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Myths about Vastu For Kitchen

Myths & Facts of Kitchen Vastu

Kitchen is a very important part of every household as the food cooked there provides not just physical but also mental nourishment to the occupants of the house. For this, the food should be cooked in a positive environment and the person cooking should also be vibrating with happy energy while cooking so that whoever consumes that food not just fills his stomach but also receives health, happiness and positivity.

There are many myths prevailing among people regarding Vastu of kitchen. Do Read for information about the correct direction and the interior of the kitchen, whether you are constructing a new house or trying to balance the Vaastu of an existing one.

Top Vastu Experts are being frequently asked questions like:

  • What is the ideal facing while cooking?
  • Can the Kitchen and Toilet share a common wall?
  • Can the Kitchen and Toilet be above/below each other or not?
  • Can bedroom be above or below Kitchen?
  • What are the ideal materials/stones/tiles) for my cooking Counter?
Vastu tips for kitchen

Direction to face while cooking

There is a popular myth about facing East while cooking. In my experience of professional practices, I have never found any concern that can be linked to not facing East while cooking. It is therefore a myth only. The facing doesn’t actually matter, and as I have already described above, what matters is that the person who is cooking should feel comfortable so that he/she is interested in cooking and enjoys every step of cooking because the family reflects the same energy with which the food is cooked.

From my study and experience, I confidently assure you that facing while cooking doesn’t hold any significance as per the principles of Kitchen Vaastu.

Remedy for Kitchen and Toilet Sharing Same Wall

The ideal direction for kitchen in order of preference are- 1. South East, 2. South and 3. West. However, the ideal direction for constructing a toilet is East of South East, South of South West and West of North West. These directions are next to each other, which clearly explains that ideal direction of Kitchen and Toilet are adjacent.

In the many years of my practice, I have seen numerous buildings, industries, homes as well as offices having the kitchen and toilet adjacent to each other. However, they were constructed in their respective Vastu directions, and there were no challenges for the occupants arising out of such a construction. The challenges were actually related to interiors not being in sync with Vastu guidance and hence causing disturbance in five elements due to wrong choices. The imbalance in five elements soon starts reflecting in the temperament and health of the occupants. So the remedy needs to be done by addressing the root cause of the concern.

Remedy for Kitchen below or above a Toilet

A learned and well-experienced Vastu expert will never recommend Kitchen below a toilet in a new construction even as an exception. This will completely destroy the energy of food cooked in such kitchens. Occupants of such building will face never-ending challenges in their lives. Kitchen above toilet should also not be built.

In cases where the kitchen already exists above or below a toilet, temporary treatments can be done to neutralize the negative energies arising due to such a construction. But in spite of the treatment, it is strongly advised to relocate either the toilet or the kitchen at the earliest possible time, as per the directions suggested by Vaastu principles, while considering the practicalities of the site.

It is the main philosophy of Vaastu Devayah Namah to avoid/minimize demolition for the purpose of Vastu corrections, but if the occupants are facing problems, challenges (which is most likely the case for above combination) and space permits, a new construction is advised.

Bedroom Above or Below Kitchen

Ideal directions for Kitchen (burner) are South East, South of South East, South and West directions. Let’s discuss the effects of bedroom in these directions. The energies of South East bedroom are conducive for staying active, South of South East bedroom helps in boosting confidence and enhances mental-physical strength. South Bedroom helps in having relaxed and peaceful sleep which is a necessity for good health and productive day ahead. The Bedroom in West bedroom brings maximum output of the efforts put by its occupant.

After knowing the benefits, it can be very well understood that direction of the bedroom needs to be decided as per the objective of the of person using it. It has not even once been observed that kitchen energies cause any negative influence on bedroom energies even if they are below or above each other.

Granite counter can be Cancerous

When granite gets heated while cooking, it starts emitting harmful radiations which may cause the development of tumors in abdomen area of the person who stands there for long duration for cooking.

Healthier alternatives are Natural stone slabs. In case of already built kitchens, place natural stone on top of the granite surface and then place the stove above it. Colour of slab needs to be chosen after analyzing the direction of the kitchen and stove, and its strength. If analysed and then placed properly, this stone slab works wonderfully in balancing the energies of a kitchen which is not in its ideal Vastu direction.

If any concerns or challenges arise, one can easily alter their experiences for the better by doing few precise changes in the interiors with the help of an expert Vastu consultant. It is advisable to opt for Vastu balancing of your space for a gratifying and fruitful life style, but it is also extremely important to not fall for any half-cooked information or remedies suggested on the web or in magazine articles that are written by newbies. Remember to always consult a verified and experienced Vaastu expert only.

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