vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

What Vaastu remedy would be best for an individual?

Vaastu remedy entirely depends on what you wish to achieve or any challenge that you wish to overcome. It’s as simple as - a medicine can be prescribed only if we know you have a headache or a knee pain, or it’s that you simply wish to have nutrients/supplements.

For example - one looking for a job, may need to work on the north direction of their space. Placing a money plant in a blue bottle in North Direction is one of the tried and tested remedies & may prove beneficial in the process. Further, the Vaastu experts need to check for any other issues in the house that may be causing that problem. Similarly, one undergoing a financial crunch may need to check the South East direction. South-East governs the cash flow in the space and the person will be advised a set of remedies accordingly.!!

Do not fall prey to generic remedies being broadcasted by google & youtube, as most of these do not have a scientific back. They are mostly based on myths or non-scientific practices. Instead of solving the concern, they lead to the person losing faith in Vastu Shastra. Look for a professional Vastu consultant who can serve authentic and logical vastu advice.

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