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Purify your space using Rock Salt

Vastu for rock salt

We all prefer detoxifying our body with a proper diet, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We adapt routines & practices which prove beneficial to our body, mind and soul. All of this is done to maintain a high vibrational state so as to live a prosperous life.

But often, we ignore the importance of our surrounding energies i.e., the energies of our home or workplace. Does something make you feel off at your home or maybe sometimes you feel depressed or anxious without any reason? Many times, we all are faced with such emotions for no reason. This may be because of the negative energy from the surroundings. Over time, our homes can develop the unpleasant feelings that may contribute to stress and sickness. In such cases, Vastu Shastra lends a helping hand.

Using rock salt, commonly known as “Sendha Namak” to purify your space can clean the negative energies held in the surroundings. The same has been scientifically proven, and one can experience it within a couple of hours. Salt crystals have an amazing natural built-in-ability to absorb negative energy from the atmosphere. Rock Salt can be used effectively to remove negative energy from our aura as well as from our home. There are different ways in which rock salt can be used to clear the negative energy from our house:

Taking salt water bath

While taking bath add a tablespoon of rock salt in the bucket of water. Bathe using this salt water for at least 21 days and then continue twice a week. Taking a salt water bath will remove all sorts of negative energies from your aura and you will actually feel fresh and clean. Salt also absorbs toxins from the body and also helps in relaxing muscles.

Keep bowls of salt in corners of rooms

Place glass bowls containing rock salt in the corners of the room and remove after 10-12 hours. During this time, the salt will absorb the negative energies from the atmosphere. This salt should be discarded away (flushed off) from the premises on an immediate basis. Please note that keeping the salt for days or weeks does not benefit, in fact sometimes proves harmful. Thus, the time duration is important.

Cleaning the house with rock salt

Add a tablespoon of rock in one bucket of water and mop the floor using this salt water. This is an excellent way of removing negativity. Make sure to flush this water after mopping. This can be done in any space on a regular basis or at least once a week.

Ionization by Rock Salt lamp

Salt lamps are blocks of salt with warm lights or candles inside. They improve health by releasing positive vibrations into the air. They are also very effective in removing the negative energy from your house and office premises. However, they must be in working condition and cleaned regularly.

For best results the above methods should be followed for at least 21 days in one go and after that twice a week. This is the simplest method of purifying your space and increasing the positivity element in your space.

Important Note: Please note that only rock salt be used for Space Cleansing as per Vastu. The normal salt is not as effective and may not benefit.

Vastu Shastra, in itself, is a deep science with roots thousands of years ago. The above-mentioned salt cleansing techniques are just a handy tool to remove negative vibrations from the space. If Vastu alignment is followed precisely, our house can become a magnet for attracting wealth and abundance. However, do not try to alter the Vastu of your place with recommendations from the internet. It is advised to hire a professional Vastu Consultant who can check each direction with precision and advise the best vastu remedies without any renovation.

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