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Why Go for Vastu for Home Entrance?

vastu for home entrance

The main gate or main entrance of the house is the pedestal that decides or determines what kind of energies are going to penetrate into your house. Vastu for home entrance is the first and most critical factor to consider while building a new property or buying a new house. Before we finalize a house, we must ensure whether the entrance of the house complies to all the rules of vastu or not. If it is then you are all good to go, but if it is not then it is advised that you visit an experienced vastu consultant for expert guidance on the subject.

Vastu for Home Entrance – A Guide by The Professionals

As we have already discussed that there are a number of factors that play a role to determine whether vastu for home entrance is auspicious for the house or not, let us take a closer look at all these factors this time. Here are a few suggestions and advices from excellent vastu experts of nationwide famous vastu consultancy service, Vastu Devayah Namah.

  1. Location of the entrance – your house’s direction could be present in any of the four primary directions and it is the job of a vastu expert to analyze and predict whether an entrance in that particular direction is good for the house or not. Not all east facing gates are auspicious and not all south facing entrances are negative for the house.
  2. Look/Appeal of the entrance – since it is the entrance of the house which is the main determinant of the types of energies in your house, it should be made very eye-catching and appealing to the eyes of the beholder.
  3. Placing pots of plants at the sides of the gates that are facing east or south direction proves to be fruitful for the house and the family living inside the house. At the same time, one must avoid placing plants that are dried or dead as they attract negative vastu influences towards the house.
  4. We can add certain religious symbols at the entrance like a ‘swastik’ or an ‘om’ sign in order to magnify and enhance the positive influence on the house.
  5. One must set up door mats of dull and neutral colours and it should be ensured that the door mats should not hold any kind of religious symbol.
  6. Placing a statue of Ganesha at the entrance is considered to be auspicious but we are here to strictly advice you against that as it is just a myth. Lord Ganesha is not a gatekeeper and his idol belongs to the temples and not outside your door.
  7. One should also avoid doors that emit creaking sounds.
  8. The colour of the gate or entrance of the house should be in compliance with vastu for home entrance.
  9. All leaves put up on the doors after festivals, should be removed as soon as they are dried up because it has a negative impact on the house.
  10. There should be happy, motivational and inspiring posters or paintings on the entrance walls in order to attract a great deal of positivity towards your house.


We have come to conclude the discussion of vastu for home entrance in today’s session. It was an amazing session with so many facts and information munched down in tiny chunks of facts and figures. We hope this reading proved to be fruitful for your time and you learned a great deal from this piece. If you found this helpful then do not forget to share it with your near and dear ones so that they could take some help out of it too.

This is just one of the aspects of vastu shastra for house. There are hundreds and thousands of other unsolved puzzles that can find their missing pieces with the help of vatsu. You can learn more about vastu for homeand vastu shastra on our site.

If you wish to learn more, then do visit our site Vastu Devayah Namah. You might find your answers and the greatest help of excellent vastu experts there. You can contact us directly using the phone number or the given email address. Until then, see you.

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