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vastu expert in home

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Vaastu Expert for Main Entrance

vastu consultant for home

The main entrance acts as an input source of energy for any property, just like the mouth takes in the food for our body. The energy of the entrance decides the kind of vibrations entering the house. It is often said that the entrance should be the most pleasing and positive element of your house. If the entrance is in a negative direction, the intake is disturbed which in turn disturbs the whole process of growth happening inside. With the principles of Vastu Shastra, the entrance can be treated and programmed to minimise the negative effects.

Benefits of a Positive Home Entrance

vastu for home entrance

A Home Entrance Aligned with Vastu Principles Brings Numerous Benefits, Ensuring a Harmonious and Prosperous Living Environment. It Enhances Prosperity, as the Positive Direction According to Vastu Fosters Financial Success and Stability. Additionally, Such an Entrance Promotes the Flow of Positive Energy, Contributing to the Physical and Mental Well-Being of Residents. This Creates a Welcoming and Peaceful Atmosphere, Reducing Stress and Fostering Harmonious Relationships. Moreover, a Well-Designed Entrance Ensures a Balanced Flow of Energy, Leading to Improved Concentration, Better Decision-Making, and Overall Positivity in Daily Life. By Adhering to Vastu Guidelines, the Entrance Attracts Good Fortune, Removes Obstacles, and Serves as a Protective Barrier Against Negative Energies, Allowing Only Positive Influences to Enter.

Know The Vastu Impact of Your Home Entrance

Homes can face any of the four primary directions, and it's the task of a Vastu expert to analyze if the entrance in that direction is beneficial. Contrary to common belief, not all East-facing gates are automatically auspicious, and similarly, not all South-facing entrances are negative.

Your home's main gate or entrance acts as the gateway for energies entering your space. Prioritizing Vastu for the home entrance is crucial, especially when building or buying a new property. Before finalizing a house, it's essential to ensure that the entrance aligns with Vastu principles.
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Main Entrance Size as Per Vaastu shastra

Attract prosperity and good health in your home with the perfect Main door size according to Vastu principles! Make your Main door the grandest entrance in the house, bringing in good Luck and Fortune. Opt for a design with two parts for an added touch of positivity, ensuring it is well-spaced and away from corners. Elevate the height of your main door above others in your home for enhanced Vastu benefits. And don't forget this crucial tip: keep the exit door smaller in size than the main door for a harmonious living space. Transform your home with the right door dimensions and unlock a world of positive energy! If you're still uncertain, seeking advice from an experienced vastu consultant is recommended for expert guidance on creating a harmonious living environment.

Vastu Tips for Crafting a Harmonius Home Entrance

Making your home entrance follow Vastu principles is essential for positive vibes. The colour of the Entrance Gate, the type of Artefacts, Auspicious Symbols, Plants and other D├ęcor items can be added to the entrance to maximize the positive energy vibrations at the entrance, duly under the able guidance of learned vastu consultant. The entrance in any direction, can be well programmed, treated and managed to give the desired results. Consider few below listed tips to ensure the Main Entrance aligns with Vastu, bringing balance and well-being--

Enhancing Positive Vibes with Appealing House Entrance

As the Main Entrance is a primary influencer of the energies within your home, it's crucial to make it visually appealing. Crafting an eye-catching entrance not only adds aesthetic charm but also contributes to positive vibes. It is important to design an inviting house entrance for a harmonious living space.

Strategic Plant Placement For Harmony as per Vastu

Strategically placing pots of plants on either side of gates facing East or South brings fruitful energy to your home. Avoiding dried or dead plants is crucial, as they have the potential to attract negative Vastu influences. This thoughtful approach to plant placement contributes to cultivating a harmonious living environment.
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Enhance Your Home Entrance with Religious Symbols

Elevate the aura of your home entrance by incorporating religious symbols, such as the 'Swastik' or 'Om' sign. These symbols hold significant positive energy and contribute to enhancing the overall vibes within your house. By placing these religious symbols strategically at the entrance, you not only add a touch of spirituality but also invite a harmonious and positive influence into your living space. Embrace the cultural richness and positive energy that religious symbols bring, creating a welcoming and spiritually enriched environment for you and your family.

Ganesha Statues Belong in Temples, Not at Entrances

Dispelling a common misconception, it's important to note that placing a statue of Lord Ganesha at your entrance, is not auspicious as per Vastu. Contrary to popular belief, Lord Ganesha should not be perceived as a gatekeeper. Ideally as well culturally, his idol should be in your temple place rather than outside your door. To adopt a more informed and accurate approach to Vastu, it's advisable to refrain from the practice of placing Lord Ganesha's idol at the entrance. This ensures that your Vastu arrangements align with authentic principles, promoting a balanced and harmonious living environment.

Avoid Creaking Doors to Harmonize Your Home Entrance

Ensure your home entrance aligns with Vastu principles by avoiding creaking doors and selecting colors in compliance with Vastu guidelines. Additionally, promptly remove festival leaves from doors once they dry up, as their prolonged presence may have a negative impact on your home. These easy practices contribute to a more harmonious living environment

Energise Main door with Vastu Decor & Colour

Energize your main door with Vastu-approved decor and colors! Choose door mats in directional colors to align with Vastu principles. If you're uncertain, sticking to neutral colors is a safe bet. Remember, it's crucial that these mats don't display any religious symbols, maintaining a harmonious and positive energy flow in your home. Elevate your entrance with the right decor choices, creating a Vastu-compliant and welcoming atmosphere for prosperity and well-being.

Elevate Positive Vibes at Your Entrance with Inspiring Art

Enhance the positive vibes in your home by adorning entrance walls with cheerful, motivational posters, and inspiring paintings. This simple addition attracts a great deal of positivity, contributing to a welcoming and harmonious living space.


This discussion provides valuable insights into Vastu tips for the main entrance. Follow these guidelines to create a harmonious and positive living space. For more in-depth knowledge on Vastu for home and expert advice, visit Vastu Devayah Namah. Share this information with your loved ones to help them create Vastu-compliant homes. If you seek further assistance, contact us directly through the provided phone number or email address. Explore our site for a wealth of information on Vastu principles and their applications. Until then, stay tuned for more enlightening content.

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