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Importance Of Vastu For Rented Houses/ Flats/ Apartments (+ 5 Must Do’s)

vastu tips for rented house

Wrong Vastu for rented houses can be trouble you can’t avoid.

But since it’s impossible to do too many things to fix it or make any construction changes without the owner's disappointment, many people believe it’s not worth it.

Indeed, there’s not much you can do in a rented house to fix the Vastu doshas. But here’s a fact — poor Vastu in a rented house will be equally problematic as in the one you own.

Wherever you live, the Vastu of that place has a striking impact on your health, relationships, career, and finances.

Open Doors For Positivity with Temporary Vastu Treatment For Rental Houses

vastu tips for rented flats

Let’s clear a common doubt first.

Does the Vastu of a place start affecting you from Day 1?

People often tell us that they started feeling the vibes of their home as soon as they moved in. For example, they suddenly got a good job or suddenly found out about a chronic disease they have.

Here's the thing. Whether good or bad, anything that happens in your life in the first few days of moving in is simply a coincidence. While the Vastu of a house may start affecting you from Day 1, those effects won’t be prominent for 3 to 6 months of staying there.

So, if you rent a house for less than six months, you need not worry much about the wrong Vastu. You may make a few simple changes for a better quality of life, but any colossal changes are not crucial.

In fact, massive structural changes (like changing the direction of your bathroom) are not always essential when you live in a rented house for more than six months.

In many cases, a Vastu expert can give you simple remedies to fix your Vastu doshas without structural damage.

What if that doesn’t work and structural change is necessary?

Experts at Vaastu Devayah will give you easy-to-do temporary changes that will open doors for you to make that big structural change possible.

Let’s say there's one significant change you want to make, but the owner won't allow it.

Temporary treatment may help alter the owner's mind. It can even make you financially capable to buy that house somehow so you can say yes to that big change as the owner yourself.

Won’t that be great?

Until then, what you must make sure of is not to give up on your efforts to correct the Vastu for your home.

You should at least try some temporary treatment instead of thinking there’s nothing you can do because it’s a rented home. Plus, you should have the intention to move from that place to a place having better Vastu or buy your own house.

Here Are 5 Aspects Of Vastu For Rented Houses That You Must Take Care Of

The Northeast Direction

Northeast is often known as God’s direction (Ishan Kona). It is the most empowering of all and can make or break the energies of your home, depending on its condition.

Vastu shastra defines the northeast as the direction for growth, abundance, and health. It has a massive effect on your emotional health that directly or indirectly controls all aspects of your life.

If the northeast is kept the right way, it can bring loads of happiness, motivation, health, and creativity to those who spend a lot of time in this area.

But having junk or clutter in this direction of the house can cause mental turmoil. Thus degrading your ability to make the right decisions and taking you far from clear thinking by creating confusion. It can even cause stress and anxiety, which can turn into physical health issues.

Thankfully, keeping this direction in its best form isn’t difficult. Here’s what you can do to correct the northeast Vastu for rented flats:

  • Clean the area regularly.
  • Remove clutter from this area.
  • Make it a meditation/prayer/study room.
  • Add plants like tulsi and mint in this region.
  • Keep it well lighted (open windows during the day, and use high-quality lights in the evenings).

The Entrance

After ensuring that the northeast direction is in its best shape to bring you good vibes, you must focus on the entrance Vastu for rented apartments. After all, this is the primary area from which the energies flow.

vastu for rented home entrance

If your entrance is facing the east, north, or northeast direction, there’s almost nothing you need to worry about.

Just make sure the entrance is well-lighted and clean.

Add a beautiful lamp outside the door with a welcoming doormat. You can also add a money plant.

Make sure not to keep shoes or a dustbin near your entrance, as it will block the positive energy that wants to come in.

In case your house is not facing the above directions, consult us at Vaastu Devayah, and we’ll help you out.

The Direction of Agni

The southeast corner of the house is the Agni (or Agneya) Kona.

The strength of Agni/Fire in the house matters a lot. If this is in the right direction (i.e., southeast) you get its benefits in the form of health and wealth. But, if it’s in any other direction, it may cause harm.

To make sure you get the strength of Agni, keep your kitchen in the southeast direction. The stove that cooks your food is the source of fire here.

vastu direction of agni

There's a myth floating around the internet. People say that in case the southeast direction is occupied by something else, the second best corner for your kitchen is the southwest.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

If you can’t have the kitchen in the southeast, you need to do some remedies to cancel out the negativity that fire in any other direction can bring.

Consult a Vastu expert for simple and effective treatments to ensure you don’t make any changes that may have a damaging effect.

The Proportion of Energy Areas In Your House

Every home has both high and low-level energies. The reason is simple - a house has different directions with different strengths.

Not every direction can bring you only good vibes, some bring unfavorable effects too, that you can, fortunately, avoid.

For example, if your bedroom is in the southwest direction, you have a great chance of experiencing negative energy there.

Why? Because the disposal area is between the south and southwest direction. This area should only have things that block energy - like dustbins and cleaning supplies.

The best remedy is to spend less time in the southwest and not engage in any productive activities (like working or cooking) when you are in this area.

Similarly, spend less time in all areas of low energy, and ensure that you do things meaningful to you in the high energy directions (north and east) only.

The Colors

Colors are great for rented house Vastu. That’s because they are easy and inexpensive to change.

Vastu colors according to the direction can help you undo the damaging effects of many doshas while changing your life for good.

What if the owner is not allowing you to change the colors this way? Try opting for a neutral color they won’t mind.

vastu for rented house colors

You see, it’s more important to avoid the wrong colors in the wrong direction than to have the right colors.

Inappropriate colors can bring ill health. They can cause a sudden cash crunch, low confidence, and many other problems, even if everything else in the house is in the right direction.

Say you have the kitchen in the southeast but have an element of fire in the form of red curtains in the northeast. You may experience emotional turmoil, as we discussed before.

To find out which colors (neutral or not) will suit your family according to the correct Vastu for rented homes, get in touch with a consultant.

Summing Up

Correcting Vastu for rented houses is as crucial as Vastu for your own house would be. Even if you can't make substantial changes, make small ones to take care of the prominent areas.

The significant aspects of Vastu for rented homes include the northeast direction, the entrance, and the direction of Agni. The ratio of low and high energies and the colors used are crucial too.

If you want to develop a growth mindset and get over your challenges to add quality to life, it is crucial to fix the Vastu doshas. It doesn't matter where you stay - a rented property or even your own house.

Still have questions? Connect with the experts at Vaastu Devayah today!

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