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Vastu For Commercial Complex & Workspaces

Looking to use Vastu Shastra principles for your commercial building’s success? Worry not, Vaastu Devayah Namah can help you with all the correct guidelines you will need to make sure the Vastu for your Commercial Complex or Workspace is balanced.

Why Use Vastu? For Success, Peace & Gorgeous Growth

While there’s enough focus on Vastu for homes, business owners need to realize the importance of Vastu tips for commercial buildings, as well. Vastu is crucial to balance the energies of any place where you spend a lot of time. Apart from our homes, we spend most of our time in the workplace.

Why not use commercial Vastu tips and make sure your corporate office, shop, showroom, or workplace is Vastu compliant? This way not only will you get the business profits you desire, but make time for your family as well.

The Role Of Vastu In Commercial Complexes

Vaastu has been a hot topic of discussion in India for ages. We all know that what we build today plays a vital role in shaping our future. In ancient times, the great builders were very erudite and knew everything about building structures.

Still, there were no calculators, computers, and no people doing surveying and drawing plans. They had their own system of calculation used for planning, cutting and other chores involved in building construction

Vastu for Commercial Complex

The concept of Vastu Shastra is based on the fire core elements - fire, space, air, water and earth. The energies of these five need to be in balance in a space so the positivity of that space welcomes growth in all aspects of your life.

The primary goal is to get the maximum benefit out of the space available by developing the business. There are certain guidelines given below which are essential to know before starting any new construction.

Before that, however, you should know that being the traditional Hindu science of architecture and construction, Vastu lays stress on the proper orientation and arrangement of different structures and objects. This arrangement can make a structure beneficial and bring good fortune and prosperity to the dwellers.

The basic principle of this highly specialized branch of Vedic knowledge is to follow specific rules in the choice of site, selection of building materials, shape, dimensions, colour, texture, orientation, direction, and embellishments. Thus, making a structure beneficial without causing any hindrance to the living being(s) occupying that particular area.

Vastu Benefits for Commercial Complex and Buildings

Nurture Harmony For Your Life While Creating A Better Commercial Complex

One of the most-popular lifestyle images is that of a towering and expensive apartment complex. Everyone wants to live or work in such a complex, and we can’t blame them! To make that dream a reality, money, power, and personality are a must. You need these factors to design a commercial complex that not only looks good but has all those things that go into making people who will work there happy.

But all these things are materialistic and external, what about the internal energy? That’s where Vaastu Devayah Namah comes to people’s rescue with its expert commercial and residential Vastu Shastra solutions by one of the top Vastu Experts for Commercial Complexes in town.

Most big-brand commercial buildings are built in metropolitan towns as the location offers fantastic opportunities for business and commercial ventures. Unfortunately, most of the time, the investors do not follow any Vastu for commercial complexes, underestimating the untold power of changes it holds.

Vastu designs solutions by Vaastu Devayah Namah will help you build the complex in a way that feels heavenly and helps increase the prosperity, stability, and profitability of your building through its energy.

Vastu for Commercial Complex

Benefits Of Using Vastu Tips For Commercial Property and Making Workspaces Vastu-Compliant

  1. A Vastu-compliant commercial complex fulfils its purpose
  2. Many times, businesses start with pomp and show but aren’t able to keep up their profits and reputation for long. Vastu doshas are the most common reason.

    Whether it’s a corporate office, showroom, mall with offices cum shops, or even a nursing home, Vastu balancing helps ensure that the purpose of your commercial property gets fulfilled.

    So, if generating good revenue, providing quality products and services, or getting a name and fame is the purpose of the commercial complex, it will be achieved.

  3. Vastu balancing helps owners and employees work better
  4. A business cannot run effectively for long if employees aren’t working happily and productively in the complex. Commercial Vastu tips can help with that.

    Placing the right employee in the right direction in the office and taking care of the directions of the pantry, entrance, and many other things will affect how the employees think, behave and work.

