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Vastu & Water Element (Jal-Tatva)

Unveiling the Significance of Water in Vaastu Shastra: Exploring the Relationship with the Five Elements

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Water, one of the prime element of the Five Elements of nature (Panchtatvas), holds much importance as per Vaastu Shastra as well.

Its prominence extends beyond the realms of geography, captivating the attention of Vaastu Shastra—the ancient Indian science of architecture. Within the context of Vaastu principles, water holds immense importance and plays a pivotal role in shaping the energetic dynamics of our living spaces.

water element as per vaastu

Let us explore how water relates to Vaastu Principles. As one of the prime elements of the Five Elements of nature (Panchtatvas), water embodies a profound connection with Vaastu Shastra. It symbolizes purification, rejuvenation, and vitality, encompassing the essence of life itself.

Understanding the relationship between water and Vaastu principles offers us insights into harmonizing our living spaces and cultivating a harmonious environment

Water's presence within our homes is not solely confined to its utilitarian aspect. It represents the flow of energy, fostering a dynamic equilibrium within the space.

Vaastu Shastra emphasizes the strategic placement of water sources, such as wells, fountains, or water bodies, to optimize the positive influences they bring. By aligning water elements in accordance with Vaastu principles, we invite prosperity, abundance, and serenity into our lives.

What Constitutes Water Element as per Vastu shastra

The Water Element in Vaastu Shastra: Exploring Its Manifestations

Within the realm of Vaastu Shastra, the Water Element finds expression in various forms, each contributing to the energetic balance and flow within a space. Let's delve into the constituents that represent the Water Element according to Vaastu principles.

  • Water Sources: Water borings, submersible pumps, wells, and underground water tanks are significant manifestations of the Water Element. These sources not only serve practical purposes but also contribute to the energetic dynamics of a space.
  • Colors and Shades: Colors and shades associated with water, such as various tones of blue and black, play a vital role in representing the Water Element. Incorporating these hues in wall colors, lighting fixtures, upholstery, furniture, carpets, floors, and marble slabs infuses the space with the essence of water.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors, a common feature in many spaces, also symbolize the Water Element in Vaastu Shastra. Their reflective properties create a sense of fluidity and enhance the flow of energy within a room.

By integrating these elements that represent water, Vaastu Shastra seeks to establish a harmonious equilibrium in our living spaces. Aligning water sources in accordance with directional guidelines and incorporating water-associated colors and mirrors enables the optimization of positive energy flow.

As we embrace the multifaceted manifestations of the Water Element, we honor its significance in nature and recognize its power to influence our living environments. By creating a balanced and energetically harmonious space, we invite the abundant qualities of water—purification, rejuvenation, and vitality—into our lives, fostering a sense of well-being and prosperity.

Attributes of Water Element

Just as our body contains water, our space also has a certain amount of water element. As any imbalance of water in the body gives way to health issues, similarly, any imbalance in the water element of the space may give rise to concerns in our lives. Water governs a number of attributes like Flow of Opportunities in the form of Money, Jobs, Clients, Orders etc. Even our Health, our State of Mind gets disturbed if water element is imbalanced.

The Water Element in Vaastu Shastra possesses several attributes that shape its significance within our living spaces. Let's explore in detail the key qualities associated with the Water Element:

  • Fluidity and Flow: Water is inherently dynamic and fluid, symbolizing movement, adaptability, and change. Its balanced presence as per Vastushastra promotes a sense of flexibility and encourages the smooth flow of energy within a space.
  • Purification and Cleansing: Water has a natural purifying effect, capable of cleansing and rejuvenating. In its Vastu balanced state it has the power to wash away impurities, both physical and energetic, creating a fresh and revitalized environment.
  • Nourishment and Vitality: Water is essential for life and sustenance. In Vastushastra it symbolizes nourishment, vitality, and growth, offering a sense of abundance and prosperity. Its balanced presence fosters a thriving and flourishing atmosphere.
  • Emotional and Intuitive Energy: The Water Element is associated with emotions, intuition, and depth as per Vastushastra. In its balanced state it encourages the exploration of our emotional landscape and enhances our connection to our inner wisdom, promoting a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Cooling and Soothing: Water possesses a cooling and calming effect, providing relief from stress and tension if balanced as per Vastu. Its elemental quality and strength in its balanced state programs a soothing ambiance, offering a respite from the demands of daily life.
  • Reflectivity and Clarity: Water is reflective, mirroring its surroundings. It symbolizes clarity, transparency, and the ability to gain insights and self-reflection when it is balanced as per Vastu . It encourages a sense of clarity and understanding within our living spaces in its balanced state.

By incorporating these attributes of the Water Element, we can harness its positive qualities to create a harmonious and balanced environment. Whether through the presence of water sources, the use of water-associated colors, or the inclusion of reflective surfaces, we can invite the transformative power of water into our homes, enhancing our overall well-being and creating a nurturing space for personal growth and prosperity.

Ideal Direction for Water

Water element majorly governs North Direction of any space. However, starting from North of North West (18Degrees from N-S Axis) upto North East, water element is permissible as per Vaastu Guidelines. Even towards East, water element can be placed safely without any negative effects.

