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Must-Follow Principles For West Facing House Vastu

west facing house vastu plan

It’s a common myth that the South or West facing house Vastu isn’t good and only East and North-facing homes can bring you positive results in life.

However, this is far from the truth. In reality, Vastu Shastra is so advanced that it can make West and South-facing houses compliant enough to receive some remarkable gifts of life.

The only thing required is that the owner of such a house takes Vastu seriously and makes sure to utilize Vastu principles from the structural level if possible.

Here Are 9 West Entrance Vastu Principles You Should Keep In Mind When Planning The Map Of Your Home

The main entrance Vastu for West facing houses should strictly be to the West.

If the entrance is more inclined toward the South or North, hire a Vastu consultant to balance the negative energies that this direction can bring.

This is one thing you should take care of even if you have a North or East entrance. The right degree of entrance matters.

The fire element must be in the right direction.

The Agni/fire direction is Southeast. It is where your kitchen (the source of fire) should be even if you are not a West facing house as per Vastu.

Although in some cases, it may be tough to plan a kitchen in the Southeast if the entrance is West-facing. That's because it would mean the kitchen will not be in the front of the house as most people want.

In such cases, the second best option is NorthWest.

According to Vastu Shastra, the Northwest is the direction of Lord Vayu (wind). Unlike water and fire, wind and fire are compatible, so it should be okay to place the kitchen in this direction.

The problem in this scenario is that the fire zone, i.e., the Southeast will be occupied by something other than the kitchen. That something else may be good or extremely bad.

The Southeast regulates your name, fame, health, wealth, relationships, and basically everything. So, you must consult a Vastu expert and ensure the energies of this area get balanced.

The bedrooms should not be in low-energy areas

Bedrooms are where you sleep, a highly essential activity concerning your health and serenity. So, they should accurately be in the East, North, or South, especially for proper West facing house vastu.

Ensure they are not in diagonal directions - West of NorthWest, East of Southeast, and South of SouthWest. You can utilize these low-energy areas for toilets.

Bathrooms and toilets should be in low-energy areas

Bathrooms are where we clean ourselves and remove our negative energy. Toilets are where we dispose of waste from our bodies.

Both these activities might be productive but bring negative energy to the area. It’s best to keep this negative energy from positive zones like the Northeast and Southeast.

Know that the direction of the toilet seat in toilet matters and digital compasses can be vague. So, hire a Vastu specialist to help you plan where it should be. If the toilets are already in place, we can help you balance your energies with proper Vastu treatment.

The Northeast should be clean and clutter-free.

Northeast is famous as the most divine corner of every space. According to Vastu, it is where the positive energies get created, making it highly favorable.

So, it’s crucial to ensure this direction is in use correctly, whether you have a West facing main door or not. For that purpose, you must keep this corner clutter-free, so no energy gets blocked. Also, keep this area well-lighted and clean.

You can add plants, photos of gods you believe in, or something else that beautifies this zone. However, don't add the color red, as it activates the fire element. The Northeast is ruled by the water element, which, as you know, is not harmonious with fire.

The pooja ghar (prayer room) should be in the Northeast or West.

West facing house plans with a pooja room is crucial, considering it’s the place where your gods reside. So, make sure your pooja room is well-maintained.

The direction of the Northeast is best for this purpose. In case that isn’t practical for you, you can choose the West direction. However, make sure you face the North or East when you face your deities or pray in that area.

A West facing house Vastu plan must not include plants in the entrance.

The West does not get as much morning sunlight as the East or North gets. Since that’s necessary for plants, it’s best to avoid placing them outside the West entrance main door.

In case you already have plants in this direction, do not uproot them. See if you can shift them to yellow or white pots. When it comes to the colors of planters, avoid green and red.

Use the right colors according to the West facing house Vastu Shastra.

The colors in the interiors should be direction-wise, as is common for all kinds of entrances.

But the exterior colors for the West facing entrance should be white, white ivory, gray, or golden. You may include a minor amount of black too.

The correct material according to the West facing door Vastu.

The main door on West facing houses should not have a stainless steel door. While it’s suitable in other directions, it may be disadvantageous for your home. You can use a door made of mild steel or iron in the colors specified above.

The Final Words

A West facing house Vastu benefits you if you can make it Vastu compliant. Yes, there are disadvantages, like the extensive heat from the afternoon sun that it gets. But apart from this, the house can be a blessing if you keep its exteriors and interiors in check.

This means if you have a West-facing plot where you are building the house, you must take advice from a Vastu expert before laying the foundation.

In case the house is already built, consider taking help from a specialist before doing the interiors.

If you can remove Vastu doshas and use the right colors in and out of your West-facing home, you may even get more benefits from this property than any North or East-facing house.

Don’t wait! If life’s challenges don’t seem to end, it’s crucial to see why that’s happening and fix the necessary Vastu imbalances. The best way to do so conveniently is to consult a Vastu expert.

We at Vaastu Devayah specialize in making homes blissful by taking care of energy imbalances in your space. So, whether it’s West facing house Vastu or any other issue, our experts can help you out.

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