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Vastu Tips for New Financial Year

The beginning of new financial year is very important for the new business owners. They review the past business turnover and set goals for the new year. All preparations in terms of business strategies, financial or sales goals etc. are prepared at this time. In order to ensure our manifestations coming true for the upcoming year, we must comply to the rules of Vastu Shastra.

Here are some vastu tips for new financial year, which can help business owners to attract financial abundance.

Vastu for financial growth

Placement of Financial Records

As per Vastu Shastra, it is extremely important that your financial records in the correct direction which is conducive for business growth. This may include business financial documents, receipts, ledgers, account books, pen drives, hard disks, laptops or hard disks etc. which carry your business financial data.

  • The most ideal and effective direction to place financial records is the West or West of South-West direction. These directions bear the energies of gains & profits which is transferred to the financial records if they are placed in these directions.
  • In case West direction is not available due to practical limitations at your place, you can choose North or South-East directions. These directions are also good and provide monetary benefits if the documents are placed in these directions.

Energizing your Financial Records

On the beginning of new financial year, it is considered much auspicious to energize your financial records. Ideally, it should be performed on the first or second day of the new financial year.

The new books for the financial year are meant to carry your business data & transactions, so it is essential to energize them to bring abundance in business.

  • Place your new financial books, laptops etc. (anything which is a means to carry your business data) in your pooja room, on a yellow or golden coloured cloth. This can also be done in the West direction of your home or office.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal (or any pious water) in a very small quantity over the books.
  • Make a Swastik with red colour on the first page on new books.
  • Recite or play “Luxmi Mantra” to energize the financial records.
  • Let these books etc. be placed there for 1-2 hours.
  • These records will then be energized to bring prosperity in business. We can then start using them with our daily activities with a positive mindset & intention to attract financial abundance.

Important Directions for Business as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in tuning your business to bring gains & profits. Vastu balancing of your business space or Vastu for office is the key to achieving financial abundance in business. There are some directions which are primarily important for business growth.

  • North- East Direction –
  • This is one of the most important directions in any space. It governs the decision making & thought process of the occupants. Since business decision making is one of the prime factors for any business to be successful, so this direction has the power to make or break a business. If this direction is balanced as per Vastu, the business owner takes wise & calculative decisions which leads to business success.

  • West Direction –
  • West is the direction which is responsible for serving gains & profits in the business. It is recommended direction for a business owner to have their office, which enables them to maximize the business profits. Any financial records, locker or cash etc. can also be placed here. If this direction has a toilet, pantry or anything against Vastu guidelines, it can cause the business to suffer.

  • North Direction –
  • North is the direction which bring inflow of monetary opportunities, new clients & incoming business. This direction is supposed to govern the sales front for the business. It must be utilized for placement of selling products, catalogues etc. or by the marketing personnel. Any imbalance in Vastu in North direction directly affects the sales & inflow of customers.

  • South-East Direction –
  • This direction governs the cash in hand or cash flow in any business. This direction also ensures smooth operations & running of business activities. If this direction is balanced, the business owner can experience smooth cash flow and recover payments much easily. Vastu defects in South East direction can affect the cash flow and cause blocked payments for the business owner.

Direction for Accountant or Accounts Office

Accounts section for any business must be planned in compliance with Vastu Shastra, as this is the base of financial growth. If the accounts or financial records are not planned in a Vastu compliant direction, it may lead to financial challenges in the business.

Accounts office or accountant must occupy South West or West directions in the office. South-West direction carries the attributes of skill & precision which is utmost required for the financial calculations. West direction is also conducive for accounts as it has the energies for gains & profits.

Best direction for Locker

The best direction for locker in any office or business space is the West Direction. Having a locker in West direction multiplies or amplifies the profitability in the business. This is the key for business growth. Even, the financial records, property documents, client records or any important business documents in West direction are bound to benefit us by all means in terms of business & financial abundance.

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