    Note that an imbalance in Vastu can make even the most energetic of your employees lazy. And the right Vastu can bring out the full potential of a fresher without much effort.

  5. It attracts good customers
  6. Even if a business provides the best services and has great employees, there will be no business to run if the commercial complex cannot attract good customers regularly.

    Vastu balances the energy of air, sun, space, earth, and water in a way that your environment becomes positive and energizing. This raises the frequency of your commercial property. Thus, using the law of attraction to bring good, high-profile customers can make a long-lasting impact on businesses.

Vastu for Commercial Complex

Vastu For Commercial Complex: Tips & Advice To Save Money And Time While Building A Brand

When the design of the commercial complex is done, most of the regulations are taken care of. However, some Vaastu regulations must be followed to make the building stable, and profitable, and increase its value.

You should know that Vaastu for commercial complex construction is different from residential. And the basic rule is to keep Vaastu in mind, especially during the construction of the entrance gate. Even minor mistakes are not great for the building. The right choice for your commercial building is to hire Vaastu experts for Commercial Complexes such as Vaastu Devayah Namah.

Experts will ensure that everything, from your high-rise building structure, entrances, exits, canteens, corridors, and toilets, is in sync with the Vaastu rules. Our architects are Vaastu certified. We can even arrange to conduct a pooja and consult an astrologer before the construction of your commercial complex starts.

Vastu For Commercial Buildings - Solutions For Prosperity And Success

If proper Vaastu Shastra is followed before laying the foundation of any commercial complex, it can give rich dividends as time passes. Vaastu says that the land should not be more than what you need for constructing the building, but most builders do not take this advice seriously.

To make the building more attractive they use every centimetre of space on the land even if it is not required by them. For example, some extra space under balconies and terraces is used for parking vehicles.

Ensure you don’t hamper the success and slow down the growth of your Commercial Complex. You can do so by prioritising the construction and Vastu design. Don’t forget, we at Vaastu Devayah Namah are here to help and provide services for the best Vastu for Commercial Complex space in the town.

Direction-Wise Vastu Guidelines And Tips For Commercial Properties

Built on the principles of Vaastu, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your commercial complex is designed for success. With years of experience in the industry, we know how to turn a good design into a great building and give your business everything it needs to succeed.

According to our Vastu Consultants for Commercial Complex, it is not possible to implement all the rules of Vaastu in a commercial complex due to various reasons. This is because some things are beyond the control of the builders and developers. Even then a few points can still be kept in mind while constructing a multistoried building.

  1. Make sure the building faces the right direction, as per Vastu. There is a saying that “Eyes are the window to the soul”. Where the complex faces (or has its eyes) will determine its success or failure.
  2. Many office buildings are constructed on East-West lines. When buildings get erected on East-West lines, cracks emerge on their walls, roofs, and even ceilings. The managers working in such buildings, face loss in business leading to unnecessary financial crises.

Direction-Wise Vastu Tips For Offices And Buildings In A Commercial Complex


  1. Keep the pantry or kitchen in the South-East
  2. Whether you have a restaurant or a small pantry in a corporate office it should be in the Southeast division of the property. In case, you have pantries on multiple floors of a commercial building, all these should be in the Southeast of its particular floor.

    However, make sure you consult a Vastu expert to understand to which precise degree you should be keeping the kitchen, especially the stove.

  3. Washrooms should be in the right direction
  4. As Vastu specialists, we often get hired to revive many businesses that ran out of time, money, or the willpower to go on. In 9 out of 10 cases, the Vastu issues involved the wrong placement of washrooms.

    Most of the time, they are in the Northeast direction, which is one of the big challenges Vastu experts face.

  5. The Northeast should be clean and clutter-free
  6. Northeast is a highly empowering direction. Its energy is pure and pristine and has the power to change your life. But if this space is dusty or cluttered, that change may not be for good.

    In Vastu shastra, the Northeast is the direction of the lords, so you can keep idols of any gods you believe in or inspiring posters in these directions.

