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Why Do We Need Vastu for Lighting?

A home is not a home until all of its elements are balanced well and good. The five elements of nature that dictate the peace and wellness of our house are- fire, water, air, earth and light. The smallest of smallest things in our house represent a certain element of nature. When these elements are not balanced and taken care of in a house or any other building in operation then everything starts going wrong.

vastu for lighting

Every element attracts a certain emotion and stability to your house. Similarly, the element of light attracts positivity and divinity to your house. Until and unless the vastu for lighting in your house is perfectly in accordance with the prerequisites of nature, your house will be subdued by heavy clouds of negativity hovering and influencing every activity of every member in the house. the advice and must only consider the expert’s opinions.

To What Extent Can Vastu for Lighting Affect Us?

Let me give you a simple situation. You are out in the market looking for new shoes. You come across two majestic showrooms that sell shoes and are adjacent to each other. One of the two showrooms is brightly lit with extravagant lighting and shimmering with beautiful and colourful lighting. This showroom is screaming with its bright lighting to get your attention. On the other hand, there is a showroom that is not so brightly lit. All the available lighting in this showroom is neither balanced nor makes you feel good. What would you do? Of course, you will choose to go to the first showroom and avoid the latter. So, you see vastu for lighting does not only influence your house, but it can also adversely affect your business.

Easy Vastu Shastra Tips for Lighting

As you have already seen that vastu for lighting affects a person’s state of mind. Now let us learn a few easy vastu shastra tips for lighting. When we talk about lighting, it is necessary to know that there are two types of lighting. One of them is the natural lighting or the sunlight. You must ensure that you build the infrastructure of your building in such a manner that there is ample lighting penetrating through the doors and windows of your building. One must also ensure that there is enough daylight in one’s kitchen because this sunlight improves the nutritional quality of the food that is cooked in the kitchen. This is one of the major reasons why one should build a kitchen in the south-eastern direction of the house.

If you are looking for more then you can contact our online vastu consultant experts who will provide you a detailed account of vastu tips for lighting at home.

Vastu Expert Advice for Lighting at Home

There are like a thousand things to consider when we consult vastu expert advice for lighting at home. Some of these things are listed below:

  1. The natural light in the bedroom should be extensively bright and ample in order to start your day full of energy and resonate positive vibes all throughout the day.
  2. One should arrange for either warm yellow or warm white coloured lamps in every room.
  3. The basements of your house or underground storage rooms of your shops must be available with vents in order to allow maximum daylight.
  4. Every dark and dingy corner of your house that does not receive natural light must be lit with artificial lighting because it starts capturing negative energy otherwise.

You can contact our vastu experts for more information on vastu advice for lighting at home.


This is all for today’s discussion about vastu tips for lighting. We hope that this was an insightful and knowledgeable session for you and you enjoyed reading about the topic. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family so that they too can benefit from this information.

If you wish to know more about related topics such as vastu for home and vastu for peace then you can visit our website or you can directly call us on the given phone number. You can also email us at the given email address. Until then, take care of you and your loved ones.

Important Notes

  1. All the above Vastu advice are given by Know our Vastu Expert Acharya Chhaya Goyalprofessional Vastu Experts from Vaastu Devayah Namah and are based on scientific & logical principles of Vastu Shastra. However, it is not recommended to implement any Vastu remedies without expert advice from a learned Vastu consultant since Vastu working involves precision and calculations which are specific to each property.
  2. Also, contrary to popular belief, we must be aware that Vastu does not necessarily require reconstruction or demolition. By aligning the interiors, choosing the directions as per activity and with Vastu treatments or remedies, Vastu compliance can be achieved.

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