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A Guide to the Best Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Since you spend so much time there, both waking up and drifting off to sleep, ensuring your bedroom has a calming and inspiring atmosphere is important. Choosing the right vastu colours for the bedroom is a simple and fast approach to bringing in happy and restful energy.

If you're having trouble settling on a paint colour for your bedroom, this quick primer on vastu colours and how they affect your mood may help. Because of this, we have taken special care to guarantee that all of the hues included here are considered "good for Vastu" in the bedroom.

vastu colors for bedroom

A Few vastu colours for bedroom

Beige, Cream or Off white

The choice cream, beige or ivory as a bedroom colour as per vastu creates an atmosphere of extreme luxury. According to Vastu, this is the ideal shade for sleeping quarters. In addition, it's the perfect backdrop colour for those who want to utilise their walls as chalkboards for their kids, and some individuals do just that.

These colours are excellent and suitable vastu colour for the bedroom to paint your child's bedroom walls; it will inspire them to learn and study while creating a relaxing atmosphere. As a bonus, it also boosts their emotional and mental health.

Pink Or Light Red

According to vastu colours for bedrooms, pink or light red is the best colour for a master bedroom if the master bedroom is in the South or South-East direction. If you are married or in a committed relationship choosing this strengthens your connection with your spouse or partner and reduces the likelihood of arguments.


Before painting a room, it's a good idea to research the meaning behind each possible bedroom wall colour as per vastu.

For example, green is the colour of the analytical perfectionist with a laid-back, peaceful demeanour. If your bedroom is in the east direction, go green for your bedroom colour as per vastu.

Vastu colours for bedrooms recommend green as the best colour for an east bedroom. When compared to other Vastu colours, green is the one that displays relief. Thus it's no surprise that it promotes calm, recovery, and healing.

However, if painting your bedroom green seems like too much of a commitment, you may still enjoy its calming effects by adding some green touches, such as plants. It is one of the best colours for bedroom walls as per vastu.


Achievers of any age would do well to adopt this blazing hue. Putting some orange paint on the wall of your bedroom in the south direction is said to inspire you to achieve success. Also you may choose orange as the curtain colour for bedroom vastu.

The bedroom wall colour as per vastu is also representative of youth and vigour. Of course, it's possible that orange wouldn't be the ideal choice if the room's occupant had a short fuse, but if you're a calm, collected person, go for it!


If you're looking for the best colours for a master bedroom as per vastu, blue is a great choice since it provides the soothing & reliable energy. However, blue must be only choosen if the bedroom is in the North direction.

According to vastu consultants, it's preferable to keep the occupant in mind while choosing a wall colour for a bedroom. The blue colour conveys a sense of wealth and luxury, making it ideal for creating an atmosphere fit for a king or queen.

It's worth trying to see whether a bedroom painted in blue tones may help instil these traits of dignity, balance, and compassion. A person who often acts out of frustration would do well to choose blue since the colour for the master bedroom as per vastu has been shown to have a calming effect.


White is a popular choice for vastu colours for the bedroom because of its adaptability and classic appeal. White, representing calm, independence, and purity, is a perfect colour for a bedroom. For a bedroom in West or South West direction, shades of white with yellow and gold accents, is the best colour for bedroom wall as per vastu.

Choosing Children's Bedroom Paint Colours Based on Vastu

Shades of Green for the Bedroom

When you see green, you know you've made it. According to vastu colours for bedrooms, a green bedroom is the best choice for your child(ren) if the bedroom is located in east direction. This will promote development and encourage your kids to see the bright side of life.

Bedrooms with Yellow Vastu Colours

According to vastu colours for the bedroom, using the colour yellow in your child's bedroom can assist in brightening both their space and their spirits. This can be only used if the bedroom is in the South-West or West direction.

Using Purple as a Bedroom Paint Colour

A purple is a good option if you're looking for a good Vastu hue for your bedroom. Also you may choose purple curtain colour for bedroom vastu. According to Vastu, this is the best hue for a kid's bedroom since it promotes calm and helps them sleep.

By now, you know how the Vastu recommendations for your bedroom's hue may affect your happiness, success, and wealth. It's important to put some thought into the bedroom colour scheme you choose since it may significantly impact the whole family's mood. The bedroom colour should complement the rest of the house's design while also inspiring feelings of calm, positivity, abundance, health, and tranquillity.

These days, it's fashionable to paint a room in various contrasting colours, but you may stick with a single hue if that best suits the space's decor. The primary data of vastu colours for bedroom, suggestions, and ideas should be useful as you search for the perfect bedroom colour. Visit Vaastudevayah for further information. They have professionals that can assist you in selecting the perfect bedroom colour.

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