  7. The business owner should be in the South-West
  8. Just like in homes, the homeowner should sleep in the South-West; in commercial buildings, the owner should have his office in the Southwest.

    But, this office or the owner's desk should not be in the South of the Southwest as it’s a low-energy area.

    It’s best to consult a Vastu shastra expert and find out the precise direction where the owner should work from. A learned Vastu specialist will find the best direction based on the nature of your business and also your astrological charts.

  9. Seat the Marketing, Sales, and Accounts teams in the right direction
  10. According to Vastu for East-facing commercial buildings, the marketing team of the business should be in the East.

    The sales team would bring the most business if they get seated in the North, and the accounts team can have their desks in the West or South direction.


Like before, the pantry or kitchen should be in the Southeast.

The marketing team can be in the East, while the sales team should be in the North. The accounts team can be in the South.

Unlike East-facing commercial buildings, West-facing workspaces have an advantage.

The North of the Northwest in West-facing commercial buildings is available for branding purposes. You can use this direction to display your business.

For example, you can show off the varieties of cakes and bread here if you have a baking business. You could display clothes here if you have a boutique. Or display your certificates or testimonials if you have a service-based business.


The Vastu for South-facing commercial buildings is quite advantageous for any business. They can open in pure South, Southwest, or even Southeast direction according to the purpose of the property.

An expert in Vastu can help you find this out with proper analysis. This will depend on the size of the commercial building, its shape, and its orientation.

If the entrance has space, you can use the South direction for branding. If you wish to use colours in the red family (pink, orange, maroon, etc.), South-facing properties can allow that. However, make sure to consult a Vastu specialist about it


Most of the Vastu tips for commercial buildings we shared above are the same for North-facing workspaces, too.

You can display your products in the North or Northwest. Keep the Marketing team in the East, the Sales team in the North, and Accounts in the West or South.

And as the Vastu for commercial kitchens is clear, a pantry or kitchen should be in the Southeast.

The owner should try to sit in the West for better profits.

Also, ensure that the entrance is precise to the North, or it may have negative effects on your business. It’s best to consult a Vastu expert in this matter.

The Final Commercial Complex Vastu Tip

Those were some crucial Vastu tips for commercial buildings. Follow them, and you will soon find our business soaring high in profits and branding.

Try not to make any significant alterations without directly consulting a Vastu expert. Some wrong alterations can do more bad to your business than good.

If your business is running well and you want to expand it, a Vastu expert will be highly helpful.

Why not consult us at Vaastu Devayah today? Let us give you customized commercial Vastu tips for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any direction facing can be made good for the business. As per Vaastu Shastra, the location of the main door matters the most with respect to facing. It could by aby facing, but if the gate is placed in the correct direction in that facing, it can prove to be beneficial. For example – In a South facing business premises, if the main gate is towards the South-South-East, it could be highly auspicious. If the main gate is towards the South-West, it could impact negatively.

Also, another important factor to consider is that not only the main gate or facing, but the internal configuration of the business also decides the fortune of the business. The planning or placement of office, toilet blocks, pantry, machinery, finished goods, utilities etc. should be in alignment with Vaastu Shastra to create success for the business. The planning of sitting of employees & team like marketing, sales, accounts etc. govern the progress of the business. Every activity & person should occupy direction as per their role. Fulfilling all the above mentioned can serve a smooth platform for business growth.

Yes, Vastu does impact business. The premises where business activity is carried out, be it an office, a warehouse or a factory, should be in accordance with Vastu Shastra.

The first & foremost rule of Vaastu Shastra is that every activity should be planned as per the direction conducive for that activity. For example – The purpose of sales team is to sell the products, hence they must occupy directions which bear the energy of sales. The accounts team needs precision in their job, so they must occupy directions which provide accuracy and presence of mind.

