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Significance Of North East Direction of house as per Vastu

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The Northeast direction of house holds great importance in Vaastu Shastra, and if utilized properly, it can have a positive influence on our lives.

As per Vedic transcripts, the Northeast direction represents the head of the Vaastu Purush, commonly known as 'Ishaanya Konya'. Based on calculations, experiences and studies, it has been found that anything placed in the Northeast direction of any space starts reflecting its attributes in the brain of the residents. Thus, we term North East as “The Brain of the House”.

Let us consider the same with a few examples, which can be experimented easily:

  • A store room in the North east direction of house creates a blocked mind for the residents, transferring the attributes.
  • A washing machine placed in the North east direction of house leads to excessive churning of thoughts in your mind, similar to what a washing machine does.
  • Any heating equipment placed there leads to aggression and a heated temperament, thus relating to fire the brain of the residents.
  • If you place a non-working gadget in that direction, you'll often experience your thought process not working.
  • A dustbin placed in North east direction of house makes us devoid of new ideas and a creative mindset, disposing off all creative ideas.
  • A cluttered and unorganized North east direction of house will lead to a confused and anxious state of mind.
  • A toilet made in North-East direction of house will drain away your wisdom, productive thought process and will eventually lead to psychological / neurological challenges. Never construct a toilet in exact North-East of your premises. If you’ve hired a learned vastu consultant, he should ensure North-East is as pure as possible.

Now, just relate these things to your brain. What if a washing machine or heating equipment was placed in your brain? Imagine how you would react? The Northeast direction is the brain of our house and should be kept well nourished.

Let us see what we can do to keep the brain of our house healthy and happy:

  1. A temple is best placed in this direction as it allows the divine energies to flow.
  2. This direction should be kept clean and free from clutter and heavy storage.
  3. Meditating in this direction can prove particularly beneficial. A deeper and completely relaxed state can be achieved here.
  4. White, blue, golden and grey shades are best suited for this direction.
  5. For those who need new and creative ideas for their profession or otherwise, no other direction would serve better than Northeast.
  6. Placing a statue or photograph of a mediating Lord Buddha leads to a calm and relaxed mental state for the residents.
  7. Playing or chanting mantras regularly in this direction sends a positive vibration throughout that space and energizes the residents.

Under the proper guidance of professional Vaastu experts, each direction in the house can be used to yield its best possible attributes. We unknowingly create problems for ourselves by not following the secret principles of Vaastu Shastra that the universe has designed. Renovation or reconstruction are not always required to make a space Vaastu complaint. It is always said - work smarter, not harder. Just as a psychiatrist or a doctor tunes our brain to a positive frequency, so we feel happy and relaxed, similarly, programming the Northeast direction of any space can solve many of the problems we think we have in life.

Start playing some soothing meditation music or some mantras in North East direction, and see how your brain cells go positive!!

The above vastu advice is given by experts at and is based on experience and knowledge. It is recommended that precise calculations regarding directions are followed for the best results.

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It's deadly. Never even dare to have a toilet in exact North-East of your premises. IT may lead to serious health challenges and hamper growth for the residents.
No, Kitchen placed in the north-east direction leads to extreme aggression in the residents of the properties. Kitchen in north-east direction is against the vastu compliance.
Yes, mirror can be placed in north-east direction, provided north-east direction is not much extended in area.
A temple/prayer room or meditation room is best placed in this direction.
Vastu is a science as well as an art of establishing harmony of five elements, Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether in your surroundings. These five elements are base of everything we see, feel & smell. Vastu is an old Indian traditional system which have proven it's authenticity and accuracy since centuries and has become more relevant today due to constricting spaces and sedentry lifestyle.

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