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vastu expert in home
Vastu Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Plot

Vastu Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Plot

Choosing your dream home or office isn't just about the location; it's about feeling those positive vibes. That's where Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, comes in handy. Vastu provides effective guidelines to help making this crucial decision. Let's explore how Vastu can be your reliable guide in finding the perfect plot.


Shape and Size of the Plot

Vastu stresses the significance of the shape and size of your plot. It's best to go for a square or rectangular plot since it symbolizes stability and balance. Steer clear of irregular shapes or extensions, as they might mess with the natural energy flow. For irregular shape plots, consult an experienced Vastu Expert.


Vastu Preferred Direction of Plot 

Start by looking at the cardinal directions. A plot where the main entrance faces North or East is usually preferred in Vastu. This invites positive energy, creating a smooth flow in your living or working space. While West, South, and other diagonal plots are also acceptable, they may require some additional consideration.


Vastu guidelines for Land Slope and Elevation

A general thumb rule is to opt for a plot with a gentle slope towards the North or East. It is considered auspicious as it promotes the flow of positive energy for a favorable environment on your property. However, if you already own a sloped property and often encounter challenges, consult a knowledgeable Vaastu expert for solutions without the fear of demolition.


Vaastu Guidelines for Water Bodies

Having natural water bodies or sources nearby can be advantageous, particularly in the Northeast or North. However, it's essential to ensure they aren't too close to prevent potential negative impacts. Rivers or lakes to the North or East are generally considered favorable. Consult Vastu Expert for any other configurations.


Vastu Guidelines for T-Junction Plots

Owning a T-junction building isn't necessarily bad. Challenges faced by occupants often result from other Vastu imbalances within the property. A skilled Vastu expert, considering modern architecture and space limitations, would assess the building layout, utility directions, interiors, and entrance quality before determining any impact. Solutions are then devised accordingly. The potential for improvement can be measured on a scale of 10, allowing the owner to make an informed decision.


Vastu Guidelines for Surrounding

Pay attention to the surroundings. Choosing a plot with clean and unobstructed surroundings facilitates the free flow of positive energy. Avoid buying a new property near High-Tension wires, cemeteries, hospitals, or places with negative connotations. If you already own one, Vastu-shastra has remedies to nullify the effects up to a major extent.

Vastu Guidelines for Main Roads in Proximity

Well-maintained roads, especially in the North and East, are favorable. However, for roads in the South and/or West directions, avoid having any connectivity (main or service door) at the diagonals. The positive vibes of the plot are also heightened by its proximity to amenities like schools, markets, and parks.

Vastu Guidelines for Quality of Soil

Consider the soil quality of the plot. Fertile soil is a positive attribute, symbolizing growth and prosperity. It is easier to nurture plants and kitchen garden. Rocky or barren land may require additional effort in terms of remedies to balance the energies.

Vastu Consultation

While these tips offer a great starting point, every plot is unique. Consulting with a Vastu expert is highly recommended for personalized guidance. They will analyze the specific energies of the plot and provide tailored recommendations to enhance its positivity. Get In Touch!

Remedies and Enhancements

If your chosen plot has Vastu challenges, there's no need to worry. Vastu provides remedies such as adjusting the entrance, water and fire-related utilities, planting specific trees, or incorporating certain elements to counteract negative influences. Consulting a Vastu expert can guide you through these enhancements.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, trust your instincts. If a plot feels right to you, there's likely a reason for it. Combine your intuition with Vastu principles for a winning combination in selecting the perfect plot.

Case Study on Harmonizing Energies in an Irregularly Shaped Plot

When it comes to Vastu, a regular plot shape is often seen as ideal for a harmonious layout. However, even irregularly shaped plots can be transformed into Vastu-compliant spaces with the guidance of an experienced consultant. Any potential disharmony arising from the irregular shape can be effectively addressed during the construction phase.

Whether your plot boasts a regular or irregular shape, constructing with a Vastu-compliant floor plan is always advisable. Even if construction is already complete, the energies within the space can be harmonized through thoughtful adjustments.

Our team has successfully addressed concerns in numerous properties, recognizing that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The remedies for irregularities depend on factors such as size, shape, and orientation of the plot.

Consider the intriguing case of a triangular-shaped plot earmarked for commercial use. Despite acquiring it at a lucrative price, doubts about its shape stirred stress in our client. Faced with a proposed layout and haunted by superstitions, our client sought our guidance.

The subsequent construction of his office adhered to Vastu principles, meticulously addressing aspects like entrance placement, utilities, and daily activities. What couldn't be managed during construction was tactfully handled through simple yet effective interior adjustments. In the end, our client not only overcame his initial doubts but is now content and thriving in his business endeavors.

This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of Vastu principles in creating harmonious environments, even in the face of irregular plot shapes.



Vastu Shastra isn't just about rules; it's about creating a harmonious living or working environment. When choosing a plot, integrating Vastu principles ensures that the energies align in your favor. Remember, consulting a Vastu expert adds that extra layer of assurance, making your journey to the perfect plot a well-guided and positive experience.

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