Restoring Harmonious Balance: The Importance of Aligning the North direction with the Water Element

Intricate and profound, Vastushastra reveals the interconnectedness of elements within our living spaces. The North direction, governed by the water element, holds immense significance. However, if your North wall is adorned with the fiery hue of red, representing the fire element, an imbalance arises, impacting the benefits of this direction.

When the water element encounters the fiery energy of red, a transformation occurs. The water's essence becomes vaporized, losing its inherent strength and vitality. Consequently, the benefits and positive influences associated with the North direction diminish.

To harness the full potential of the North direction, it is crucial to align it with its corresponding water element. By repainting the North wall with colors that symbolize the water element, you restore the harmonious balance. Embrace soothing shades of blue or calming hues reminiscent of water to infuse the North wall with the essence it deserves.

Through this mindful adjustment, you invite the abundant benefits associated with the North direction to manifest in your life. Experience the flow of positive energy, enhanced opportunities, and a deep sense of tranquility as you honor the principles of Vastushastra and harmonize the elements within your living space.

Effects of Water Elements as per Direction

  • North:One of the ideal direction to have water element as it bring up a lot of positive attributes for the residents. North direction governs a number of attributes like flow of opportunities in the form of money, jobs, clients, orders etc.
  • North-East:Water element is also fine here, but in a limited quantity. However, water boring, underground water tanks are not advisable here. But, if it is already present and it gives no negative effects, no need to worry.
  • East:Again, water element is permissible here. If the area of this direction is lesser than other directions, having water element here even solves that concern. It boosts up our social associations as well. Having water boring between east and north East is found to be extremely positive.
  • South East: Being direction of fire, water is an anti element here. Having water element here is terribly disastrous and must be avoided at all costs. It may cause accidents, theft, losses and severe cash crunch. If water element is already present here, it can be well-treated safely without any reconstructions.
  • South:Water element here may cause restlessness. It may even affect your name and fame. Removing or balancing water element here brings a relaxation in mind.
  • South West:Water element here may cause problems in relationships. Also, it may affect stability and skill set of the occupants. Water element between South and South West direction may cause unwanted expenditures.
  • West:Though this direction does not support water element too much extent, but in some particular cases, having water boring is found to be too good. It boosts the flow of gains in the space. To be taken care that the quantity of water is to be decided. Too much water may cause the gains to flow away.
  • North West: Water element, in a very small quantity, or in a balanced way is good. Having water boring, bore well etc is however not advised here as it may cause legal challenges.


Delving further, Vaastu Shastra offers guidance on the direction and placement of water elements within our homes. Aligning water sources with their corresponding directions, such as placing fountains in the North or water bodies in the Northeast, harnesses their inherent energies and harmonizes the living space.

Now we know the effects (Positives & Negatives) of water element in different directions as per Vaastu. Next time while choosing colours, location for water tank, or selecting wall paints etc, take care that you do not end up adding water in fire or elsewhere.

Just by adopting simple practices inhabitants can feel positive changes in their life. For serious issues and problems please consult a Vaastu Expert for solution.

This is just a brief description of Vaastu Working. Vaastu working is carried out in much more detail. Avoid any demolition or reconstruction just by reading above article. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu solutions with zero destruction. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Please be careful in measuring the directions, as even slightest variation may hamper the results.


Harmony and Prosperity: The Profound Significance of Water in Vaastu Shastra

Water, a seemingly ordinary element, holds a profound secret within the realm of Vaastu Shastra. As we delve into its significance, an enchanting world unfolds before us, revealing how this humble resource plays a pivotal role in crafting living spaces brimming with serenity and balance. By embracing the essence of water, we open the floodgates to a bountiful flow of positive energy, cascading into our lives like a majestic river, nurturing our well-being and ushering in an era of prosperity.

In the cosmic dance of Vaastu Shastra, water emerges as a vital force that cannot be underestimated. Its presence within our homes and surroundings has the power to harmonize the very essence of our existence. By understanding the deep-rooted connection between water and this ancient art of spatial arrangement, we unlock the secrets to creating an oasis of tranquility amidst the chaos of modern life.

As we embrace the wisdom of Vaastu Shastra, we learn that water represents the ebb and flow of life itself. Just as a river winds its way through the landscape, water infuses our surroundings with its dynamic energy, breathing life into every nook and cranny. Harnessing its essence becomes a key to tapping into an abundant reservoir of positive vibrations, washing away negativity and imbuing our living spaces with a renewed sense of vitality.

By immersing ourselves in the teachings of Vaastu Shastra, we gain invaluable insights into the art of utilizing water's potential for our well-being. From strategically placing water bodies like fountains and ponds to optimizing the direction and flow of water within our homes, we create a symphony of balance that resonates throughout our lives. Like a master conductor, we orchestrate the elements, guiding the rhythm of energy in a harmonious symphony of prosperity.

In this sacred dance of water and Vaastu Shastra, we awaken to the profound connection between our external environment and our inner selves. By aligning the energies of our surroundings with our own aspirations, we pave the way for a life filled with abundance, contentment, and equilibrium. Let us dive deep into the mystical waters of Vaastu Shastra, where the currents of positive energy carry us to a realm of harmonious living, forever transforming our lives for the better.

By Vastu Expert Acharya Chhaya Goyal

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