vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home
Things to Avoid as per Vastu Shastra at home

Things to Avoid as per Vastu Shastra at Home

Ensuring a harmonious living environment involves adhering to certain principles of Vastu Shastra. Here are some important aspects to avoid for maintaining positive energy in your home.

Avoid Damaged Idols and Sceneries in Your Pooja Place

Keeping damaged idols or sceneries in your pooja place can disrupt the positive energy flow and spiritual harmony. Ensure that all items in your sacred space are intact and well-maintained to foster an environment of peace and devotion. Replace any damaged religious items to maintain the sanctity and positive vibrations in your pooja area.


Avoid Broken Glass or Mirrors in the House

Broken glass or mirrors are believed to attract negative energy into your home. They can reflect and magnify discord, creating an atmosphere of tension and discomfort. To ensure a harmonious and positive living space, promptly replace any broken glass or mirrors. This simple act can help maintain a balanced and serene environment.


Avoid Non-Working Clocks and Watches

Non-working clocks and watches symbolize stagnation and bad times. They can hinder the flow of positive energy and create a sense of inactivity or delay in your life. Make sure all timekeeping devices in your home are functional and display the correct time. This promotes a dynamic and progressive atmosphere, encouraging forward movement and productivity.


Avoid Damaged Furniture or Other Broken Household Items

Damaged furniture and broken household items can cause health problems and invite daily life hurdles. These items not only clutter your space but also disrupt the flow of positive energy. Regularly inspect your home for damaged items and repair or discard them to maintain a clean, organized, and health-promoting environment.


Avoid Non-Functioning Electronics

Non-functioning electronics like laptops, mobiles, and lights can cause imbalances in the energy of the direction where they are placed. These items can block the flow of energy and create zones of inactivity. Ensure all electronic devices in your home are in good working order to support a balanced and harmonious living space.


Avoid Leaking Taps and Plumbing Fixtures

Leaking taps and plumbing fixtures can lead to financial challenges. Water leaks symbolize a loss of resources and can contribute to financial instability. Regularly check and maintain your plumbing to prevent leaks and ensure a steady flow of prosperity and abundance in your home.


Avoid Wild Bushes and Thorny Plants

Wild bushes and thorny plants can create a harsh and unwelcoming environment in your home. These plants are often associated with negative energy and can disrupt the harmony of your living space. Instead, opt for nurturing and positive plants like rose flower plants, which are fine to keep and add a touch of beauty and positivity to your home.

Usually, we keep hearing about Vastu Shastra and its importance when a new home is being planned, mostly from our elders. Moving into a new home built by our own efforts is like a dream come true for everyone. For most people, this is usually possible only once in their lifetime as it involves lots of resources in terms of time, money and skills. 

One always wants to be sure that their new home brings them a healthy life full of abundance. Sometimes, for few the actual experience is completely opposite unfortunately. Often it happens in many of the cases, people do mention that shifting to a new home, has been life transforming but negatively. Thus, it is of utmost importance that each element be taken care while building a new house – from selection or property, to the design of floor plan layouts (including plumbing & electricals), allocation of bedrooms, choice of colours & patterns and most importantly the interior designing. For example – Kitchen, the fire element of the house, needs to be planned in the South-East direction, but even important is to ensure that we choose the correct colours. Choosing blue or black shades for a South-East kitchen is disastrous, as these belong to the water direction.

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