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South Facing House Vastu Can Ruin Your Life — Myth or Truth

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We have come across many scared people now and then. South facing house Vastu is one example where people think they are doomed. Either because they can’t change the direction of the entrance for the house they bought or because they will miss a great deal on a house they are about to buy since it is south facing.

Unfortunately, this is a myth that’s hampering the lives of so many people.

The truth is that it’s not 100% correct that having a south-facing entrance is bad.

Yet, if you have the option of living in a house with a north or east entrance along with Vastu-corrected interiors, you should go with that.

Confused? Keep reading, and we’ll explain how the Vastu of south facing houses works.

Breaking The Myth of South Facing House Vastu

  • Problems change with every 6-degree variation.
  • Indeed, the south direction is not as magical as the north or east directions when it comes to its energies. After all, this direction doesn't get enough time with the sun - the source of life on our planet.

    Also, a part of the south direction — the southwest part — is known as the disposal zone.

    It is where the negative energies get disposed of. Therefore, this part of any house should only hold stuff like garbage, shoes, and cleaning supplies.

    If your house is facing the southwest, it truly is wrong. You should do your best to change it by either making structural changes or by shifting into a new place with a better Vastu.

    But if it’s anything but southwest, you can get by. Why?

    Well, the rules of Vastu are based on the elements — fire, earth, water, space, and air as these control the energies of your house. The right Vastu makes these energies pleasant, whereas the wrong Vastu changes your life but not for good.

    With every variation of 6 to 7 degrees, the effect of these five core elements changes, thus changing the energies.

    That’s why you don't get as troublesome problems with a south-east-facing house as you get with a south-west-facing house.

    In case your home is purely facing south without any deviation, all you should get is prosperity in every aspect of your life.

  • Vastu inside the house matters more
  • It so happens that once we find out about a wrong feature in our house (according to Vastu), for every problem we face next, we blame that feature.

    So, it’s understandable why you would think that having a south facing house Vastu is the core reason for your health, wealth, and family problems.

    You must know that the Vastu of the interiors of your house is as responsible for your problems as structural elements like entrances.

    Let’s say you have a south-facing house and can’t seem to cure the health problems of some family member. The problem may not be with the entrance but the northeast direction of your home.

    North-east is a rewarding direction that impacts your emotional health. With it cluttered or damaged, family members may have anxiety, depression, and problems making the right decisions.

    What follows is a poor lifestyle made with poor choices and affected mental health. This leads to diseases (sometimes incurable) before you know it.

    If you have a south entrance (with no degree variation), you can flourish more than anyone even with an east or north-facing house. All you need is a perfect interior Vastu that doesn't open any doors for negative energy but brings goodness from all directions.

What’s The Right Way To Approach A South Facing Entrance Vastu?

By now, you may have understood that the Vastu of south facing houses isn’t always wrong. The prosperity such an entrance offers depends on the exact degrees at which it is situated, plus the interior Vastu of your house.

Things like slight variations in the degree of the entrance, kitchen in the wrong direction, or having unsuitable colors in the wrong directions can ruin the possibility of the happy and healthy life you and your family could have.

What if you are already living with south west facing entrance Vastu? According to the experts at Vaastu Devayah, if the Vastu of the inside of our house is perfect, you could still have a great life 80% of the time.

The right way to approach Vastu for south facing house is by listing all your problems. Then share them with a Vastu expert along with the Naksha (Vastu chart) of your property. If the expert can match the Naksha with your issues, they will be able to tell you precise solutions to get rid of them.

The Final Words

Whatever the Vastu doshas in your house - be it a wrong entrance or anything else, aim to balance these with modern Vastu techniques under the guidance of a consultant. You will see how the quality of your life improves within weeks.

You may be surprised to see the growth potential you and your loved ones have once you make the necessary changes.

What if you're looking to buy a house with a south-facing entrance? Our experts can help you find if it’s precisely facing south, southwest, or any other south variation.

We’re here to help you make the right buying decision by analyzing the exterior and interior of this house for you.

Contact us for a consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular opinion says south facing house Vastu is wrong because the south is where the god of death (Yama) resides.

But, if your home is faultlessly facing the south direction, you will experience tremendous amounts of good luck in the form of abundance in health, wealth, and relationships.

Sure, you can. But before doing that consult a Vastu expert who will look at the Naksha of your house and check if the house opens to the south only.

In some cases, issues with the compass or the presence of a metallic object near it can make it tough to find the precise degrees at which your house opens. That’s crucial considering a slight deviation of 6 to 7 degrees can change the direction and thus, its impact on you.

North, East, or some part of Northeast directions are great for the main entrance. These directions get ample sunlight. This means almost every time you open the door to your house, the sun's energy with its vigor and vitality enters your house. Thus, affecting your mental and physical health for good.

Don’t forget the low-electricity bills and gardening benefits you will get. But remember, you must avoid the southwest entrance as much as possible.

Vastu experts have a solution for almost every Vastu dosha that exists. These solutions vary according to the problem. These problems are first analyzed through detailed calculations and their years of expertise. For example, to fix a Vastu for south facing house, the experts may use things like wood, brass, nickel, or lead in some way.

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