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Need of Vastu For Exterior

vastu for exterior

Vastu shastra has a wide application and vastu for exterior is just one of them. It is the need of the hour that we modernize ourselves with the advancing times. And it is basically a trend to decorate our homes and offices with shiny little trinkets. What if we just happen to use these trinkets to our best abilities and benefit from them as much as we can? Yes, don’t act surprised as yet because everything is possible in our little world of passion and potential.

What if I tell you that just by moving a few things around your doorway, you can conquer your dreams? This fantasy is now a fact and all thanks to vastu for exterior. It is a skill that you can master one time and celebrate for the rest of your life with all the side advantages it will bring your way. In this new world that honours the hustle culture, we have started to disregard the little things that can bring you a step closer to your dreams in an easy way. This is what happens to vastu for exterior. It is time we realize its benefits while we focus on our lives.

How Does Vastu For Exterior Work?

We all have seen people hanging a little ‘swastika’ outside their homes. That is vastu for exterior. Yes, it is no quantum physics, but something very basic and fundamental. In the simple artsy styles, we define vastu for exterior and bring to you the most sophisticated and pristined ways to implement the ancient art of vastu shastra. It is the little things that bring about the big changes in the real world. So, taking these baby steps of improvisation, you can reach overall satisfaction and content in your life.

Vastu for exterior can be executed in many different ways. Just by changing the colour of the wall outside your house, you can implement vastu for exterior colours. It is said that this will improve the emotional wellbeing of the residents as well as the visitors to your house. We can simply change the direction or design of our stairway and we can see ourselves executing vastu for exterior staircase. These little changes are sure to bring big, effective results soon after adoption and application.

Best Ways To Implement Vastu For Exterior in Your House

As we have discussed above, vastu for exterior is nothing fancy but the little modifications that you make outside of your house, office or any other place of work to enjoy a symphony of all aspects of life in an overwhelming manner. Follow the pointers below in order to reach a step closer to the ideal state of peace and satisfaction that you call, ‘Nirvana’

  1. Just as mentioned above, suspend a copper or red coloured Swastika from a nail in the south east direction. This will ensure a lucrative business and monetary influx in the family.
  2. It is observed that when a beautiful pair of white coloured swans is kept in a south west corner outside the home, the bond between the couple strengthens. The understanding grows and conversation improves to a great extent.
  3. If you are facing failures constantly after appearing in examinations for government offices then it is time to take a sigh of relief because have brought the best and most effective solution for you. Just place an Ashoka Pillar or that specific Government Emblem in the east corner of your home or office. This will work as an attractive decorative piece, but at the same time it will help you enter the required government job/service.
  4. When you place all the certificates and pictures of your felicitations, accomplishments and trophies along with the banner of your company in South then you are guaranteed to witness wonders. There will be sudden boost in your business ventures and bring you immense profits, big fame and esteemed recognition.
  5. If you hang a painting depicting a serene sunrise scenery or any other thing that reminds you of optimism and hope in the western direction with a silver-coloured frame outside your home then you will be shocked to see the results. It will strongly improve the relations between the family members as you will witness their love and support for each other increasing in quadruples.

These were just a few examples of the many possibilities in which you can implement easy vastu for exterior of your homes or offices. You can try multiple combinations of multiple vastu tricks in order to witness an overall growth of you, your family, your loved ones and your business. If you like these tips and you wish to know more then feel free to approach us or you can visit our site Vastu Devayah Namah for more of such intriguing tips and techniques. Our expert services are always ready to serve you and our needs.


I hope this session of new learnings will embark upon the new beginnings of creativity and innovation. We hope this piece proved to be highly insightful to you and helped you to some extent. We hope that you carry forward this knowledge about vastu for exterior and prosper in your respective fields. See you in another such session full of amazing facts and amusing knowledge. Adieu!

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