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Vastu & Fire Element (Agni-Tatva)

fire element in vastu

Effect of fire element on our lives as per Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, fire element plays a crucial part in our life. Fire can be present in many forms around us such as:

  • In the form of Red colors (paint on walls, curtains, objects etc)
  • Gas Stove
  • Microwave, Geyser and Heater
  • Red bulbs, lamps or red lights
  • Copper objects
  • Triangular shapes

Fire element governs many important aspects of our life, some of them are mentioned below:


  • Fire element reliresents the money flow.
  • The cash flow, earning, payments, liquidity in hand depends majorly on the fire element.
  • If fire element is missing in the house, the residents will face the problem of cash crunch.
  • Having toilet, mirror etc in direction of fire will make residents devoid of liquid cash.

Accidents & Losses

  • At places, where fire element is really disturbed or affected, accidents happen very frequently.
  • Frequent financial losses may happen if water element is present in the direction of fire.
  • Breakdown of fire in the premises (house or factories) happens if water boring, underground water tank is present in the zone of fire.
  • Imbalance of fire element combined with any problem in North direction in the house can increase the chances of visit to the hospital.
  • Disturbed fire zones also invite chances of thefts.

Anger / Behaviour

  • If fire element is increased or disturbed in the house, it may show up in the form of anger.
  • The residents feel aggression in all conversations and are ready to fight
  • Presence of fire element in North East can further add to aggression.
  • Sleeping in imbalanced fire zones for long time makes person aggressive.

The conversion process.

  • Fire element also governs the conversion of opportunities into deals.
  • The materializing process or conversion of deals to money earning business gets hampered if South east direction is disturbed.
  • If a person is not able to start something, like starting a business etc, that initiation is also governed by Fire element.

Being Stuck

  • Along with the conversion process, fire element also ensures smooth functioning of things like cash flow, business and other important life events.
  • Disturbed fire makes things stuck in life.
  • If any work gets stuck at the last moment, fire element (SE) may partly contribute.


  • Fire element is also related to our health issues.
  • It governs digestion process in our body. Disturbed fire may lead to acidity problems and indigestion.
  • Having pit or water element in South East direction makes us visiting hospital regularly. (Accompanied by any imbalances in between North and North East)
  • Fire element provides strength to the body to recover from illness.
  • Balanced SSE (fire element) is required for the growth of child in mother’s womb and other wise.

Auspicious occasions

  • The sacred fire plays an important role in carrying out auspicious events in our life.
  • If residents are facing problem to initiate or start something, fire element is to be checked.
  • Marriage becomes very difficult if fire element is disturbed as it’s the sacred fire which makes marriage happen.

Paranormal Activity

  • Disturbed Fire element is solely responsible for paranormal activities, black magic, and negativity in the space.
  • Residents have a feeling of fear, nervousness etc if this element is disturbed.
  • Residents may also face problems if the fire is present at other directions in the house where it does not belong. For Example: if fire is present in some form in the direction of water, it is surely going to create many problems in the life of inhabitants of the house. Another example would be kitchen in North direction, which hampers career and growth. also, fire in the sub-direction of relationship causes unnecessary fights and disagreement among family members.

Pure & Balanced Fire Element Activates Auspicious Energy Always.

Important Note: Be careful before trying to balance any of the elements. Try to get it done by an expert onlt as cause of even similar concern and challenge is found to be different in every case study. In our practices, we found that energy patterns of every property is unique, hence treatment varies for each case.

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