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Expert Vastu Tips for Car Parking

What happens when you park the car in the wrong Vastu Direction?

Vastu is a philosophy that teaches us to respect and value our modes of transport. It suggests the best possible ways and methods to keep our vehicle surrounded with a positive vibe. This article discusses some Vastu principles to apply in your car parking space.

The right Vastu for car parking in house is essential to keep negativity away from your vehicle. Here is what can happen if you are not parking your car according to Vastu:

● Frequent car accidents

● Early and frequent repair requirements

● Car breakdown every now and then

● Constant quarrelling with neighbors for parking space

● Car theft problem

● Fire hazards

Expert Vastu Tips for Car Parking
Best Vastu for car parking in house

Generally, all the directions are the suitable place for car parking as per Vastu, except the following - East of South East, South of South West and West of North West directions. Also avoid car parking in exact North-East direction of the space. While East and North directions should be preferred for ‘open to sky car parking’, the South and West zones should be utilized for parking big vehicles and ‘covered car parking’.

Vastu tips for car parking garage

Lot of people have many doubts and queries regarding parking in the garage like ‘How to park a car in basement?’ or ‘What should be the size of car garage according to Vastu?’. Here are some expert Vastu tips for accurate car parking garage:

● A car garage in the basement is preferred in North or East direction only.

● ● The entry to the car garage must not be from South-East or South-West direction.

● ● The tools and spares should be placed in the North-West direction of the space, in a neat and cluttered way.

● Try to keep sufficient ventilation and daylight in the garage too as nature should always be included in all our surroundings as per Vastu.

● Try to keep the slope of the garage's floor towards East or North direction.

● keep the car keys and manuals preferably in North-West direction.

Vastu tips for car parking on porch

Few important Tips to maintain the best Vastu of the car porch:

● If it is not possible for you to construct a dedicated garage due to the lack of space, then you can build the porch in the North or Northeast direction.

● You must ensure that there’s at least a space of 2-3 feet all around the parking spot for the energy to flow freely.

● If you are planning to construct a fiber or metal shed to protect your car against sun and rain, choose the color of the fiber sheet as per Vastu.

● If your porch is in your house’s east to south zone, then you can place planters there. This is considered lucky and may help in financial profits.

Take Away

To conclude, the garage should be built as per Vastu principles for a longer and hassle-free life of your vehicle. However, if you do find any unfavorable events in your experiences, then you can always take the advise of an experienced Vastu Consultant to balance the Vastu of your home and car parking to purify the negative energy and Vastu Dosh, if any.

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