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South West Facing House Vastu

south west facing house vastu

“There are at least a hundred vastu services in the market but there is none like Vastu Devayah Namah.”

“Vastu experts here are professionally skillful and emotionally understanding. They connected with us on a spiritual as well as emotional level by helping us out of the way. I have never had such amazing and heartwarming experience before.”

“I could never imagine a day of peace with my family and here I am a few months later having the most wonderful vacation of my lifetime with my loving family. This could not have been possible without vastu experts of Vastu Devayah Namah. I am so glad I contacted them for their vastu services.”

These are just few of a hundred client feedbacks that we drew out of the testimonials folder and it feels so overwhelming to be helping them in the times when they feel helpless and powerless.

Vastu Devayah Namah has a diverse range of customers, coming in from the length and breadth of the country. We cater to all kinds of needs of the customer and provide a solution that revolves around vastu of your environment. Many people are shocked when they come to know that majority of their problems arise because of faulty vastu of your home or your office. When these customers consult us and avail our services, they are greatly satisfied with the quality of service and effectiveness of our advices.

On one hand where big enterprises and firms work for the monetary gains and financial profits, our vastu services are totally focused on the art of giving. Our topmost priority is to serve the good and attain blessings of all the patched-up lives that we preserve with the art of vastu shastra. This was the original purpose of the birth of vastu. It was meant to make our lives easier and peaceful to live when we already have a lot on our plates. To give is to receive, that is our motto at Vastu Devayah Namah.

When people look for vastu consultation around them, they are usually not able to find the experts around them. This is because the diversified and esteemed art of vastu is not a piece of cake. Only a few know the true and effective way of working the energies of the universe in their favor. Therefore, Vastu Devayah Namah has brought experienced and wise vastu consultants right at your doorstep. We have brought a pool of dynamic vastu experts right at your doorstep with our online vastu services.

Many people suffer through a variety of issues. Some of these issues are related to marriage, some issues are related to family, some issues are related to office, some are related business, some are related to money and some are simply related to one’s mental health and peace. No matter what the problem is, our vastu experts provide outstanding and unparallel advice to our clients in such a way that they do not leave with any major concerns in their life.

Many a customers and clients have benefitted from these online vastu expert consultations and many are still in the process of milking maximum profits from the skill of vastu. We have at least a thousand testimonials from individuals, families, business enterprises and even big business sharks who have availed our services in the past and are now leading a happy and healthy life.

Client Concerns

Today we are going to discuss about this unique case of a family that belonged to Faridabad. They were residents of a south facing house. Now it is not a surprise when we talk about a south facing that people consider it highly unfortunate or more like cursed. A south facing house is not considered auspicious according to the public opinion. Whenever one looks up on the internet or other resources for the direction or vastu of house, they find that east facing houses are considered the best for peaceful living and harmonious coexistence. It is strictly prohibited by the elders of the house that one should never buy a south facing house.

The owner of the house was very well established in his career as he worked in majestic multinational companies in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. He had a successful background of his profession and simultaneously the family also started an entrepreneurship at home itself which was running fine as well. However, when they approached us, they brought up the same concern of south facing house. Now as vastu experts we know that all the south facing houses are not ill-fated or unfortunate for the residents so we asked them about their specific concerns. Their response shocked us completely.

Ever since the family moved to this house, they have been facing financial problems. I kid you not, this rich, prolific and extremely successful corporate worker has been faced with financial issues and income shortage. Even more surprising fact was that this corporate wolf who once roared in the huge private MNCs was now unemployed and unable to find a job for himself for the past year and a half. Naturally, the entire family was adversely affected because he was the only earning family member in the house and it was highly disheartening for him to face disappointments and rejections everywhere he applied.

Further interrogations led to a groundbreaking revelation that all the other financial or non-financial ventures of the entire family was largely affected. Everything that they did, every little effort that they made was in complete vain. Even their side hustle of entrepreneurship was not running well and kept on slacking away. There was a huge financial drain and burden of expenditures on the shoulders of the family. Besides, their familial relations with each other, with their parents and with their siblings worsened in the recent times. They were also alienated from the society and everything felt terribly amiss and out of place. This led to a development of loneliness and isolation in all members of the family that was eventually taking the face of depression.

