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Eshaan Garg is a world-renowned Vaastu Expert. He is one of the best vastu expert and the most precious gems of our Vaastu team, with extensive Vaastu consultancy experience. Internationally acclaimed for his expertise in providing Vaastu consutlancy services, Eshaan travels across the globe and helps people in creating successful businesses & happy homes through his expertise on Vastu Shastra. Eshaan Garg is the Co-founder and Senior vastu consultant of Vaastu Devayah Namah. He is globally known as youngest yet one of the best Vastu advisors with a passion for helping people live in harmony with their surroundings and lead a happy life. He seeks inspiration from Science and travel, and is an enthusiastic mentor, counselor and guide.

Learned Vastu Expert

Vastu is a Science not a Superstition

Eshaan is blessed with this divine knowledge of Vaastu and carries it since his past lives. He carries a track record of serving many of our big clients with amazing results not only in India, but overseas as well. A prominent name in the Vaastu field, Eshaan uses his expertise, knowledge and experience in this divine science to help many industries, offices and commercial establishments, etc overcome their challenges and achieve their targets. It is his passion and purpose to help strike the balance with the help of Vaastu.

Following his sequence of procedures in Vastu Shastra, he is considered a one stop solution for those seeking professional Vastu Consultancy services. His expertise lies in the application of Vastu Shastra principles to the process of creating success in businesses & individual lives. Working for a number of clients, Eshaan has mastered the art of Vastu and Numerology.

Eshaan Garg, one of the best Vastu Expert specializes in Vastu Structure Balancing for Industries & commercial structures. He is a certified Vaastu Expert and Numerology Consultant. Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he works for a big MNC in Gurgaon. He practices Vaastu as a passion, but professionally. Despite his young age, he has proven his expertise in the subject by garnering accolades in India, Nepal, UK and Thailand.

Eshaan follows a technical and scientific approach towards Vastu Shastra. He aims and believes in spreading the aura of Vastu Shastra in a very authentic manner. Even his aura and energies at the site helps solve most of the purpose at the premises.

His startup - Vaastu Devayah Namah, is a building structure energy-flow consultancy and solution venture. Being associated with VDN, he is extending all possible efforts to bring about a positive change in the world.

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