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South-West Corner Vastu – Conquer The Negativity, Bring On Positivity

south west corner vastu

All of us have a South-West corner in our house. But how many of us pay attention to it? Do you?

Your answer is probably ‘No’.

Most of us don’t pay the same attention to the South-West corner of Vastu as much as we do to the North-East or South-East.

The reason? It’s not easy.

The South-West is a complicated direction to balance. There are even myths floating around that it’s no use balancing it because good vibes lie only in the North or East.

But some wise souls know that the South-West can be a demon or an angel depending on how you use it. There’s no need to avoid this direction. In fact, using it right can help you stand out in the crowd.

How is that possible? And how should you work on the Vastu of the South-West corner? Read on, and we’ll unravel some life-changing Vastu tips for you.

The Significance Of The South-West Corner Vastu

The South-West represents the Earth element. It is the heaviest corner that offers stability in your life. With this corner in balance, you can expect stability in your career, relationships, health, and finances.

  1. Balancing South West Corner Vastu Leads To Better Skills
  2. The stability that this direction offers shows in all areas of your life, including your career.

    Want to develop a skill, polish it, and master it enough to appear distinguished even in the crowd? Practicing that skill in this direction will help.

    When you work in this corner, you are bound to be stable. Well-balanced Vastu in the South West corner helps with better focus on your task. You are less prone to getting distracted. And thus, have a better chance of taking advantage of the discipline and productivity that comes in this direction.

    Considering Vastu Shastra suggests having your property’s entrance from the North or East, it’s safe to assume that you will be far from the main door. So, less likely to get disturbed by the doorbell.

    In case you cannot sit in this direction to practice your skill and become an expert at it, you can keep something related to your skill in the South-West corner. For instance, if you are a painter, keep your colors, brushes, and canvas here. If you are a YouTuber, store your camera and lighting equipment in this direction. If you are a beautician, keep your make-up, skincare, and hair care products here.

  3. The Best Direction For Master Bedroom
  4. south west corner vastu

    Imagine a home with a breadwinner who’s not stable. If the head of the family is not reliable; if their thoughts keep changing - leading to poor decisions; if they aren’t devoted to the family’s well-being, the family is likely to get troubled in some way or other.

    According to Vastu for the South-West corner, if the head of the family sleeps and works on their skill in this room, they will become steadfast in nature. Thus, proving to be a dependable member of the family.

    Another reason why this room is remarkable for being a bedroom is because of how cozy it can get. You see, the South-West corner receives the Sun’s energy in the latter half of the day (near sunset), and this is not as stimulating as its morning rays. Therefore, rooms in the South-West do not get heated up fast, which not only makes the occupant stay comfortable but also saves money on the AC bills.

    Vastu Shastra also suggests avoiding windows and entrances in the South-West corner. That helps keep the master bedroom snuggly and calming.

  5. Not Suitable For Most Other Activities
  6. south west corner vastu

    The South-West should never have a prayer room or kitchen. It’s not suitable as a living room or garden area as well. Most productive activities are not fruitful when done in the South West corner of the house.

    For instance, if the kitchen is in the South-West, you can expect quarrels among family members day after day. That’s because the kitchen stove represents fire which can create turmoil and negate the stability that the South-West offers.

    Also, it’s necessary to have the kitchen in the South-East. That's because the healing energy of the morning sun every day in the South-East helps sanitize your kitchen. Thus, preventing the manifestation of things like bacteria and fungi.

    What about the pooja room? The South-West corner in Vastu is the direction of the Demons, whereas the North-East is the home of the gods. So, it’s best to have your gods placed in the highly invigorating area of the North-East instead of the South-West, where your prayers could bring opposite results.

    South-West is also not good for plants because it doesn't receive enough Sun, which is one of the core things plants need to grow.

  7. It’s The Direction Of Your Ancestors
  8. south west corner vastu

According to Vastu for South-West corners, this corner is also known as the Pitra Sthanam, the place of your ancestors.

This direction receives the blessings of your family that’s no more. That’s why Vastu suggests keeping and displaying the photos of your ancestors in this direction. It helps you connect with the wisdom of your elders and get their bountiful blessings.

Now, you might have heard that the photos of the dead should not be in the bedroom. But isn't the South-West corner supposed to have the master bedroom?

Let us tell you that this is a complete myth. Vastu doesn't forbid you from keeping the photos of your ancestors in your bedroom. It forbids keeping them in the prayer room. You may be surprised to know that, in Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to display photos of family in the South-West. That's because it promotes love and bonding in relationships.

So, here’s what you should do. If you cannot find a South-West corner out of the master bedroom, display the photos of ancestors on the South wall and pictures of the living family on the West wall.

Vastu Tips For South West Corner Toilets

south west corner vastu

As mentioned before, the South West corner of Vastu is fantastic, but for a limited number of things. It’s great for skill development, ancestors’ blessings, and more stability in the lives of each family member (especially the head).

However, if you have a toilet in the South-West, it will act as a blocking element and inhibit the flow of positive energy. This means it won’t give you any benefits that we talked about before. But more importantly, it will hamper your life, create obstructions and make you give up on your hopes of a flourishing future.

It will reduce the stability already present in your family. Career - whether it involves a job or business, won’t be stable. Relationships won't be secure, couples will have unending arguments, which could lead to division in the family. And finances will be all over the place.

The good thing is – a Vastu expert can help you manage this Vastu dosha. Unlike having a toilet in the North-East, it's easier to handle the South West corner Vastu doshas without demolition. But under the guidance of a Vastu specialist.

South West Corner – The Right Vastu Colors

The Vastu for the South-West corner suggests that it should not have any colors that represent fire. So, the first color tip you should follow is to avoid shades of orange and red in this direction. Having fire colors in your master bedroom may program your mind for aggression and restlessness. And that may cause arguments with your loved ones.

Also, you should avoid the color green (representing plants) in this direction.

You can use colors like yellow, golden, off-white, ivory, and any shade of white for a balanced South West corner Vastu. In case your property’s South-West area is of more than average size, you may use shades of gray as well.

Vastu Remedies For A South West Corner House

There can be many Vastu remedies for a South-West corner property, but they all depend on the Vastu doshas your property has.

Using remedies without proper calculations and analysis may do more harm than good. That’s why we suggest you consult a Vastu expert to draw attention to the Vastu doshas accurately and implement their suggested remedies.

Here are some Vastu remedies you can try without an expert’s supervision:

  • If the South-West corner is cut (usually seen in flats), you can put a yellow bulb in this direction.
  • Balance the colors in the South-West area. Use more yellow and gold and remove shades of green and red.
  • Chant the Gayatri Mantra in the South-West area. This is one of the universal remedies we suggest to promote the flow of positive energy. You can chant the mantra anywhere in your house. In case you don’t have the time or willpower to do it yourself, you can play the Gayatri Mantra on a device.

Note that Vastu doshas are not usually due to one wrong direction. Multiple imbalances together lead to Vastu doshas. Only an expert can point them out precisely with the help of proper calculations

The Final Word

The South-West corner in Vastu is one of the critical directions. It can make or break the harmony in your house, depending on how the energies are balanced.

But Vastu balancing in this direction is a bit complicated and is best done by an expert. You may bring a chain of unfriendly situations in your life if you try remedying this direction yourself. The direction South of South-West is an area you should especially be careful of.

If you take the Vastu balancing of this area in your hands, here’s something you need to know.

A compass that you use may have 5 to 10 degree variations. It may not look like a big deal to you. But considering that the South can bring both negative and positive energy for you to experience, it’s worth consulting an expert

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