Another most important thing to be added here is that this south facing house that seemed to be the root cause of all their problems of this house was recently built. It was a lavish, luxurious and well-furnished home that they recently built after heavy expenditure. It was very close to their hearts so there was no question of relocation or reconstruction. They had a south facing house and there was no way they could change the direction of facing because that would be impractical and impossible. The only thing that they could rely on at this moment was vastu expertise and that is when they contacted us for our help. This brought up another challenge for our vastu experts and that was to work around the vastu of that house without any demolition, renovations or reconstruction.

Our Analysis

The first thing that we worked on was the gate of the house that was facing south-west direction. This made it evident that the root cause of all their problems whether it was professional, personal, financial and emotional; was the gate and the south-west direction of that gate. The entire wastage of their efforts was caused due to the direction of this gate. The family was bent upon the fact that they could not afford to change their gate because they are not in a financial condition to do so. Now, little do people know that south-facing gates could also be made with positive impacts on the family, but they were unwilling to accept any changes in it therefore, we had to give them certain remedial measures of vastu that did not require them to change their gate or its direction.

Upon further investigations, we discovered that they had an underground water tank in the south-east direction. It is a very well-known fact that south-east direction is meant for the fire and if we have a water tank in the direction that dominates the element of fire, then its entire influence on the house will be subdued. The water element will just nullify the effects of fire element and naturally all the positive activities of the house was adversely affected.

Another discovery was made which revealed they had one of their toilets in the north direction. This direction was responsible for the incoming monetary opportunities for the house. Since, a toilet that acts as a blocking element was present in this direction, the family was suffering through severe financial crisis because of the obvious reasons. The disposal effect because of the presence of a toilet was seen in their financial and monetary aspects and other big opportunities. This combination of adverse fire effects and worsened north direction of the house was proving to be highly draining and exhausting for the family in all aspects.

We know it for a fact that every direction has a special attribute that needs to be exploited for the best effects on our lifestyle and daily habits. In this concern, we asked the head of the family where his work station was from where he hunted for jobs and worked on his career prospects. We also asked him the location of his official documents like resume and certificates. It was revealed that he occupied a certain direction that was meant for relaxation and recreation. That is the major factor affecting his career related problems. It was totally opposite to the direction concerned with growth and advancements. Although the person was making several efforts, they went all in vain because it was not influenced by the required energies of that direction.

After connecting all the dots, we came to the following conclusions that were not easy to deduce considering their personal and professional circumstances. We handed to them a detailed and customized catalogue of all possible solutions. This catalogue included in itself, certain directions in which they could have maximum positive influence by consolidating the surrounding energies of cosmos to a specific epicenter. They were asked to place their degrees, certificates and other important files and documents in these specified directions. They were asked to change the location of their locker that was considered adequate and accurate according to the vastu shastra.

Besides these changes, there were other minor improvisations suggested to them which could be easily afforded by the struck family. For example, they were asked to change the color combinations of the walls on their house. They were also asked to add or remove certain depictive art from the walls of their humble abode. The house was completely programmed and relatively refurnished by several vastu weapons that helped them to attract financial and job opportunities.

The art of vastu is no magic so no big changes could be observed overnight. It takes its own sweet time, but yes, the results are surely both magical and miraculous. The energy of the house changed slowly and steadily. This procedure took a significant amount of time to complete and then the effects were finally becoming more prominent and more visible.

Client Feedback

This family came back to us nearly six months later. The husband had started his own business which was brand new because previous one was completely clamped and deteriorated. They expanded this business on the second floor of their house and that even encroached parts of their terrace as they were slightly short of space. This business of theirs boosted in no time as customers were rushing in from the length and breadth of the country. The kids were doing excellent in their academics and the man’s business was highly lucrative. All of this made possible just by providing a few remedial measures without any demolition activities. There are several scientific and research-based procedures that could have been adopted in fixing their situation but then again it would have cost them a huge amount of money and the method would not be equally flexible and effective as these vastu remedies that we provided them. Basically, vastu is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way of solving our problems.

This is how our environment, its energies and its elements can manipulate our lives in the best and the worst way possible. We only need to know the tricks and turns on how to get them working for us instead of working against us. These tricks and turns are compiled under what you can Vastu Shastra for home. You can solve all your problems in the easiest way possible, all you have to do is contact us once and we shall find the best and the most effective solutions for you.

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