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vastu expert in home
Optimal Walls for Placing Family Photos According to Vastu Shastra

Direction for Family Photos As Per Vastu Shastra

Discover the perfect placement for your family photos in your home, aligned with powerful Vastu principles. The energy within your living spaces can profoundly influence your well-being and relationships, underscoring the significance of where you position those cherished family photographs. 

When we talk about the East direction wall, we're referring to the walls in the East quadrant of your home in relation to the center of the house. The same principle applies to other directions as well.

What are the impacts of placing photographs in different directions as per Vastu ?

The direction in which family photographs are placed holds great significance in Vastu. Here's a breakdown of the preferred directions and their associated benefits:

1. East of North East: Infusing Playful Energy

  Placing family photos in the East of North East direction can infuse your home with a vibrant and recreational energy. This placement is particularly advantageous when you position pictures of your children during their playful ages. The positive vibrations radiating from this direction can add a touch of joy and liveliness to your family space.

2. East: Welcoming Opportunities and Associations

  The East direction holds the potential to attract positive opportunities and beneficial associations into your life. Placing pictures of social recognition events in this direction can act as a magnet, drawing favorable circumstances and connections. This placement aligns with the energy of the rising sun, symbolizing new beginnings and growth.

3. North: Unlocking Career Opportunities

  Seeking career advancements? Placing family photos in the North direction can amplify your professional pursuits. This direction resonates with the energy of career and life path. By positioning photos here, you're inviting better work opportunities and aligning your intentions with your professional aspirations.

4. North-West: Fostering Togetherness

  The North-West direction holds significance when it comes to enhancing support and cooperation among family members. By placing family photos in this direction, you're encouraging a sense of togetherness and teamwork. These pictures can serve as a reminder of the strong bonds that tie your family members, creating an environment of harmony.

5. North of North West: Cultivating Intimacy

  If you're aiming to cultivate warmth and intimacy between you and your partner, consider placing family photos in the North of North West direction. This placement can help reinforce the emotional connection between couples, fostering a deeper understanding and affection. The visual representation of your relationship's journey can contribute to a more harmonious union.

6. South: Cultivating Fame and Confidence

  Pictures positioned in the South direction can have a significant impact on your fame and recognition. This placement radiates a strong energy associated with reputation and success. For an added boost in self-esteem and confidence, consider placing family photos in the South of South East direction. These images can remind you of your achievements and potential.

7. West: Nurturing Understanding and Stability

  Placing family photos on the Western wall promotes a sense of understanding and stability within your household. This direction symbolizes the settling sun, signifying the culmination of the day. By positioning photos here, you're creating an atmosphere of peace and unity among family members.

8. Western Wall of South West: Caution and Harmony

  While the Western Wall of South West can be suitable for family photos, exercise caution when choosing the South West direction. If the orientation leans more towards the South, it's advisable to be certain about this placement. When aligned correctly, this direction can contribute to family harmony, but if not, it might introduce conflicts.

Understanding the significance of each direction in Vastu for family photos can empower you to create a harmonious and positive environment within your home. By thoughtfully placing these visual memories, you're infusing your space with the energies you desire, enhancing the bonds and connections that matter most.

Which wall in the house are Ideal for family photos according to Vastu shastra?

1. East Wall: A Beacon of Positivity - East wall of your house is an ideal canvas for placing family photos. This direction is associated with the rising sun, symbolizing new beginnings, growth, and positivity. By adorning the East wall with pictures of your loved ones, you're inviting a fresh surge of energy into your home. This placement not only infuses your space with optimism but also aligns with the potential for new opportunities and auspicious beginnings. The gentle morning sunlight that touches this wall further enhances the vibrancy of the captured moments, creating a harmonious blend of warmth and positivity.

2. North Wall: Magnet for Opportunities and Abundance - The North wall represents prosperity and growth. Placing family photos here enhances these positive energies. Vastu Shastra emphasizes its significance for family photo placement in the North direction. The North direction is linked to career opportunities, abundance, and success. By adorning this wall with family pictures, you're not only fostering a sense of unity within your household but also channeling the energy of growth and prosperity. This placement acts as a magnet, drawing in favorable circumstances and creating a conducive environment for personal and professional growth.

3. West Wall - If space constraints limit your options, you can place family photos on the West wall. While not as preferred as the East and North walls, the West wall can still be a suitable choice. Placing pictures in West evokes a sense of nostalgia and contemplation. The pictures in West direction serve as a reminder of the beautiful journey with your family, evoking emotions of gratitude and contentment. By gracing the West wall with your cherished memories, you're creating a serene and reflective corner within your home that encourages you to embrace your past while embracing the present.

What is the best direction to hang a child's photo as per Vastu?

According to Vastu principles, the best direction to hang a child's photo is the "East of North East" direction. This particular space is located between the East and North East directions within your home. Placing a child's photograph in this area has positive effects on the child's energy and overall well-being. This placement contributes to the child's vitality, happiness, and enthusiasm. This direction aligns with positive energies that nurture the child's growth and positive attributes, making it an ideal spot to showcase their photograph.

What is good Vastu direction for a couple photograph?

When it comes to placing a couple's photograph in alignment with Vastu principles, the North of North West direction takes precedence. This specific direction holds significant importance in Vastu Shastra due to its potential to enhance attraction and intimacy within a couple's relationship. By placing your cherished photograph here, you invite positive energies that nurture emotional connection, love, understanding, and harmony.

The "North of North West" direction symbolizes the strong bond between partners, fostering deeper feelings of love, togetherness, and affection. It encourages open communication and emotional support, creating an environment where couples can flourish together. Whether it captures a candid moment from a special occasion or holds sentimental value, placing your couple's photograph in this Vastu-approved direction reinforces and fortifies the bond within your relationship.

The photograph situated in the "North of North West" direction serves as an enhancer of the love and connection shared between you and your partner. It aligns with the energies of this direction, further solidifying both the emotional and physical aspects of your bond, nurturing the beautiful journey of your relationship. So, when deciding where to showcase your couple's photograph in your home, keep in mind that the "North of North West" direction holds the promise of enriching the love and warmth between you and your partner.

Ensuring Positive Vibrations with Vastu Principles

Apart from the directional considerations, the energy of the photographs themselves is crucial. When looking at family photos, you should feel happy and recall good times. Choose pictures from joyful occasions like family holidays, social gatherings, and auspicious events. Our visualizations are often inspired by our past memories, so wise picture selection is essential. You can even create collages featuring pictures from different meaningful moments.

Incorporating Vastu principles into your home can positively influence your life and relationships. By placing family photos in alignment with these principles, you invite harmonious energies and strengthen the bonds within your family. Remember, the intention and positivity you infuse into your living space can have a profound impact on your daily life.


 Vastu Shastra emphasizes that the orientation of pictures within a house can greatly impact the energy they bring. Correct placement fosters positivity, while incorrect positioning can drain the household's happiness. Vastu Shastra dictates specific directions for placing family members' pictures to nurture love within the family. To delve deeper into this subject, consider consulting with knowledgeable Vastu Experts for further insights and guidance and go ahead and create a Vastu-enhanced environment filled with cherished memories and positive energies!

Stay tuned for more insightful Vastu tips and guidance.


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