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Why Do I Need Vastu for Hotel?

vastu for hotel

To be frank, the most important concern for a businessman is the monetary yield. It is not a transgression to constantly think about the ways of making more and more profits every day. Every person wants to make money with the easiest and quickest way but somehow, they lack the knowledge of finding these quick, but fair ways. As a real estate dealer, it is very hard to make profits with hotels unless you provide complete customer satisfaction. We are here to reveal that untold secret that can simultaneously cater to all your needs. Yes, vastu for hotel is that secret tool that can make you humongous monetary gains and provide complete customer satisfaction.

How Can I Learn Vastu for Hotels?

Your question will be invalidated by any other source because nobody believes in serving or sharing the knowledge. Here, at Vastu Devayah Namah, we provide you open options where you can get in touch with excellent online vastu consultant for expert advice or you can contact our team of vastu gurus who will share this sacred knowledge of the ancient skill of vastu shastra with you. Whether you have a seven-star international level hotel or a local condominium, you will get customized vastu tips that suit the architectural and infrastructural needs of your buildings. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we are expecting a call from you real soon.

Easy Tips of Vastu for Hotel

As it has already been mentioned before that the ancient art of vastu shastra is highly diverse and dignified. It cannot be learnt in an overnight or even with one article even when we try our best. When you finish reading this blogpost, we cannot guarantee that you will master the art of vastu shastra but we can surely say that you will take away a big chunk of knowledge from this segment.

In order to make this easy, we have narrowed down our advices to specific areas of the hotel so that you get the maximum out of it.

  1. Vastu for Hotel Reception: In the ancient study of vastu shastra, it is the revolutionary vastu experts whose detailed study concludes that the the hotel reception should be built in a southern or south western direstion such that any customer standing there should be facing the northern or north eastern direction.
  2. Vastu for Hotel Cash Counter: Experts say that the cashier of the hotel should always sit facing in the northern direction as it brings huge profits to your hotel business.
  3. Vastu for Hotel Kitchen: The medieval study of vastu shastra suggests that vastu for hotel kitchen works best when the kitchen is built in the south-eastern direction of the hotel building.


We have come to conclude today’s topic of discussion. As it was promised before, you might not have become a vastu expert simply by reading this one excerpt, but we sincerely hope that you go, you take away some precious knowledge and information with you. In a nutshell, we would like to say that if you have a hotel and you are desperately looking forward to expand your business and reach bigger and more important customers, then you should definitely adopt some of these vastu tips and see the amazing results for yourself. If you enjoyed reading this article then share this with your friends and family because you never know who might be in need of this help.

We also deal with vastu for industries, vastu for residential, vastu for peace of mind and many other related and unrelated aspects of vastu shastra. To know more about our services, visit our site.

Important Notes

  1. All the above Vastu advice are given by professional Vastu Experts from Vaastu Devayah Namah and are based on scientific & logical principles of Vastu Shastra. However, it is not recommended to implement any Vastu remedies without expert advice from a learned Vastu consultant since Vastu working involves precision and calculations which are specific to each property.
  2. Also, contrary to popular belief, we must be aware that Vastu does not necessarily require reconstruction or demolition. By aligning the interiors, choosing the directions as per activity and with Vastu treatments or remedies, Vastu compliance can be achieved.

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