Similarly, when we talk about factories, the machinery which relates to fire element, like a boiler, should be planned in the fire related directions. Underground water tanks are water element, hence be placed in water related directions. The tools & support systems should be placed in direction which reduces machinery breakdown. Not only the fixed setup, but also the placement of finished goods in the factory should be as per Vastu, to ensure quick sale of goods.

The home of business owner, and the office of owner are also responsible to a major extent on the how good the business runs. If the home & office are balanced, the efficiency of working in business becomes good and brings profitability for the businesses.

Summarizing, Vastu definitely impact the business. It is to be evaluated thoroughly to understand business procedures and apply Vastu principles.

Attracting Customers as per Vaastu is simple & easy. It primarily needs basic and conceptual understanding of Vastu Shastra and not just applying remedies suggested by Dr. Google. To begin with, the first thing to attract customers to your business is to have your business and residential premises aligned as per Vastu Shastra. Have a professional Vastu expert evaluate your place and suggest ways to balance the Vastu. A balanced space has positive energies which create an attraction towards your business products and offerings.

Secondly, placing samples or catalogues of your business offerings in the North of North-West direction attracts customers to your products. Additionally, brand boards or products catalogues can also be placed in this direction. Usage of the correct colours in this direction boosts the brand attraction. If a toilet or kitchen is planned in this direction, it is advised to have proper Vastu balancing done for the same.

Yes, North facing shop or showroom is good for business growth. Firstly, North is the direction of incoming opportunities and clients. North being the direction of Kuber, governs the inflow of money in any premises.

For a North facing shop, the entrance to the shop is highly auspicious. This implies positive energies entering the shop. The north entrance brings in abundance of new customer, monetary opportunities, and attract growing sales. A north facing shop also proves beneficial as the showcase of products can be done in the North or North-West direction i.e. in the front side of the shop. This direction is the most ideal direction as per Vastu for keeping samples, products & catalogues. Even brand boards can be placed here to fetch good business. It is observed that the products kept in this direction are sold more quickly than in any other direction.

There are certain directions which are not good for having an entrance for a shop or any commercial premises. For example- South-West or South of South-West direction is not considered auspicious for having the main entrance to the shop. If you are planning a new shop or planning to purchase a new plot, then avoid this entrance. This may result in our efforts going waste and may not bring the desired growth in business.

However, if you have an existing shop or showroom in South-West direction, then do not worry. A learned and professional Vaastu consultant can devise ways to balance the negative impact of this entrance. All what the Vastu expert may need to do is to channelise the interior planning of the shop like placement of products, cash locker, owner sitting, branding etc. With remedial measures, supported by internal Vastu balancing and colour therapies, a south facing shop can be programmed to reduce the effects of negative entrance.

The God idols should face West in the puja place in the shop. This implies that we must face East while praying. Not only this, it is extremely important to ensure that the God idols or the puja place is planned as per Vastu guidelines. It should ideally be in the North-East or East directions. However, if these directions are not available due to practical limitations, we can choose West direction for the god idols. It is also to be noted that the colour schemes used in the puja place should be as per Vastu.

Placing God idols or photos at the entrance of the shop should be discouraged. Technically, it is not correct to place God idols anywhere except the puja place. God idols being used as a décor element implies disgrace to the God. They must be placed in a neat & tidy place, called as puja place, with the correct facing and colours as per Vastu. This ensures that the positive vibrations are maintained in the place.

East facing shop can be opted for business, since East is an auspicious direction and promotes growth. East relates to air element i.e., plants & greenery which denote growth. Having an entrance in the East direction is highly auspicious, but we must ensure the correct placement of the main gate or door. The main door to the business should be placed between East & North-East direction.

We can place plants at the east entrance to add more positive vibrations in the business. If the entrance is energized, it brings in good luck & prosperity for the business. One may chose to place auspicious symbols like Swastik or Om at the entrance. Sales person can also occupy the East direction at the entrance.

If East direction is well balanced for a shop, the sales and business is bound to grow, provided all internal planning and arrangement is as per Vastu Shastra.

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