vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

Enhancing Marital Harmony with Vastu Shastra

Vastu Devayah Namah caters to a diverse clientele seeking solutions to various issues, including marital discord. Through our specialized vastu services, we address the root causes of problems stemming from imbalanced energies in homes or offices. Our online consultations connect clients with experienced vastu experts, ensuring effective solutions tailored to their needs.

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Discover how we helped a troubled couple from Punjab overcome their marital challenges and restore harmony to their relationship.

Vastu Devayah Namah: Your Trusted Vastu Consultation Partner Worldwide

Vastu Devayah Namah serves clients worldwide, addressing a variety of concerns related to vastu in their environments. Many are surprised to learn that their problems often stem from faulty vastu arrangements in their homes or offices. Through our expert advice and services, clients experience significant satisfaction and positive results.

Our vastu experts provide exceptional guidance to clients facing various challenges, including those related to marriage, family, work, business, finances, and mental well-being. We offer convenient online consultations, bringing dynamic vastu experts right to our clients' doorsteps.

Countless individuals and businesses have benefited from our online vastu consultations, with numerous testimonials affirming the positive impact on their lives. With our expertise, clients can achieve greater harmony and lead happier, healthier lives.

Client Concerns : A troubled Marriage

Talking about realtionships, reminds me of this couple from Punjab. We worked on this case sometime back.Here the case study goes:

A seemingly affluent and content young couple from Punjab reached out to us a few months ago. While they appeared satisfied with their marriage on the surface, their true reason for seeking our assistance was quite different. They revealed that despite being married for over eight years – a significant period for building emotional intimacy and understanding – they were facing underlying issues. During our initial meeting, they projected an image of romance and intimacy in their marriage.

We were utterly shocked when they uttered their first words: "Even after eight years of marriage, we don't feel like a married couple at all." As vastu consultants, we've encountered many cases, but this one truly stunned us. It highlights the distinction between our approach and other services. We don't let our judgments cloud our expertise because vastu has taught us that appearances can be deceiving.

The woman expressed feeling a lack of emotional connection and patience typical in marriages. She mentioned escalating marital issues due to frequent arguments over trivial matters. They struggled to find common ground and communication was strained. Living together felt like leading separate lives under one roof. Neither found joy in each other's company, which was disheartening.

In addition to their other issues, it was heartbreaking to see their marital problems affecting them physically and emotionally. It's common for psychological troubles to impact our overall well-being. Something felt off as everything seemed to go downhill for this couple. They also mentioned the woman's miscarriage, which occurred before they sought our help. This highlights how disturbances in relationship energies can greatly affect our lives.

These are common marital issues that many couples face over time. However, it's concerning when they arise at a young age, like in this case, where the couple had been married for only eight years. As experts, we were determined to find a quick and effective solution to help their marriage thrive in the long term. Vastu Shastra emerged as the integrated solution. By aligning the energies of their home, we saw that other problems began to resolve themselves. Once all aspects of the house were in harmony with Vastu principles, other issues diminished and eventually disappeared.

After hearing the client's concerns, it became clear that the first issue to address was repairing their broken relationship. To rekindle the love and affection between them, a considerable amount of effort was required. This was essential because nothing else could swiftly and smoothly guide their marriage back on track.

Our Analysis: Identifying Vastu Disruptions

Our task was to provide effective solutions using the principles of Vastu Shastra to mend the important bond between this couple. Honestly, it wasn't easy as it demanded deep knowledge of ancient Vastu Shastra and extensive experience with such issues. However, our team of experts persevered and successfully restored harmony and peace to this family.

A thorough analysis by our team of Vastu experts revealed that the specific direction crucial for fostering affection and intimacy between the couple was significantly disrupted in their house according to Vastu principles. Additionally, it was observed that the direction responsible for enhancing intimacy was also compromised, with two toilets positioned in that area. Toilets are known to block the flow of energy in Vastu. Therefore, having toilets in this important direction implied a significant blockage and disturbance in the energy flow.

Healing Strategies: Vastu Remedies and Recommendations

According to ancient scriptures, the Vastu of the bedroom plays a crucial role in shaping the relationship dynamics between couples. In the case of this young couple, their bedroom's Vastu was found to be incorrect and faulty, contributing to their distant and strained relationship. Occupying a bedroom not suitable for their age group led to significant disagreements and irrational arguments. Additionally, the entrance of the bedroom was not aligned in the optimal direction, impacting the harmony and flow of energy within their marriage.

Energy Counseling and Therapeutic Procedures

Our team of Vastu experts provided remedial and reconstructive solutions to the couple to restore normalcy. Additionally, we conducted a special energy counseling session, which was essential given their situation. The purpose of this counseling was to reconstruct their minds and rid them of any negativity and bad energies that had dominated their relationship before our intervention. Conducted by our senior experts or acharyas, this energy counseling session aims for maximum impact on those deeply affected, clearing mental blockages and allowing thoughts to flow freely.

In addition to energy counseling, Vastu Devayah Namah assisted the couple with therapeutic procedures and other helpful remedies. They were given detailed guidance on rearranging their bedroom, including sleeping arrangements, and advised on adding marriage photography in specific directions to maximize positive impact on their relationship. Art pieces and accessories were strategically placed, and marriage albums were relocated to spots most suitable according to Vastu principles.

The couple was also advised on relocating their toilets, changing wall colors, and making minor infrastructural adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of the remedial measures. As we prioritize non-demolition Vastu techniques, ensuring the well-being of the customer, we provided advice on possible accommodations without disrupting the peace of the house. This approach is particularly helpful for those with highly furnished apartments and expensive architectural structures.

Feedback from the Client: A Remarkable Transformation

After dedicating considerable time and effort to the project, we reached out to the couple forty days later to inquire about their progress following the Vastu healing process. To our utmost surprise, we witnessed a complete reversal of their situation. The woman was filled with joy and could hardly contain her excitement as she expressed how Vastu Shastra had completely transformed her life in such a short time span.

She informed us that the couple had undergone a significant shift in their perspective towards their marriage and family. They engaged in more heartfelt conversations, and all arguments had ceased. There were no longer any disconnects on any topics. She remarked, "It feels like a dream. I don't know what else to call it if not a miracle. Just a few days ago, I couldn't stand the sight of my husband, and now I can't seem to take my eyes off him. It's as if the universe has finally heard our plea, and the energies have helped us get back on track. I am incredibly grateful I reached out to Vastu Devayah Namah and utilized their services because I have never felt so relaxed and at peace before.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Potential of Vastu Shastra

All of this could have been solved way before, even before the time they started to despise each other’s presence. This is how our environment, its energies, and its elements can manipulate our lives in the best and the worst ways possible. We only need to know the tricks and turns on how to get them working for us instead of against us. These tricks and turns are compiled under what you can Vastu Shastra for home. You can solve all your problems in the easiest way possible; all you have to do is contact us once, and we shall find the best and the most effective solutions for you.

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