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Best Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

Vastu tips for married life

South-West: The Direction for Relationships

The first & foremost direction which relates to the quality of relationships in a house is the South-West direction. This direction is responsible for relationships with spouses, with family and also professional relationships. If this direction is not in compliance with Vastu Shastra, disturbed relationships can be observed. For Example –

  1. A toilet in the South-West direction drains the harmony in the relationship.
  2. A kitchen or fire related appliance in South-West creates aggression in the relationship leading to arguments between the couple.
  3. Placing plants in the South-West direction leads to disputed relationships.
  4. A swimming Pool or Water boring in the South-West also is one of the reasons for troubled relationships.

Ideally, The South-West direction can be used to plan a bedroom, living room, drawing room etc. One must also ensure the colour schemes of this direction are chosen as per Vastu. Shades of red (representing fire element) or green (representing air element i.e., plants or trees) if placed in this direction causes imbalance as per Vastu. Use cream of offwhite shades in this direction for best results.

Love & Attraction in a relationship

Vastu tips for love life

Another direction which follows after South-West is the North of North-West direction. This direction governs the love, attractions & physical relationship with the spouse. North of North west is very important for a newly wedded couple in order to maintain the warmth of love.

If this direction is disturbed as per Vastu, like having a toilet or kitchen, it must be given immediate Vastu treatment. Any imbalance in this direction leads to the couple losing interest in each other which ultimately affects the relationship. In a recent case study, a couple said “We do not feel like a husband-wife relationship”. Upon Vastu check, we found two toilet seats and a dark store room in tis direction.

Thus, ensuring this direction is balanced as per Vastu, is crucial for a relationship.

Location of Bedroom as per Vastu for Married Life

driection of bedroom for married life

Bedroom is the place where we spend around 8-10 hours of our day. The energies of the bedroom must be conducive for a harmonious relationship & peace of mind. As per Vastu, every direction has a specific attribute and energy level. There are some directions which have high energy levels and can be used for productive activity like a bedroom.

On the other hand, some directions bear low energy levels and are meant for activities like toilets or dustbins. One must very carefully choose the direction of the bedroom, as it can make or break your relationship. Imagine having a bedroom in the direction which is meant for disposal. The attributes of disposal will start reflecting in your relationship. Or vice versa, the toilet is planned in the high energy direction for a happy relationship. It will also start draining the positive vibes in your relationship.

Age group & work profile must also be kept in mind while choosing the direction for the bedroom. A professional Vastu consultant can help you choose the correct direction for the bedroom for a happy married life.

Some of the directions which are good for a couple who want to enrich their relationship are North of North West, West of South West, South of South-East directions. By occupying these directions, disturbed relationships can be amended and people can enjoy a long lasting healthy relationship.

Avoid Mirror in Bedroom

Mirrors play a very crucial role as per Vastu Shastra. One must understand very carefully the concepts behind Vastu for Mirrors. Incorrect placement of mirrors can cause a blockage for married life and lead to disturbances with spouse. It is extremely important to place mirrors as per Vastu.

  1. Firstly, we must avoid having a big open mirror in the South-East or South-West direction. This creates Vastu imbalance, which leads to heated arguments between a couple and affects the relationship. You may consider removing the mirror or covering the mirror with a cream cloth to nullify the effect.
  2. Secondly, avoid having mirrors in the bedroom as per Vastu, especially the one which reflects the bed. It is considered highly inauspicious and has been seen to create disturbed marital life. Not only this, it also creates challenges in conceiving a baby.

A professional Vastu expert can guide you regarding the importance of mirrors as per Vastu and help you decide the correct direction & orientation to place a mirror.

Colour Schemes for Bedroom for harmonious relationship

Colours too play an important role in shaping the Vastu of a place. Each colour represents a particular element and is related to a particular direction. For example – Blue colour represents the water element and is related to the North direction. In order to maintain the Vastu compliance of a place, the colour schemes & patterns must be planned as per the elements in that direction.

Most people believe that just by having the bedroom in the correct direction, they can solve relationship problems. This is not true. Having the bedroom in the wrong direction, but choosing the wrong colour schemes for the bedroom will serve a negative effect. For example – Choosing a South-West bedroom and using green or blue colour schemes will cause disturbed relationships.

Thus, choose colours in the bedroom as per Vastu. Ensure the colours are light shades & reflect a peaceful vibe. Having dark & loud shades is not recommended for the bedroom.

Direction for Couple Photographs & Family Photographs

The direction of couple photographs & family albums is also important for maintaining long lasting relationships, as per Vastu. Photographs depict good times, happy bonds & obviously a warm relationship. If the photographs are unknowingly placed in the wrong direction, they may impact the relationships negatively. For example – A couple photograph placed between South & South West direction leads to energies of separation with the spouse.

  1. Ideally, we must place our family albums in South-West or North West directions.
  2. Place a couple photographs, preferably from a vacation or good times, in the North of North-West direction. This brings back the spark of love in the relationship.
  3. Place a couple photograph, preferable in wedding attire, in South-West direction with a golden frame. This improves the quality of relationships.
  4. Place a couple photographs, depicting happy times, in the East of North East direction.

Vastu Tips for Harmonious Relationship

vastu tips for relationship
  1. Choose the direction for your bedroom as per Vastu, in compliance with your age & profession.
  2. Ensure the colour schemes of the bedroom are light shades like cream, beige or off-white.
  3. Check the North-East direction of your place to be free from clutter or heavy storage.
  4. Make sure the South-West direction of your place is balanced as per Vastu principles.
  5. Avoid having plants, toilets or kitchen in the South-West direction.
  6. Avoid big mirrors in the bedroom, especially the ones which reflect the bed.
  7. The sceneries, artefact & décor artwork used in the bedrooms must be positive & lively.

Last but not the least, it is very important to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse. If the relationship is affected, it could lead to depression and feeling low.

vastu tips for couples Vastu can definitely be of help here, but only if followed with precision & accuracy. Just following vastu tips for relationships from google or YouTube and implementing them without any expert advice can be risky. Professional Vastu Consultancy must be taken from experienced Vastu experts. Only scientific & logical Vastu solutions can prove to be beneficial unlike the myths and half-baked remedies. has a team of seasoned vastu consultants who work globally with tried & tested vastu techniques to bring about a positive impact in the lives of people.

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