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Correct Vastu directions For Your Home

Modern home buyers often consult experts about house direction vastu before making a final decision. Indian consumers are always interested in products that promise them a better life. As a result, it should come as no surprise that vastu directions for houses have become a primary consideration for homebuyers.

vastu direction for home

Most of these purchasers, however, are clueless about the nuances of Vastu and must rely on the developer's word that the home is compliant with the science.

Though there is much talk of Vastu-compliant homes on the market, only approximately five per cent of purchasers understand the nuances of the science. Here are a few things to remember if you're trying to ascertain the perfect vastu directions for a house.

The Significances Of Vastu Directions For House

According to house direction vastu, you may achieve prosperity and contentment by balancing these factors. Directions have tremendous importance in Vastu Shastra.

A god and an element are linked with each cardinal direction, and although facing them in the right vastu directions for home may have a beneficial effect, facing them in the wrong way can have the opposite effect.

According to vastu directions for houses, the cardinal directions are more than just lines on a map; they are also places of power. According to South facing house vastu, a home's main entrance is the focal point from which good or negative energy enters.

Energy from other vastu directions for home may lead to illnesses, stress, and many difficulties. According to Vaastu, your home's front door should face either the east, the north, or the northeast.

Vastu Directions for Your House

According to vastu directions for a house, the main entrance is the point of entry for the family and the energy in a house. According to Vastu, a well-planned front door would provide its inhabitant's prosperity, good health, and happiness. The best direction for the primary entry door is the north, northeast, west, or east.

East, North, And Northeast Are The Luckiest Directions

According to Vastu, north facing house vastu is best to have. You can't simply point your home in one of these directions and hope for the best. There are several elements, such as the position of underground tanks and the placement of additions or alterations, that may affect the financial and physical well-being of a north facing house vastu.

A Dwelling That Faces East

Sunlight and good vibes flood the home from the east as the day begins. According to east facing house vastu Shastra, it is preferable to have the main entrance facing east.

The Southwest

The northeast is God's direction in Vastu. Because of this, many people don't look to the southwest and west facing house vastu because they think it's the devil's way. This is why having the front door of your house face south west is thought to be bad luck.

The good news is that there are cures in Vastu that may assist in mitigating the negative consequences of the southwest orientation. It is also possible to mitigate the negative effects of a southwest and west facing house vastu by installing certain gemstones and metals, such as yellow sapphire, earth crystals, or lead.

Where Can I Find Out Whether The House Is Vastu-Compliant?

Main Door Vastu

The front door should always seem neat, tidy, and presentable. According to vastu directions for the house, wood is the best and luckiest choice for the front entrance. A home that faces west might have a metal front door. The front door should be the largest in the house and swing in a clockwise direction.

Placement Of Bedroom

One should avoid putting the bedroom for the couples & working professionals in the northeast corner of the house as per south facing house vastu. It's thought that this leads to excessive thinking, unnecessary arguments, lack of sleep, and stagnation in one's professional life.

Location of the Guest Rooms

Vastu directions for the house recommend putting the guest room off to the northwest. The ideal location for a guest room would be here. The area to the southeast is acceptable but not ideal for building the guest bedroom..

Location of the Children's Room

The children's bedroom should not be in the west of northwest corner or South of South West. Kids study room can be planned in West of South West or North East direction.

Arrangement of the Cooking Area

A kitchen is best located in the south or southeast corner but may also work in the west. According to east facing house vastu it would help if you avoided a kitchen in the north-east direction at all costs.

Orienting a Prayer Space by Vastu

According to vastu directions for a house, the best direction for a pooja room is northeast, east, or north. Room for religious ceremonies or Pooja According to the principles of Vastu, a room should be properly ventilated and receive ample daylight to maximize the flow of good energy. Don't put your puja room in the same space as your bedroom. When praying, one should do it with the east as one's focal point.

The core of Vastu Shastras is the dynamic procedures, which can significantly impact one's health, prosperity, and relationships. Tips of vastu directions for houses from Vaastudevayah are the best to help you realize the wonderful advantages of this ancient, esoteric branch of architecture. So don’t forget to check them out.

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