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vastu expert in home
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Vaastu Consultation Process and charges for Residential Vastu Consultation

Discover our unique Vaastu consultation services created for homes. Our experienced consultants combine traditional Vastu Shastra wisdom with modern architectural techniques to assist you in harmonizing the energy in your living area. Whether you aim to invite positive vibes, enhance the happiness in your home, renovate for a tranquil atmosphere, or construct a new home from scratch, our experts are here to support and guide you.

Why should I get the Vastu balancing Done?

Have you ever thought about how your home's feelings could get better? There is a magical trick called Vaastu that makes your house feel cozier and happier. It's a secret way to make your home really, really joyful!  Let's discover this magical trick – Vaastu. It's like a game changer that decides how your home's energies work and makes everything feel vibrant and oriented. It's like a special tool that helps your home become more and more happy and peaceful.

Transform negative energies into positive ones: Experience a remarkable shift as our Vaastu consultation revitalizes your home, turning stagnant energies into a vibrant force that brings optimism, balance, and a renewed sense of vitality to every corner. Imagine something is working for you to: turn frowns into smiles! Vaastu is the superhero that can take grumpy vibes and turn them into cheerful ones. It's like giving your home a big, warm hug.

Enhance the overall comfort and positivity of your living space: Elevate your daily life within your existing home as we guide you to create an environment where tranquility and positivity flourish, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with all who enter. Imagine your home giving you a big cozy hug every day! Vaastu is like a wizard that makes your house comfy and full of good vibes. Get ready for a living space that feels like a warm fuzzy blanket.

Utilize ancient principles to address modern-day challenges: Discover the timeless wisdom of Vaastu that transcends eras, as we skillfully integrate age-old principles into your contemporary living, offering effective solutions to the challenges of the modern world through harmonious design. Think of Vaastu as a cool time traveler. It takes wise old tricks and uses them to solve today's problems. It's like using ancient secrets to make your home a happy and comfy place right now!

Why Choose VDN Vastu Consultation

Experience a total vibe upgrade for your home! Our Vastu consultation works like a magic wand, turning your space into a haven of positivity, where good energy flows freely.

Enhanced Harmony and Happiness: Picture a symphony of joy in your living space. Our expert guidance enhances the harmony among family members, making your home a hub of happiness and togetherness.

Personalized Transformations: No two homes are the same, and neither are our solutions. Our personalized recommendations are like tailor-made solutions that fit your home's unique needs, ensuring a one-of-a-kind transformation.

Modern Solutions, Ancient Wisdom: Get the best of both worlds! We blend the ancient wisdom of Vastu with modern insights, providing you with timeless solutions to contemporary challenges, making your home a sanctuary of balance.

Lasting Well-being: Invest in well-being that stands the test of time. Our Vastu adjustments don't just offer a quick fix – they create a lasting positive impact that ripples through your life, making every day a better one.

Expert Guidance, Always: We're not just here for a visit – we're here for the journey. Our team provides continuous support, answering your queries and ensuring that your home's transformation keeps shining bright.

Experience the Difference: Join the league of satisfied clients who have witnessed the VDN Vastu Consultation magic. Say hello to a home that breathes positivity, balance, and well-being – the true essence of a harmonious life.

VDN Vastu Consultation Process

1. Initial Assessment:  We begin with a thorough assessment of your existing house's layout, design, and energy flow. Imagine starting with a big puzzle – your house! We carefully look at how it's built, how it's designed, and even how the good vibes flow inside. It's like studying a treasure map to find the best spots for happiness. This helps us understand what's happening in your space.

2.  Energy Analysis:  Think of your home's energy as a magic dance. Our Vaastu experts are like the choreographers, making sure all the moves are just right. They check the energy balance and find spots that need a bit more sparkle. Utilize Vaastu principles to analyze the energy balance and identify areas that require attention. We use simple and practical Vaastu compensation to balance the energies in your home. If something needs fixing, we'll know exactly where to focus.

