vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

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Vaastu For Business

vastu for business

Vastu helps in Creating the Best Business Space

Vaastu is a divine science which works on the basic fundamentals of keeping various energies in our surroundings aligned and harmonised according to the laws of nature to create the best experiences.

I once met a gentleman who owned a handful of manufacturing factories. Over a cup of tea, while exchanging some thoughts, he took the time to talk about his business. He shared with me that a few of his factories were facing some challenges. Some of the factories gave him more expenses than earnings. On inquiring further, I learnt that he ended up making wasteful expenditures, spending more on maintenance. He had made a lot of effort to increase his profits, but all had been in vain.

The overall productivity of man and machinery could never be satisfactory for his business. Being an expert in my field, I asked him if the factories facing such challenges had the main entrance towards the south direction, to which he answered yes

The following is the brief conversation I had with him.

Mr. Ajay: I personally make the best effort in all my business ventures, but I end up with outputs far beyond my expectations. Be it in terms of money, hard work, time or energy, I am not able to achieve the results of my efforts.

Vastu Expert: Dear Mr. Ajay, Please confirm if the main entrance to your home is in the South direction. More precisely, it should be between the south and south west of your residential premises.

Mr. Ajay: Yes (Amazed). Furthermore, the two factories which have the same entrance face such kinds of challenges.

Vastu Expert: If the entrance location lies between the south and south west, then such problems arise. It is not a good entrance for a property.

Mr. Ajay: But, removing or changing the main gate is not possible at all. It will involve huge time and money and will disturb the manufacturing process.

Placement of finished goods, if decided as per proper knowledge of Vastu Techniques will provide a running sale and avoid dead stock. Also managing the directions with colours, placement of objects etc can boost up the sales of good.

Vastu Expert: Not everything needs renovation or re-construction. Advanced and scientifically developed techniques of Vastu Shastra can help minimise the effects of the entrance without any constructional changes. Post treatment, supported by internal energy balancing, Vastu corrections and balancing the space with a few relocations and colour therapies, can minimise the effects.

Mr. Ajay: Apart from this, I feel drained out while sitting in my main operating office. I sometimes end up taking wrong business decisions which lead to financial losses. I do not feel energetic. But whenever I move to another office nearby, I make good finances there.

Vastu Expert: You are probably occupying an area between the south and south west in the office where you feel low. Fortunately, the other office where you make good finances has your room towards the north direction.

Mr. Ajay replied with a big YES and was amazed at how things related to Vastu.

Vastu Expert: Just as the mouth takes in the food for our body, the main entrance acts as an input source of energy for any property. If the entrance is negative, the intake is disturbed which in turn disturbs the whole process happening inside. With the principles of Vastu Shastra, the entrance can be treated and programmed to minimise the negative effects.

Mr. Ajay: What should I do urgently to stop wasteful expenditures and losses, save money and gain better results?

Vastu Expert: You shall apply yellow tape on the threshold (floor) of the entrance to block it. Post blocking it will need balancing of the energies inside, supported by Vastu corrections and balancing the space with a few relocations and colour therapies to get the maximum benefits

We then followed the following procedure for the best results:

  • A Surveyor visited the sites. Measurements and specifications were done.
  • Mapping with respect to land, structure and/or interior was done.
  • Vastu Expert visited the site and examined it as per Vastu Principles.
  • Corrections and implementations at the site were suggested.
  • An energy expert visited the site and Land Energy balancing was carried out.
  • A Vastu solution report was prepared and handed over to Mr. Ajay for future reference (to avoid creating any disharmony unknowingly).

Then, Mr. Ajay called us and shared the following. “Within a few months of implementing the changes suggested by your team, my factories have got back on track. My business is now in full swing and I thank you for sharing your energies with me. My expenditures have gone down. The graphs of profits have seen a rise since the day you visited my sites. Also I find great harmony and peace at my home after incorporating the changes advised in your Vastu Report.”

Note: While Constructing a New Space, one must take care of the placement of the main entrance. There are a few locations which are highly positive and others effect completely opposite. If the entrance is at any other location, as marked in red colour in the image, try avoiding it. If by any chance, one cannot avoid it, proper treatment, without any constructional changes, should be done to nullify its effect.

Disclaimer: The techniques and methods of Vastu Shastra are carried out by Vaastu Devayah Namah experts with high precision. Usage of solutions, remedies and corrections of Vastu Shastra without guidance of any expert is not advisable. All the advice to Mr. Ajay was given after the detailed analysis done by our team.

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