without any reconstruction and agni tattva can be established in some form in Fire directions. Remedies can be in subtle form and need not compromise on aesthetics in anyway.

Ideal Vastu Direction of Locker

Vastu shastra advises to place your locker in the West direction of your home. The locker placed in West helps hold and save money. A locker at the wrong location may attract losses, especially when there are vastu flaws in a building. The most crucial directions that governs the cash will flow in the space is North, South East and West directions (the direction for the placement of locker). Acharya Chhaya Goyal also suggests placing a new yellow cloth of (4" X 6") inside the safe/locker and add a few drops of Natural & Pure Pink Lotus Essential Oil (Not artificial but pure) regularly for attracting more financial success.

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