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Vastu & Water Element (Jal-Tatva)

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Water, one of the prime element of the Five Elements of nature (Panchtatvas), holds much importance as per Vaastu Shastra as well. Let us explore a bit more, as how water relates to Vaastu Principles.

water element as per vaastu

What Constitutes Water Element

Ranging from Water boring, Submersible pumps, Wells, Underground water tanks which may be present in almost all spaces, to even colours/shades of blue/black in the form of wall colours, lights, upholstery, furniture, carpets, floors, marble slabs etc constitute the water element as per Vaastu Shastra. Even mirrors represent water element.

Attributes of Water Element

Just as our body contains water, our space also has a certain amount of water element. As any imbalance of water in the body gives way to health issues, similarly, any imbalance in the water element of the space may give rise to concerns in our lives. It governs a number of attributes like flow of opportunities in the form of money, jobs, clients, orders etc. Even our health, our state of mind gets disturbed if water element is imbalanced.

Ideal Direction for Water

Water element majorly governs North Direction of any space. However, starting from North of North West (18Degrees from N-S Axis), to North East, water element is permissible as per Vaastu Guidelines. Even towards East, water element can be placed safely without any negative effects.

Effects of Water Elements as per Direction

  • North -
  • One of the ideal direction to have water element as it bring up a lot of positive attributes for the residents. North direction governs a number of attributes like flow of opportunities in the form of money, jobs, clients, orders etc.

  • North East -
  • Water element is also fine here, but in a limited quantity. However, water boring, underground water tanks are not advisable here. But, if it is already present and it gives no negative effects, no need to worry.

  • East -
  • Again, water element is permissible here. If the area of this direction is lesser than other directions, having water element here even solves that concern. It boosts up our social associations as well. Having water boring between east and north East is found to be extremely positive.

  • South East -
  • Being direction of fire, water is an anti element here. Having water element here is terribly disastrous and must be avoided at all costs. It may cause accidents, theft, losses and severe cash crunch. If water element is already present here, it can be well-treated safely without any reconstructions.

  • South -
  • Water element here may cause restlessness. It may even affect your name and fame. Removing or balancing water element here brings a relaxation in mind.

  • South West -
  • Water element here may cause problems in relationships. Also, it may affect stability and skill set of the occupants. Water element between South and South West direction may cause unwanted expenditures.

  • West -
  • Though this direction does not support water element too much extent, but in some particular cases, having water boring is found to be too good. It boosts the flow of gains in the space. To be taken care that the quantity of water is to be decided. Too much water may cause the gains to flow away.

  • North West -
  • Water element, in a very small quantity, or in a balanced way is good. Having water boring, bore well etc is however not advised here as it may cause legal challenges.


Now we know the effects (Positives & Negatives) of water element in different directions as per Vaastu. Next time while choosing colours, location for water tank, or selecting wall paints etc, take care that you do not end up adding water in fire or elsewhere.

Just by adopting simple practices inhabitants can feel positive changes in their life. For serious issues and problems please consult a Vaastu Expert for solution.

This is just a brief description of Vaastu Working. Vaastu working is carried out in much more detail. Avoid any demolition or reconstruction just by reading above article. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu solutions with zero destruction. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Please be careful in measuring the directions, as even slightest variation may hamper the results.

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