3. Personalized Recommendations: It's like getting a tailor-made plan for your home's happiness. Based on the dance they observed, our experts suggest tiny changes that can make a huge difference – like adjusting a few steps in the dance to make it perfect. Receive personalized recommendations based on the analysis, focusing on adjustments that can optimize the energies within your home. Based on what we find, we'll give you tips that are just for your home. These suggestions can help improve the vibes and energy flow.

4. Design Harmonization: Imagine your home as a beautiful song. Our experts help you fine-tune the melody by suggesting where to place things, like moving furniture or adding cozy touches. It's like making your home sing with joy! Our experts will guide you on rearranging and decorating your home to align with Vaastu principles, creating a positive ambiance.

5. Balancing Elements: Did you know that nature has its own superpowers? We'll show you how to bring them into your home. It's like inviting friendly natural forces to play a part in making your home feel just right. Learn about the significance of various natural elements and how to incorporate them to enhance harmony and balance.

6. Continuous Support: Once the magic begins, we're here to make sure it keeps sparkling. Any questions you have, any progress you want to share – we're like your trusty guides on this exciting journey to a happier home. We provide ongoing support to answer your queries and monitor the progress of the Vaastu adjustments.

 Vaastu Consultation in ALIGNING & BALANCING the already constructed residential premises as per Vaastu Shastra guidelines. 

- Structural Rectifications as per Vaastu. 

- Detailed Interior Vaastu guidelines. 

- Detailed Vaastu Solutions Report (Vaastu Manual) of Vaastu-compliances for future reference. 

- Remedies for Structural Vastu imbalances.

- Telephonic Support by Team VDN till the completion of Vastu implementation. 

Result Of Vastu Consultation

1.Maximized Productivity: Discover the power of knowing which directions boost your energy and which ones to avoid. This knowledge helps you tap into high-energy currents, transforming your home into a hub of vibrancy and vitality. Unlock the secrets of productive living spaces and elevate your daily focus for increased productivity.

2. Harmonized Floor Plan and Design: Our subtle yet highly effective Vaastu remedies act as silent healers, addressing floor plan Vaastu imbalances without being visually intrusive. Our tailored advise works like a master solver, ensuring each space is designated for its specific purpose, bringing about a sense of harmony and organization. This results in a well-balanced and structured living environment, enhancing the comfort of your daily life. 

3. Inviting Positive Energy: Feel the refreshing breeze of positivity flowing through your home.  Enjoy a home that resonates with positive vibes, uplifting your spirits and creating a sense of calm.

4. Colors and Harmony: Colors hold the power to transform spaces, and we're here to guide you. Our advice on colors, shapes, and design elements adds an extra layer of harmony to your home. Experience a space that not only looks delightful but also feels harmonious, enhancing your overall well-being.

5. Interior Harmony and Comfort: Your home's interior is like a melody, and we're here to make sure it's in perfect tune. Our recommendations for furniture placement, wall highlights, flooring, and furnishings compose a symphony of comfort and style. Create an environment that resonates with your personal preferences while maintaining a balanced energy flow.

Basic Vastu Consultation Fees

Curious about how much this magical transformation costs? Well, our fees for a Vaastu consultation with an on-site visit are designed to fit your home like a glove. Whether your place is big or small, we've got you covered!

Simple and Fair: No tricks up our sleeves, just fair pricing. The cost is based on how big and complex your home is. It's like getting a custom-made dress – you pay only for what fits you perfectly.

Your Home's Size Matters: Think of it this way – for homes up to 1500 square feet on each floor, the fees are as follows:

Ground Floor: Rs. 75,000/-    Each Upper Floor: Rs. 50,000/-

So, whether you're on the ground floor or higher up, we're here to make your home feel amazing, all within your budget!

Contact Information:

phone: 9910087794


Elevate the energy and ambiance of your existing home through our specialized Vaastu consultation service. Our experienced consultants blend time-honored principles with modern insights to create a positive and harmonious living environment for you and your family. Contact us to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward transforming your home into a sanctuary of positive energies.

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