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Vastu for Home

Acharya Chhaya Goyal Best Vastu Expert & Consultant

It has been observed in many cases, just after shifting to a new home, a bundle of challenges is just waiting for you and here is some vastu for home tips.

It’s everyone’s dream, to build their own home. This, usually, once in a lifetime achievement, takes a lot of effort to ensure that the new home guarantees a prosperous and healthy life. But, many a times, things turn vice-versa. It has been observed in many cases, just after shifting to a new home, a bundle of challenges is just waiting for you.

Vastu for Home: Let’s find out why this happens

  • The process of building a home begins with the selection of a plot or a flat. Usually, that is chosen depending on the location and financial decisions. But we often forget to check if the energies of that space are good for us. The land itself has energies that can decide if one will prosper or not.
  • Next, we hire an architect to prepare the layout. The trend now is for architects to design the layout of the house as per Vaastu regulations. This is the biggest mistake we commit. Architects are masters in their own field, and carry half cooked ideas about Vaastu (as they themselves claim). Moreover, they work on approximations, when it comes to Vaastu. Just aligning a kitchen in the South-east, bedroom in the South-West and a prayer room in the north east does not mean it is as per Vaastu. Let us be professional and hire a Vaastu expert to decide the layout.
  • Furthermore, an interior designer is also used to give a perfect luxurious design element to the house. They choose where to place objects, furniture, colors etc. Each and every object and color are decided by them to make the house attractive and comfortable. The placement of beds, study tables, lockers to even small things like a painting, affect us, if placed in the wrong direction.
  • Keeping the head north while sleeping won't matter to the interior designer, but will definitely affect our sleep later on. Giving black shades in the kitchen which is already in the south east will look pleasing to us, but leave us with a cash crunch later on. Be wise and align your interior as per the five elements of nature.
    • Discover easy to follow vastu guidelines for your home

      Finally, we are ready with our dream home, and set a date to move in. This is like giving birth to a child. The destiny of the house is decided by the time you inaugurate it. Be very cautious and verify the date and time before moving into a space.

      Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu experts, each direction in the house can be used to yield its best possible attributes. We unknowingly create problems for ourselves by not following the secret principles of Vaastu Shastra that the universe has designed. Renovation or reconstruction are not always required to make a space Vaastu complaint.

      It is always said - work smarter, not harder. Just as a psychiatrist or a doctor tunes our brain to a positive frequency, so we feel happy and relaxed, similarly, programming the vastu of any space can solve many of the problems we think we have in life.

      Note - Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction. The above vastu for home advice is given by experts at and is based on experience and knowledge. It is recommended that precise calculations regarding directions are followed for the best results.

      vastu for home

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of new construction, we can make 100% vastu compliant home. However, for existing home, we can balance the house with treatments and remedies to bring the desired result.

Yes, the colors of the interiors, walls, curtains, upholstery, objects etc. should be decided in accordance with vastu to maximize the benefits of vastu balancing.

There is no fixed direction for master bedroom. The allotment of rooms depend on the profession and age group of the occupant.

This is more of a myth. More important than facing is the location of gas stove/heating equipment.

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